Sungmin’s Update on E.L.F Japan 2008.12.13
December 13, 2008, 11:14 pm
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Sungmin’s Update on E.L.F. Japan Blog 2008.12.13 16:30

Japan’s E.L.F.-Japan, we are Super Junior.
We’re going to see you all now.
Cherish every encounter for it will never come again!

Original Source; SUPER JUNIOR 日本オフィシャルサポーターズクラブ「E.L.F-JAPAN」
Credits; OnlySJ13, Sayuu


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he write japanese so nice one ~~~
haha.. better than my handwritting in japanese

sugoi ~~

Ooohh his heart shape there was cute

Comment by PeiKyu

Our Sungminnie’s been studying so hard.
I think I have to start taking Japanese seriously.

Thanks for sharing ^^

Comment by sallysync

he is mine

Comment by pumpkin

Oppa get more often to write on blogs!!
That’s good^^

Thank you~ ^^

Btw,you can understand japanese too?so you expert in korean+chinese+japanese??
Hwaow..that’s cool.. ^o^

Comment by Sujudolphin

ooh, he is so good O.o Sometimes i think he can do anything !
my my min ;*

Comment by katie

why is he writing so much these days? not that it bothers me…I LOVE IT!

but something seems really odd… when he says ,,Cherish every encounter for it will NEVER come again!” why does it make me feel so worried? doesn’t it seem like a good bye?

i hope i’m just overreacting. i am- after all- a real pessimist

Comment by LeeAlex

omg… is it only me tat saw his (i) as (ri)…

I need to buck up on my japanese u___u

Comment by ping

ehhh?? he wrote it will never come again
does it mean they will never go to japan again?

Comment by Karen

Minnie oopa!!!!!oopa are learning Japanese!!!

Comment by kyuhyun_ti_sj13

Sungmin oppa jjang!!!
Why are you so good in evrything!
Sungmin oppa, why always so full of WIN?!
*Thank you! 😀

Comment by SJ-Love

eventhough i’m not from japan….
but i’ll always support u guys no matter where u are…

Comment by anis

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