Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.12.25
December 25, 2008, 10:20 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2o08.12.25

We made snowmen, ate together, slept together, memories year by year of being together…Even when we die, I’ll never forget you, I’ll love only you.Next time I’ll work hard like a man with two hearts
I love you Merry Christmas^^

Original Source; 김향숙 미니홈피
Credits; Super Junior M iFensi
This brought tears to my eyes, Hae ILUSM. ♥♥♥ You’re our everything T.T


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Memories are beautiful~ T^T
Donghae, I love you too

Comment by littlegiftz

oh ~!
how adorable word that he said.

I love you too.

Donghae oppa Fighting ^^

Comment by NoChi

Donghae oppa!!
Merry Christmas!!! 😀

Comment by mimi

the guy kissing hae in the pic..
isit hae’s appa?
so sweet 🙂

Comment by ahwang

@ ahwang:
Yep that’s his father ♥♥♥

Comment by ilovejr

…Donghae’s really a seriously sensitive and affectionate person…lucky is the girl who’ll be able to capture one of his hearts…of course we know that the other one is already taken by the members and ELF. Donghae, saranghaeyo!

Comment by dbt

..the entry is about his father, not E.L.F

Comment by henryno1fan

awwww that was so sweet of donghae 🙂
yup, lucky be the girl who will one day capture his heart ❤

Comment by elleee

donghae!!! merry xmas and happy new year!!!

Comment by fracorshe

Hae miss his father…
oppa, Merry X-mas

Comment by tus

i’m sure his appa is really proud of him^-^

Comment by min-ji

think u can recognise this??
hope u know it..
merry christmas~

Comment by suju13lovers

I know Hae’s Dad always watching over him.
Fighting Donghae oppa!!!
Ur fans never leave U!!

have a blessed XMAS everyone^^

Comment by MiszSanta

This brought tears to my eyes too.
Its so simple..yet moving.
ILU HAE. You are our eerything too! ❤

Comment by SJ-Love

Donghae oppa…
Be strong!
We love you!~ ^_^

[your fans from Romania]

Comment by myroo

I always looking for tomorrow
U should too.

Comment by olivia

Hi Donghae,
I am so glad that you love your father so much.I love my father so much,too.I know that I am very late to say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year.But I will always be your fan.Take care of your health.Dancing is very difficult,I know.But trying is the best,OK?When you dance,I like you so much.But I am embarrassed to say that.I have listened the two of your songs,Don’t Don and U.All the two are very good.They can attract me.I understand Chinese.So please sing in Chinese as much as you can.
And I am waiting forward to listen to you guys’ new album.And the title I want to be is like um…I don’t want to lose you.And the song must be about a girl who is dying of cancer.If you do,I will be so happy.And the reason why I haven’t listened to your songs is that in our country there aren’t so many Super Junior’s album.I am sorry for that.But I am trying to buy them.If someone who knows more about than me,you can reply me on this page.I think you all are handsome.But I don’t know why.I like Donghae.Even my mother said that he is handsome.
So have a good time with your girlfriend.Love her more than now.The thing I want to say you is you are so cute.You looks good with black.In our country there is no snow.So I don’t know making snowballs is good or not.I think you love your father so much but love your brother and your friends.Never forget them,OK?If you want to see your father,think about him before you sleep.And then he will come to see you in your dreams.Although dreams are not real,they can give you happiness and pleasures.I will pray for your father.Before now,I don’t know that you love your father so much.I can understand you because I love my parents more than anything.But don’t be so sad.Do everything you can do.
So take care of your health.And next time write longer than now in your cyworld.See you next time,Bro.You are six years older than me.I am from Myanmar(Burma).If you come to here,I will come to see you.Bye.
Your sister

Comment by Khin Kan Kaw Thin

@ Khin Kan Kaw Thin:
Hi there, thank you so much for your long post!! TT

Comment by ilovejr

Hi ilovejr,
I don’t understand.It is said that this is Dong Hae’s official web page and his cyworld.Is there any website in which Dong Hae will read our messages?I really want to know.And thank you for this website.
Hi Dong Hae,
I hope you are fine.I got your new CD yesterday.This is not bad.But I think some of them are so childish.You all should work harder than more.I don’t like Miracle and Sunny.They are all childish.I like MTV like Don’t Don.It is really hot.All should show your maturity.And don’t be too sad for your father.You are a man.You must stand it.I wrote them because Dong Hae won’t read them.I really write only to him.And by the way ilovejr,what is he studying now,with what major?For Dong Hae,don’t be childish.You are already 22.And don’t cry when you sad.Although I am 16,I don’t cry when I am sad.And good luck for you all.And try to sing in Chinese.In U Chinese is hot.But in Korean I don’t like it.Bye.

Comment by Khin Kan Kaw Thin

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