Sungmin’s Cyworld Updates 2008.12.11
December 11, 2008, 11:08 pm
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Sungmin’s Free Board Section Update 2008.12.11 06:24
In the ‘Nothing Better..’ folder..

Studying Japanese…

2008.12.11 06:24

In the midst of studying Japanese..

If I learn foreign languages

I’ll always think of that country’s language, as well as keep wanting to use it..

Going to Japan personally, no matter what, I must speak Japanese

I must learn it quickly..

When in Korea, I ‘m only studying….ㅠㅠ

Just not knowing about my exhaustion and going everywhere to practice Japanese!…

Places where I should use English, I used Japanese as well!!..

Now I’m left to be scolded by friends from America!!ㅠㅠ

..Ah…Quickly learn Japanese well

And then…Learn English!!!Aja Aja~

ps.Must learn Chinese too!!

Sungmin’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2008.12.11 06:20
In the ‘전체보기’ folder..

2008.12.11 목 Thursday 06:20


I’m tired..

I have no energy and I’m feeling a little hot….

My body as well.. Did I catch a cold?..

Where’s the medicine~

..Found it..Eat it..Breathe out…


Original Source; 이성민 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13
Please do not take out!


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wah so hardworking ! yes, must study hard sungmin oppa so we can communicate with u ^^ sungmin hwaiting !

Comment by dingdong bee (:

his posts are as cute as him….

it makes me wanna learn jap too!! ah, but first i must learn

awww..minnie, take care of yourself…it’s really easy to catch a cold since the korean weather rightno is so well, cold… get some power rest oppa! Fighting!! ^^

Comment by yan

Awww. Oppa, let’s lear Japanese together! Haha. 😀
Please take care of yourself! ❤


Comment by sallysync

Waaah,,sungmin oppa’s really a dilligent one..
Yeah,keep hwaiting oppa!!!!^^

Oppa caught a cold?wah,same here..we should take a medicine+eat+sleep well then ^o^,,

Suju+me hwaiting!! Hehehe :p


Comment by Northern_suju

Aah, he’s so cute. I hope they do get to know more languages. A lot of the newer groups know a lot of languages. x3

Comment by CarrotPlush•

sungmin oppa! Fighting!

Comment by evil

FighTing oppa..

i hope You Always health everyday..

saranghaeyo oppa…

Comment by Shasa In InDonEsia

hmmm. Minnie is very hardworking! I’m trying to learn korean online… and japanese too. Sungmin learn your Eng and Chi and communicate with me! (: but don’t tire yourself out… take care of your body~!

Comment by Jel

awwww. he s so hardworking ^^
and im sure his japanese is going strong!

Comment by yin

haha, i don’t mind teaching you english!!
and at the same time, you can teach me korean^^
but must take care of yourself! rest well and enjoy studying~

Comment by diyana

can i ask what’s Sungmin’s cyworld? tnx^^

Comment by Eunjung

seems like he’s posting everytime and it good… yay… i hope someday Eunhyuk will have Cy too..

Comment by l0ral0vah

aw… he’s so hard working! I must learn Japanese and Chinese too! But I must learn Korean first ^^

Comment by min_is_mine

hi! im mj fan of super junior…
pls. support them!
i dont want that they will seperated
because the sub group…
SUpport them! x_x

Comment by mj


Comment by mj

OMG! my prayers have been answered.. SUMGMIN UPDATES!!

what’s his cyworld btw?

Comment by gelatin

Aahh, oppa, always studying and working hard !
I’m working hard too, i’m trying to learn Korean, so one day i could communicate with you ^^
Please take care of yourself and don’t catch a cold!

So sweet Sungmin… *melting*

Comment by katie

Wah,so many languages have to learn.I would love to learn Japanese too.I also envy those Japanese people that can said very fluent Japanese.Sungminie go to Japan for what?

Comment by cocado

ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!oopa is learning Japanese!!!
Minnie oopa!!!aza aza fingting!!!!!!!^^
saranghaeyo oopa !!!!!!!!

Comment by kyuhyun_ti_sj13

Sungmin oppa! Take care loads!!!
Dun fall sick! Dun ever!!! ❤
Haha, dun stress urself too much learning new languages ! Its really hard but..aja aja hwaiting! Dongsaeng’s gonna learn Korean and Jap too! And brush up on my chinese/mandarin! ♥
*THANK YOU! ILU!!! haha :3

Comment by SJ-Love

Take care and do ur job well~~~
U should take a rest,,
As u said~~~
Aja aja~~

Comment by ayen~~~

ah.. sungmin

please learn Thai too

and take good care of yourself
don’t catch a cold !!

Comment by view_zaa

ya.hwaiting.he has to.that is the other challenges of being an international artists.

Comment by kam

you need to learn portuguese too xDD

take care, sungmin ^^

Comment by Debbie

oppa, you must take care…
don’t fall kay^^
aja aja hwaiting!!!
i’m also trying hard to learn korean 😀

Comment by ilyc

sungmin ^__^
lets learn japanese…..i looove learning new languages…aja~aja~~

Comment by cheflab

Oppa. Learn your Japanese then hurry up with the english ! You need to communicate through out the world for your ELF’s ❤ ^^ take cares ~

Comment by Sunii

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