Sungmin’s 42 Q&A (Second 8)
December 21, 2008, 10:24 pm
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Sungmin’s 42 Q&A (Second 8)

You can find the first 8 here!

How much can you drink?
Children shouldn’t drink alcohol~!ㅋ (5 cups of soju? 1 bottle of beer? 3 cups of wine?)
What I’m most satisfied about of my character? Any areas where you wished to change..?
Uhmm.I’m most satisfied about kindness of my character.. What I want to change…To not talk so much!ㅋㅋ
Sungmin Oppa~A program you want to appear on most?
We got married? Family Outing?…. I ‘d like to go on either a drama or a movie….Musical too…ㅋㅋ
If Oppa was given only one day of free time, how would he spend it?
Read books..Watch movies…If I’m with my girlfriend, we’d make food together…Go for a drive!^^
What will you think of when you’re on stage noticing the audience?
Must not miss out on anybody, I must look till I’ve got the feeling everyone’s paying attention to the song I’m singing, the look I’m giving, getting moved and will look back on it! And..enjoy!
Do you believe in destiny?
Yes,i believe.(The English is short, I only know to this standard..)Believe in fate to love..The people whom you’re supposed to meet, you’ll meet them sooner or later..
The last thing you did before you slept last night?
Prayed at dawn..♥
Lee Sungmin’s most unforgettable moments in his life, BEST5
Dance practice during middle school..자매바다(JaMaeBaDa) first appearance..Practicing everyday till the early morning..The first broadcast stage..Winning best newcomer award..’marry u’ during the concerts..

Original Source; 이성민 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13
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sungmin wants to join We Got Married?
me too~ XD
i kept thinking that one day i want to be in that program with Heechul~
lols ^^
[in fact, he is not my fav member in SJ, but i’m sure that show will be fun if he appear] XD

Comment by lunecute

Sungmin So cute~~ >[]<
Thank you~~

Comment by Anonymous

Hehe, i want to change exactly the same things about my character. Loveing Min 😀

Comment by katie

that “pray at dawn” quote remind me of kyuhyun LOL…

Comment by Ellie

praying at dawn :3
what kyuhyun likes too! lmao.

Comment by ahwang

sungmin praying at dawn!!!!! owwhhh….that so nice…i wonder what he pray of???

Comment by nOtxXaXxpRinceSs

i wonder if all the questions were left by his fans on his cyworld? if it’s that,,i really wanna leave him some questions hahaha

he wanna join we got married?? lol as Kangin’s son?
must be so damn cute


Comment by PinkyFishy

sungmin has a girlfriend?

Comment by zxcvbnm,./

not talk so much..What’s so bad if talk a lots?But I wonder what about the cuteness character of sungmin,ha!

Comment by julip

his answers are so cute!! ^^
and wow, he wants to be in WGM! that must be interesting….

lucky fans who got to ask him those questions….

Comment by yan

he loves marry u also
waiting for 3jib oppaaaaaa ❤

Comment by EternalELF

Not talk so much? haha, he don’t talk alot! heechul talks the most! XD
Pray at dawn? KYUMIN ILU! XD (I sound as if they are 1 person hehe)
Marry U. Yes. SUJU and ELFs are married to each other in our hearts. For life.

Comment by SJ-Love

Sungmin has a girlfriend? O.O

Comment by PARK HA RIN

Sungmin has a girlfriend??? Ouch! T.T

Comment by yapz

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