Pink Day all the way~
January 1, 2009, 11:56 pm
Filed under: Anniversary/Birthday, Lee Sungmin, Super Junior

So today’s Ming’s day a.k.a. Pink Day since Ming’s obsessed with all things pink. I decided to type everything in pink to fit the theme, although it’s one of my least favourite colours xD Lol.

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♥ Super Junior Show: Going to sleep & Waking up
Gosh, you can see Ming going all aegyo in this when Teukie puts Ming and Hyuk to sleep and kisses them on their foreheads. KJSKAJJKJDKAJDSD. LOL at Ming failing in his magic trick before that! So cuteeeee~ And when Teukie ‘nags’ at them he just blinks like an adorable young boy! Really. Go watch. Too much aegyo’s contributing to me getting diabetes.

Adonis Camp
Too much of Ming being so adorably cute inside here. Especially when he’s the leader of the team and he tries to steal ramyun from the other team xD

♥ Wonder Boys – Girls Generation & So Hot
When I saw it for the first time, I’d have to admit that it was a little hard in adapting to Ming being slightly girly for the perf! What’s worse was that I was drowning myself in Don’t Don related videos just a day before that. Manly Ming vs. Wonder Boys Ming.. What a difference! LOL. But he’s just amazing, really love how he’s so flexible and comfortable with different performance genres. FTW.

♥ Wonder Boys II – Kissing You & Nobody
YES AGAINNNN, like the above 😀 The Mingtail was sooooo cute.

Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Kyuhyun’s imitation
Love it how Ming pinches Hyuk’s cheeks ASDLKALSKLKSDKSLDKLSKD.

Danhobak CF
Danhobak CF by Danhobak. 😀

Martial Arts cut from Love Letter
Saw how awesome Ming was in Taekwondo in Full House.. And this is another one!

Leeteuk on King Saturday Driving School with Ming
OMGAH. I almost burst my lung laughing at this. First, Teukie was driving haphazardly through out the thing.. And Kkang’s going STOP STOP STOP while poor anxious passenger Ming is behind panicking to fasten his seatbelt. Climax was when Ming said, “I died and now I’m alive again”. FTWWWWW.

♥ Ming’s English introduction

There are many other videos.. Esp all those wonderful moments from their full shows like EHB. Loved the part when Ming and Geng passed oxygen to each other on Ep 12! 😀

So anyway, sorry cos I’m rushing for time and I haven’t done this in a while.. xD

Hope that Ming enjoyed his day!! ;D


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WOWS ! thse are like AMAZING !! XD

Comment by yin

happy birthday sungminnieeee.

Comment by 7samira7

btw nice blog hon.

i enjoyed watching the clips u provided. sungmin is too adorable for words

Comment by 7samira7

He’s always amazing for me~

็Happy Birthday my oppa.

Comment by watergumi

Jusy wonder why you used “ming” haha
Saeguil Chukahamnida for Lee Sungmin ❤

Comment by Shelley

@ Shelley:
Ming is Sungmin’s nickname ^^ 😉

Comment by ilovejr

happy birthday sungmin oppa!!
sweet 24th birthday~~

Comment by pikahcun

I’m proud to say i saw all those c:!!!
Happy birthday Sungminnie oppa!
the drving lessons i must admit is the funniest i recalled Sungmin saying “is this safe?” when he was forced by Kangin to sit on the back seat…Leeteuk is better in driving now as ive heard…

Comment by kiixiah

“… Ming and Geng passed oxygen.”
Wasn’t it EunHyuk?


Anyway …. thank u for keep me updated about these wonder boys. 😀

Comment by labusiam

@ labusiam:
Ah was it? My memory’s failing.. And I didn’t have time to re-watch it.. Mianhae~ 😦

Comment by ilovejr

OMGG minnie and his PINK!~ <33

Comment by bbftw

ah!they’re so cute and funny!

Comment by sujulove

saeng il chuka hamnida!!!!
happy belated birthday sungminie!!!

Comment by meHEARTsuju

happy birthday my SUNGMIN!!

Comment by xannesuju

sungmin loves pink!hopes that he can receive many many gift and blessing on birthday from friends!

Comment by gam

aiya!teukie really looks pitiful,bullied by everyone on the bed,poor teukie!sungmin also join them!haha

Comment by jukop

Thankyou so much for those!!!
the pictures on the 7th row +____+

Comment by ahwang

I’m very surprise and happy :X
Happy Birthday Ming :X My Sweetest Pumpkin :X

Thank you so much ~^^~!

Comment by BiKyn

happy birthday~~~
my frens send u a regard…

Comment by suju13lover

thank you so much for posting this up….and reminiscing all those cute minnie moment…^^

Happy Birthday sungmin!

Comment by yan

Oh!just thank you for spending so much attention in these!hope that sungmin enjoyed the bithday!their imitation just too funny!

Comment by Oni

yay,sungmin’s birthday pink all the way!

Comment by tinuh

happy birthday ya ,sungmin!

Comment by jukio

wow Thank for the link to all clips .

And HBD Sungminnie .

Comment by Peach

sungmin oppa !
happy B’daY to you !

sorry i’m late to send it ..

Comment by skyscrapper

happy birthday sungmin oppaa..!

Comment by dienda


Comment by mrskwonjiyong

even im a bit late but wish U a very2 happy belatad birthday!! Sungmin oppa..aja! aja! hwaiting!

Comment by kim

lolz me too eventho i hate pink but on sungmin’s b-day i put on my status that ” i pink is the greatest color ever” for only one day. lolz everything for our pink prince <333333333

Comment by nemo_lovey2002

Are you a younger members in your team..I want to know because you look so young and cute too….how old are you and all of your members…i want to know…can you tell me…please!!!!!!!

Comment by momoi

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