Sungmin’s 42 Q&A (First 8)
December 15, 2008, 10:26 pm
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Sungmin’s 42 Q&A (First 8 questions)

42 Question & Answer
Who am I?
Sungmin.! I hope to become the world’s blessed man..
What cooking do you like recently?
If you talk about cooking, it has to be pot stew ♥!Although I’m not suited to cooking, but Moscato d’Asti.. Recently I’ve got a lot of interest in grape wine..Will watch “신의 물방울도 (God’s Waterdrop?)” sooner or later !
Your favourite member as well as the reason why you’re attracted to Kangin hyung (the question wrote oppa though)?
Firstly…I am not attracted to Kangin hyung!ㅋㅋㅋ My most favourite member, do I have one? I like all~! Recently I’ve been exercising with Shindong so we hang out together ~ㅋ
Other than watching movies etc, you originally don’t like to cry?
Recently I teared …When I was watching movies..^^ㅋOther times I usually don’t cry..I don’t want to cry either~ㅎㅎ
Among the members, no matter if it’s character or stature, who do you want to be like most?? (1)
Eeteuk hyung’s MC abilities! Heechul hyung’s uniqueness! Hankyung hyung’s dance line! Yesung hyung’s appeal! Kangin hyung’s comedian tactics! Shindong’s determination! Eunhyukkie’s intelligence!
Among the members, no matter if it’s character or stature, who do you want to be like most?? (2)
Donghae’s stage presence! Siwon’s figure! Ryeowook’s huge desire for music! Kyuhyun’s cuteness! Kibum’s look in the eyes!
Favourite song! Favourite movie! A movie which you will never be tired of~
For song..Recently, I especially like Zia (지아) ‘s ‘물론 (Of course)’..Movie would be ‘A movie is just a movie (영화는 영화다)’..!
A place you must go while you’re still alive! Which place is this?
Hawaii.. Must make lots of money, then I can go Hawaii for my honeymoon! It’s a dream I had since young!

Original Source; 이성민 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13
Please do not take out!
I guess Ming will update with more soon~
Gah, I ♥ Moscato wine! I even have my favourite wine bottle sticker stuck on my desk, it’s Moscato by Brown Brothers! 😀


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omo! thanks thanks for sharing..! ^^
I’m sure sungmin lovers will definitely loooooovvvveee this!!! He wants to go to Hawaii for his honeymoon? ^__^

I love all his anwers! ^^

Comment by yan

It’s fun reading his answers… It’s like we get to know him more…

His answers for questions 5 and 6 are the best! hahaha! He really does love ALL the members!

Comment by barbiegrace

I like that he love all of members.
and mention point of them that he wanna be.
how adorable he is.

Thanks for translation ^^

Comment by NoNoChi

He wants to go to Hawaii for his honeymoon… makes me think… T____T
Sungmin oppa’s so cute. 😀

Thanks for sharing! 😀

Comment by sallysync

minnie!!!! suddendly he has so many updates!!!
i will go hawaii with you!!!!!!

Comment by fel love min

thank you for sharing! 😀
but Min.. i laughed at your ‘Eunhyukkie’s intelligence’.

Comment by pyee

Oh! Thank you for the translate~

his 005,006 ans is very nice ^^b

‘A movie is just a movie’
ahh what kind of this movie would be? =w=

seem like recently he enjoy to update his cy~~
and i’m happy to read

Comment by watergumi

Hawaii for honeymoon, Sungmin-shii….*speechless* He’s a real romance type of guy I guess. Huhu..~

Comment by shalewlew

..wanna be with u in hawaii..!!yay..!
*with all sungmin oppa lovers?gah,..that’s very okay. Oppa is ours :D*

Comment by agassi_

it says that sungmin thinks kyuhyun’s cute….kyumin alert..JK XD his answers are so cute ^_^

Comment by Charlene

sungmin is so cute^^
love all his answers!

Comment by ilyc

Thanks sungmin for sharing it!I really love it!

Comment by cani

this post is a Do not take out, right?

Comment by jiarei

@ jiarei:
Yes it is ;;; I’d appreciate if you could link back instead 🙂
Thank you~

Comment by ilovejr

like this O&A!Hawaii really a beautiful place to visit!Hope that sungmin’s dream will come true!

Comment by ruy

Oh,each member has its unique one side,how about sungmin?

Comment by liana

sungmin found khuhyun cute too?? haha. kyumin^.

Comment by donghaefan

onLy 8?
I thOught 45 Q&A???

Comment by PinK PriNcesS

@ PinK PriNcesS:
He has submitted only a few so far.. There’s a few more but I haven’t translated them ^^

Comment by ilovejr

so sweet of him..wanting to become like all the members..
hawaii as honeymon..romantic!!

Comment by aitsukame

Hope he’ll answer some KyuMin hehehe

Thanks for translating and posting.

Sungmin naa u’re so cute !!

Comment by Peach

sungmin’s fav place is hawaii . i’m gonna go there this summer. wonder if i can meet him there??? lolz that’s impossible but i’d luv to dream for once.

Comment by Anonymous

sungmin’s fav place to go is hawaii. i’m gonna go there this summer. wonder if i’ll see him there??? lolz that’s impossible but i’d to dream for once >.<

Comment by nemo_lovey2002

Ah, he wants to go to Hawaii for his honeymoon?

I live in Hawaii! :DDD Lol.

Sungmin’s so awesome~~

Comment by Sky

Thank you! YAY!
Sungmin’s replies are all so cute. Haha.
He listed all the wonderful traits of his members!!!
oh Sungmin! :3

Comment by SJ-Love

haha…mOre!!moRe!!mOre!!! Q&A pLssss!~……hehe

Comment by jorie

wahhh i want to go with you in hawaii.. hihi

SungMin.. the cutest..

Comment by charmaine

Oh,yes. Sungmin will have honeymoon with Kyuhyun at Hawaii. Kyumin is No.1.

Comment by Kyumin_forever

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