ETN En.U Super Show in Shanghai News Report (Eng Subs)
December 15, 2008, 9:39 pm
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Okay, I finally got some determination to sub this even though it’s just 6 mins long xD

Click on the video to go to youtube to watch in HQ!

The HenMiChul part made my heart go soft xD


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Ryeowook so cute
he even cried after he saw his mum silently sitting watching him perform .

Comment by PeiKyu

yay… wen was this??

Comment by geth

ah, so that’s why wookie cried in the middle of H.I.T.. 😀 thanks for translating!

Comment by artisticvoice

heechul with his v sign at the end,

Comment by nina

omg! thank you so much for subbing! OMG! watching it made me cry of happiness! I really want to go to one of suju’s concerts, and hopefully I do! THANK YOU!! 😀

Comment by fullofhappiness

sungmin really looks good with long hair!I discovered sungmin only after watch the video second time,he is at the back of teukie when boarding to the vehicles.

Comment by sofia

this is so sweet!i like how ryeowook’s mom was there for him<3

Comment by alice

wookie’s mom was there too. other members’ moms were there too as i heard. this show is way too kool. i must have the dvd!!!

Comment by nemo_lovey2002

It made my day and made me tear..We all miss them don’t we?
Seeing them tgt makes me feel really good.

Comment by SJ-Love

What does Yesung hold in the hand?Is it a beverage?
Han kyung speaks in korean,feel so funny!

Comment by han

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