Sungmin’s Cyworld Update 2008.12.21
December 21, 2008, 4:25 am
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Sungmin’s Cyworld Board Update 2008.12.21 02:16

It seems like I’m falling in love…

2008.12.21 02:16

Marvelous…Although it’s still not very clear but..

I can’t say that it’s not..

Although there are many things that need to be understood but…

Perhaps it’s the feeling of loving you..?

Something big has happened~ㅎㅎ

I want to know a little more~~~~



Need to find out more, one by one, about it now~~~

Original Source; 이성민 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13
LOL Ming, you made my heart pound in my damaged ribcage. So much suspense! XD
It’s so coincidental that I almost got myself drunk (I’m legal, heh XD but I hardly drink wine, only for special occasions) just tonight drinking 3/4 bottle of red wine  (but surprisingly still quite sober) and Ming posts about wine while I was lurking around his minihompy ^^;;; Ming, ILUSM *_*


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and i was wondering what sungmin was thinking when he posted that he was falling in love. until i came to the wine part. -.-

such a cutie.♥

Comment by artisticvoice

this is.. rather.. weird? XD

Comment by noob

WAAAAAh sungmin isin love with wine….
whew i thought it was something else…
or have i mis interpreted in wrong..

Comment by mheyca

SungMiniie is in love? O_O?

Comment by ilovesuju94

is he talking about falling in love with wines?

i stalked his cyworld too and yeah something about wines and drink is there. <33

can you translate his 42 questions..? he added some again.. 🙂
i guess there was a questions about what will he do on a free time and if he believes in destiny. 😀


Comment by mrskwonjiyong

Oppa, has someone caught your heart?

Comment by Blue Flower

sungmin. ilu. you’re amazing lol. i actually dont like wine myself…im more a flavoured alcohol baileys….i think he should have some baileys =p

Comment by c.n

he almost got tricked me with that one~~
same here, i drank some wine in our Christmas party last friday….there are different kinds of wine there so i tried sipping it all~~lol.

Comment by yan

Lol I was all “HUH??” when I reached the wine part, haha . Does anyone have the link to his Cyworld? I really want to see it . Thanks ? (:

Comment by Sachiko2908

i thought he really was in love with someone..
can i have a link to his minihompy? =)

Comment by sjblue

what r u thinking??
wanna know also…

Comment by anis13

first I read it
I thought he fall in love to someone
but in the end WINE!!!! XDDD

Comment by mei an

wine….that so hilarious….sungmin love wine????

Comment by nOtxXaXxpRinceSs

No.please don’t do that.I’m so sungminnie! I’m crying. But, who is that. Is she beautiful?

Comment by Kyumin_forever

phew, im glad his not really falling in love ::D
I like wine too, specially sweet white wine !:3

Comment by katie

ha, ha! i thought minnie’s really inlove. nah~ the begining almost broke my heart. can i have the link of minnie’s minihompy? pls? pls? pm me at

Comment by sarakieur


Please don’t be mistaken, Ming’s not in love with a person but with wine.. 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

wahhh.. sungmin is really diligent in updating his cyworld.
anyway, wine? haha.. at first i though he is in love with someone..

Comment by lunecute

our heart stopped beating when we read the first part! Then…WINE???

Comment by MnM Freaks

Lee Sungmin can’t get enough with WINE??????

omg i thought he was admiring someone geez i almost got the tears then damn!!!!! WINE


Comment by PinkyFishy

sungmin love to drink wine,lol..why sungmin drink wine?

Comment by guxyl

sungmin not love with a person but with wine?sungmin love wine,how cute he is!

Comment by sopi

Whatever it is that you want to find out more about, i hop that you do get it. Take your time in finding all the answers to each and every one of your questions. To find whatever it is that you seek. Live a joyful life with you to apreciate every single second of your life because when it passed it will turn to be your new memory and history. Be Happy. Smile! aneyonghaseyo

Comment by Mar

sungmin’s cyworld:

Comment by ping

Is it good feeling?

Sungmin oppa

make my heart break…..

Comment by Apple

Hey, can anyone explain to me ? Why is it that when I go to cyworld & click , say , minnie’s link, it doesnt show the page at all ? Since i dont understand Korean at all, im really confused . Must I register or something in order to see the page ?

Comment by Sachiko2908

@ Sachiko2908:
Nope, you don’t need to register at cyworld to view his minihompy 🙂
You just need to disable your pop-up blocker cos it’ll appear as a pop-up!

Comment by ilovejr

SungMin oppa saranghae!!!!
You so cute…

Comment by ღLea Christineღ

@ ilovejr


Comment by Sachiko2908

sung min oopa!!!!!!!!
you make me cry!!!!!!!!
girl is who??who????who???

Comment by kyuhyun_ti_sj13

Aigoo! This entry seems sweet yet..mysterious.
haha. Wine? I have a feeling wine taste much nicer than beer. Though I’m not legal yet. keke.

Comment by SJ-Love

I love Lee Sung Min because He’s my love forever
Lee Sung Min fighting
Super Junior fighting
I believe KangIn and super junior

Comment by song hye kyung

Omo, it wine!
Seems like when he really fall in love, I’ll be a bit jealous u.u, OMG, this is not good!
Well but falling in love fells so great, I hope this for him too ^^
And I love Wine too *-* the only thing I like to drink for now!

Comment by Sushii

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