Kyuhyun’s Fancafe Message 2008.12.26
December 26, 2008, 9:59 pm
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Kyuhyun’s K-afeteria Fancafe Message 2008.12.26

Merry Christmas?
K-afeteria~Everyone~Did you spend Kyuristmas happily^^
The Christmas of 2008 passed by so fast…
Although I couldn’t spend it with Kevin*…For M’s fanmeeting in Hong Kong,
I’ve been working hard at memorizing lyrics..And prepared a very special stage
I spent a whole day seriously doing that ㅋㅋ
Uhmm….Something which I’m a little sad about….I am using a chatting tool
There’s so many people inside…… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ah..This is something not very funny..My heart’s aching..
If I was able to spend it with someone I love, it’ll definitely be very blissful!
If it doesn’t come true…Erm……Then immediately, a handsome price will appear..Don’t worry^^ ㅋㅋ
Are you asking who’s that..?
I’m not too sure either…I heard it’s 13 people…..Uhm…….Actually don’t really know who they are!
Anyhow~2008’s going to end soon~2009 which everyone is going to meet is arriving!!
The weather’s very cold..Everyone be careful not to catch a cold..Don’t drink too much alcohol at the end of the year ㅋㅋ
Hope that everyone will end this year on a happy note~~
This year I’d also like to thank all E.L.F who have always been supporting me and being with me..
I’ll go now!!Hope that everyone can be healthy^^

N.B* Kyuhyun’s referring to Kevin McCallister from “Home Alone”.. It’s a movie everyone would love to reminisce during Christmas ^^ Apparently, there’s a joke that all ‘hooligans’ would spend Christmas with Kevin McCallister, LMAO!

Original Source; K-afeteria
Credits; BLG
Please do not take out!


Hope everyone had a great Kyuristmas~ ^^ LOL at Kevin XD Oops, my “Home Alone” got cut off the first time~


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tem tem!!!!!
Kyu hyun oopa !!!!!!!
merry christmas and happy new year!!!!!
i love you and super junior forever!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by kyuhyun_ti_sj13

Kyuhyun want someone to love T^T,
ahhh i love his entry
take care ur self too !!


Comment by funnyu

KyuHyun, Where’s HeeChul? :”>

Thanks. I’ll trans it into Vietnamese ^^

Comment by Kate

Hahaha, so they showing/watching this movie every year not only in my country? 😀 somehow it’s nice to know that Kyu missed it this year since I didn’t watch it either. x:

Comment by Ky

Kevin McCallister?? wow… sounds so familliar.. isnt that the characters name from a movie called “HOME ALONE”?? its a funny movie and usually can be seen in HBO during christmas!!! hahaha .. if im not mistaken!!

Comment by nylrahcko

Wooa xD~he’s so cute ^^
My heart’s aching..
If I was able to spend it with someone I love, it’ll definitely be very blissful!

Hope next year he’ll spend Christmas with the one he loves T__T~~
By any chance, will U translate Heechul’s fancafe’s entry? <333

Thank you for translation~always enjoy your work!! ^^

Comment by ninkachan

Ya KyuHyun~ Are U falling in love??? Why did U write that maybe your true love is in 13? He is princes Heenim??? >0_< ~ And U said that U’re waitting for your prince? Oh ~ Good ~ I’ll waitting with U ~

Comment by VEn

merry christmas to you oppa~~
may u enjoy this year christmas more happy tahn any year…

Comment by suju13lovers

merry christmas to you oppa~~
may u enjoy this year christmas more happy than any year…

Comment by suju13lovers

Haha Kyuristmas! Yes I did! cos it was Kyuristmas! How to not spend it happily?
Somebody you love…Hmm..I think all our oppas needa get a gf or at least have their partners like..Sungmin! back. kekekekeke.

Comment by SJ-Love

I didn’t get the meaning of sOme few cOmments..
What’s with HeeChuL?
What abOut hiM?
MiSs Super JuniOr 13 a Lot!

Comment by wiLLow439

hwaa …
sweet kyu oppa !! ^^

but, I don’t celebrate christmas ..
bcause I’m a moeslem .. ^^

we almost leave 2008 ..
and 2009 is coming closed !! *3 days again!*
Happy new year for everyone !!!^_____^

I hope we will be better human than this year ..^^

Comment by HiRa!!

Merry X’mas “Kyuhyun”
I miss u many many

Comment by nooaum

kyu oppa… don’t be so sad..
don’t you love us?
oppa!! fighting.. i can see that 2009 will be a great year for you oppa!! i can say it for i ‘see’ things..haha.. so don’t be sad k?

Comment by kira

spend it w/ me oppa lolz hhahahahah u have alot of ppl who really want to spend xmas w/ u !!!

Comment by nemo_lovey2002

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