Siwon Ver. Photo Story II
December 28, 2008, 1:10 pm
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Wow.. After a month, they finally updated again!!

◈ 미래를 위한 도전 ( Striving for the future )

◈ 바람에게 내 마음을 보낸다 ( I send my love with wind )

◈ Velocity..

Original Source; Super Junior Iple
Some of the phrases mean slightly different (I think), and I haven’t seen other translations yet, so I’ll edit this again later *_*


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Siwon oppa really got a skill!!
And the meaning of those photos are such a deep one…
It make him more lovable!!
I love guy who got a skill in photographs!!

Saranghae siwon+suju oppas!!!

*thank you!!*

Comment by Rielovesuju

Wahhhh! Siwon Is great as a photographer!!! His pictures are all…….P.R.E.T.T.Y! ^^;;

Comment by Syahiiroh

i love the velocity shot!

Comment by kiixiah

OMO. Amazing skills there.
I’m really impressed! Its really beautiful!
I like the first picture the most! kaka. 😀
Siwon hwaiting!

Comment by SJ-Love


siwon oppa is so talented..
he makes my heart melts..
well, i like photo shooting a lot and siwon oppa has a skill.. i love him so much..

oppa!! you did a great job..
i think you should try photography as a sideline..


Comment by ran

WHOA! he’s suuch a skilled photographer! i never knew he had a hidden talent for it

so deep and meaningfull(sigh)
i luv u siwon!

Comment by sweethankyung

nice….like it so much..
u guys have lot of talents….!!

Comment by SuJu13lover

หนูอยาก audition sm จังเลย…
แต่ sm ไม่ตอบ mail ของหนูเลย…TOT

Comment by PAN

Siwon-oppa,keep goin’ with ur talent!

I know ur a super duper idol,, u can do anything!!

Saranghae~!! ^^v

Comment by Dinza

how are u ??
I like your pictures 😀
I just watched you in Star King, woaaaaaaa 😡
I know that you try to work hard for give happiness to me and other fans :))
please take care !!!
I cannot always come here But I am supporting you all the ways and will support you forever ^^

Comment by amy

Si Won oppa you’re really handsome. But could I give you some advice? If I’m so rude, plz forgive me.I heard you’re note the oldest in su ju. But you look too old. This is because I don’t know. But it’s really look like. Bye the way, I’m 6 years younger than you. I’m just a kid. I think you’ll angry because a kid like me give you advice. He He … Have a nice day! 🙂 Bye?

Comment by cute

I think if get some color in the poto will be better.. :b

Hs so serious even with pic ..Loo0ooL

Comment by sibi

si won oppa…
i like your S.K.I.L.L…

Comment by patrice

oppa you are so cool…

Comment by sicany

I just wanna say …
Saranghae~ siwon oppa^o^

Comment by karinluvsiwon

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