Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.19
December 19, 2008, 9:22 pm
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Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.19 17:57

滑雪/Skiing (Snowboarding)

Date: 2008-12-19
Mood: Weather:

Today I went with Sun Le to snowboard*.This is my first time skiing in China.I am very happy!Hehe~~~~Looking at him snowboard for the first time.I thought of the first time I skied/snowboard.That was called a fall ah.Hehe~~~This time I am his instructor.Hope he’ll be able to snowboard as excellent as me.Hahaha~~~I’m anticipating the next time I go skiing/snowboarding.In a few days it’ll start to get busy。I’ll try my best to come here and see everyone.The weather’s very cold,, everyone be careful of your body!

I love you all!!!

*N.B to clarify some doubts.. 滑雪 in Chinese is generally ‘skiing’ (which can also mean snowboarding) but I’m supposing he meant it as 滑滑雪板 which is ‘snowboarding’ since his picture shows him snowboarding XD

Original Source; Han Geng ‘s Home
OMGAWD. ♥__♥
Skiing is tough. I landed on my butt like 1209309090430 times the first time I skied in Kangwon-do XD Go Geng!!


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Thanks for translating Geng’s entry.
Did Geng upload the photo like that? LOL. I had to turn around my laptop just to see Geng 😀

Anyway, you first time skiing was in Kangwon-do? Kangwon-do as in Kangwon-do in SK? Really?

Comment by Kraeza

@ Kraeza:
Yeah I skied in Kangwon-do (Heechul’s hometown, lol) in SK last year.. ;;;
Yep he uploaded the picture like that, lol but I couldn’t even tell that it was him! Haha XD

Comment by ilovejr

Geng’s friend posed like the NY liberty statue hahaha… & it’s good that geng’s all covered up…

thanks for the update kido 🙂

Comment by theforgottengift

Oooh, lucky Hankyung O.o I can’t wait for the time i go snowboarding ! ❤

Comment by katie

waaaa….i want to skiing with han geng….!!!
but, since i’m in indonesia which is not have any winter, maybe i will 99999999999999999999x fall and end with my butt too..hahaha..but, he must be a good’s delight to see han geng in cyworld..^^

thanks a lot!!!

Comment by northern_suju

…is the Chinese term for snow board same as ski?…because what Geng and the other person are holding up are not skis but snowboards…just asking…thanks for posting this, its good to know he has time to have fun too.

Comment by megane

@ megane:
Well, ‘滑雪’ (his title) in English means ski but if you say like ‘snowboarding’, it’ll be 滑滑雪板 in full.. He should be meaning snowboarding but the general/literal translation of 滑雪 is skiing.. I’ll edit it to make it fit the context more ^^

Comment by ilovejr


Comment by anis13

Wow! it seems that Hangeng is a pro at skiing/snowboarding! ;D
Instructor! Woahs!

Comment by SJ-Love

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