Sungmin’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2008.12.16
December 16, 2008, 10:19 pm
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Sungmin’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2008.12.1605:35

2008.12.16 화 Tuesday 05:35

Today I was indeed in a good mood !

Uhmm haha! Satisfied~~~~

To my parents, I’m a pretty son..

To my brother….Handsome..Brother!!….ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

To my friends I’m someone who they’ve missed and want to cherish a lot..

To be I’m the most blessed person on Earth..


Original Source; 이성민 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13


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Waaaaaaa. . .
Too cute!!! X)

Pretty son,handsome brother,the blessed man..
Since for me kibum is the CUTEST boy ever, then sungmin oppa must be the cutest man everrr…kekeke..

Thanks~ ^^

Comment by Northern_suju

hahaha…sungmin feel gud bout himself……yayyy!!!!!

Comment by nOtxXaXxpRinceSs

AWWW.. *huggles*
He’s so easily contented! ❤
*Thank you!!!

Comment by SJ-Love

Happy to see sungmin was in good mood!

Comment by han

awwww…..this is soooo sungmin like!! ^^

it’s so great to see him happy!!

Comment by yan

wahhh my sungmin looks so happy and contented with his life.. i hope he is always happy..

for me you’re the best person i’ve ever seen.. the cutest.. hard working, and because your friends love you so much. i can say that you’re so kind.. SungMin.. i love you more and more everyday..

Comment by charmaine

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