SJ-M Christmas iFensi Messages 2008.12.24
December 24, 2008, 11:57 pm
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*updated with all translations*

SJ-M Christmas iFensi Messages 2008.12.24

HanGeng – How’s everyone recently?

How’s everyone lately? I am Han Geng
Tomorrow’s already Christmas, I’d like to wish everyone Merry Christmas
Firstly, I’d like to thank all the fans who have been supporting SJ-M ever since we made our debut
And also, I’d like to especially thank the fans from all our official fanclubs~
Lastly, I hope that everyone will spend a warm winter, kkkk
In addition, hope that in the new year, everything will go smoothly* and your wishes will come true*!
Merry Chirstmas!!!

*Chinese sayings

ZhouMi – Christmas is here!

Christmas is here!
How will everyone spend it? We, SJ-M, would of course wish to spend it with our fans and friends!
Hope that everyone will be able to spend a blessed, happy Christmas.

Today’s the 24th, there’s a friend in Mi Tang** called “Ya Ya”, today’s her birthday, so here I’ll wish Ya Ya a very happy birthday!
Hope that everyone will send their birthday wishes to Ya Ya^^
Everyone, Merry Christmas!

Zhou Mi

**Mi Tang is Mi’s fanclub name~

Henry – HENRY~

(All written in Hanyu Pinyin)
Hi everyone! I am Henry!

How are you all doing recently! Tomorrow’s Christmas already!

Are you all very happy! I hope that you will be able to spend it happily!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Siwon – From Siwon ^^

Everyone, annyeonghaseyo! I am Choi Siwon..^^
Unknowingly, this year has passed
Hope that while everyone is awaiting next year, you’ll also be able to happily spend the remaining days of this year!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.. ^^

Kyuhyun – Annyeonghaseyo~ I am Kyuhyun

Annyeonghaseyo~ I am Kyuhyun

Waited for so long and finally Christmas is here

It’s the first time welcoming Christmas in China so it’s a refreshing feeling ^_^

Hope that everyone will be able to spend a rich and happy Christmas

I will also have a happy time spending it with the members~

Everyone Merry Christmas! ^_^

Donghae – To wo de qin ai de bao bei men ^^ (To my beloved darlings^^)

To my beloved darlings ^^

Today is Christmas

Today is Christmas eve, tomorrow is Christmas!

Those who are thinking of being in my embrace

Spend Christmas happily! ^_^

Ryeowook – To the iFensi family!

iFensi family!

Annyeonghaseyo~ I am Super JuniorM’s Ryeowook.
Merry Christmas ^^
I feel very happy sending a greeting this way to family and friends
Hope that everyone will be able to spend a blessed Christmas
Please love Super JuniorM lots~
I LOVE iFensi

Some sentences have yet to be translated and I’m unsure of my fobby Korean so I’ll do them once they’re up on iFensi~


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Merry Cristmas oppa !!!

I hope you happy. ^O^

Oppa must take care yourself. I want you rest so much.

I hate oppa sick . OK?

I love you. >///<

Thai’s Fan.

Comment by PALM

oh HAE yah, I dream of being in your embrace

Comment by Shinnie

ah…can you give me the link to their original posts?

Comment by Shinnie

@ Shinnie:
You need to be a member at the official SJ-M iFensi forum to view it~ ;;;

Comment by ilovejr

Happy holiday, oppa! So glad to know u look happy celebrate christmas there..!^

Comment by agassi_

Merry Christmas oppa.I hope this christmas will bring joy to you.

Luv u lots
Indian fan

Comment by angie

happy to hear theres MiTang
dont be sad anymore Mi gege~
Baobei hae!

Comment by ahwang

I know…that why I asked for your help to “quote” the original message. (especially Hae’s one)

Comment by Shinnie

You can go here to register if you wish to see it.. It’s kinda long so I don’t wanna post everything here ^-^

Comment by ilovejr

I can’t read Chinese, and just Dong Hae’s message (To wo de qin ai de bao bei men) will do.

Comment by Shinnie

@ Shinnie:

To wo de qin ai de bao bei men ^^

Jin tian shi sheng dan jie

오늘은 크리스마스 이브, 내일은 크리스마스!

내 품에 안겨 있는 여러분을 생각하면서

즐겁게 보내세요! ^_^

Comment by ilovejr

thanks so much 😡

Comment by Shinnie

Who is the heck “Ya Ya” ?!??!? I’m jealous. hmn~ -_-;

And Henry’s messasge.. it’s all in *!* ilovehim ♥

and Donghae.. ㅜㅜ

Comment by okaeri

1st; merry x’max n a happy new year
wanna know how super junior manage their schedule?
mean:sj,sj m,sj h,sj t

Comment by tingtin87

haha aww
hope they all had a great xmas too!
henry typed it all in hanyu pinyin! i would have had to do that too..cos my chinese sucks! hehe, it’s ok henry ^^

Comment by Ruth

although christmas had passed,wanna wish all sujuM oppas “MERRY CHRISTMAS”….HOPE U ALL HAPPY ALWAYS…luv u…

Comment by PINKY

merry christmas to you all~~~

Comment by suju13lovers

@ okaeri:
LOL I ‘m not too sure either but in another of his UFO replies, he wished Happy Birthday to another fan called Emily and for the first time, posted the picture of his pet puppy, ‘Loach’ for her.. (If I remember correctly, LOL)

Comment by ilovejr

Esp Donghae’s! qin ai de bao bei men! AIGOO *huggles*
Oppas, you all take care too alrights 😉

Comment by SJ-Love

Want to pass on chritmas day with you all the most!Merry Chritmas..

Comment by kissi

to my beloved darling suju-M
i luv u!!
merry xmas and i have a great new yr all

Comment by sweethankyung

I know that you are very talented and cute…learn more and I hope you will success for everything that you been doing…TQ

Comment by momoi

suju go to success..okey oppa?

Comment by Tanzmanian SJ~TVXQ


Comment by Kat


Comment by I LOVE HENRY!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to SJ-M espeacially Donghae oppa! dessu~~! waku-waku~~~

must not sick! me too…
stay healty always! me too…

wah! im too obsess with you guys! kinda happy!!!

Fighting! Saranghae especially Donghae oppa!!

-Malaysian Fan!

Comment by Ira

sadly i heard of u guys recently…:) opps! love the songs very much… WOAH! you guys are so hot?! LOL

Comment by sammi

hi!,super junior. i love n i’m ur biggest fan in sabah…..!!!!
i love u….! , i hope ur all the member of suju can go to sabah….like u go to the malaysia….!!

Comment by angel

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