Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.09
December 9, 2008, 8:05 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.09 05:32
In the ‘…Think…’ folder..

..그대를 사랑합니다../..I love you..
박정수 2008.12.09 05:32

..I love you..

Its really a warm book..Which makes tears spout…

Until now I’m unable to let go of it~~Wanting to finish it…

When I’m as old as a grandfather..I will probably walk the same road too?…

Making lots of memories when we’re young, and when we’re old, relying on these memories to live on..

Hmm..We should leave beautiful memories in our minds..

Then When you’re old, you’ll be able to smile..

Grandmother..Grandfather, I miss you so much…

Letting hot tears roll down..I love you…

We must work hard in order to create beautiful love..

Original Source; 박정수 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13


I read that the author of this book is the same author as “Simple Manhwa”.. Makes me want to read it too! 🙂 Sounds really touching T.T


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you’re right, oppa!
When we’re young,we should try our best to achieve our dreams
Live properly, do good things
so that when we’re old, we will not regret anything we did in the past
and live comfortably^^
Life sometimes is very tough
But if we believe in ourselves and hopeful
I’m sure there is nothing we can do^^
Thanks so much for your translation
I’ll translate this into Vietnamese

Comment by linh

Uggh…teukie oppa~… <3333
*lungs stop working*

Yeh,just read what oppa wrote just made me want to read that book too ¤_¤

As for me,being a fan of suju,is a wonderful memories that might be I could have~

*thanks! Saranghae! ^^*

Comment by Ariluvsuju

same here knowing them is such a great memories i can keep!!!!!

Comment by marianne arevalo

umm..I will save my memories about you and Super Junior too.


Comment by pazma

This one sound interesting Oppa…you said right when we was young we should to memory beautiful thing in my mind for the time when we’re older we can feel and remind about it

Comment by Ununnamwna

It makes me want to read it as well ^^;

Wah… I love when he writes ❤ I like everything about him haha.
I have this warm feeling everytime I read his posts or listen to his lines in their songs, see him in videos, or whatever. It makes me wish he was as close as friend ^^

Comment by Cupkeeki

this is sweet but you know what…leeteuk should get a fee for advertising this book for the author, because i swear ton of his fans are gonna go out and get it to read it …if they havent already. lol

Comment by Ellie

I Always keep my memories close to me. My memories with Suju oppa will always be with me.
And when i get old, i will smile thinking of it! ^^

Comment by ilovesuju94

me too..i’ll save my memories with suju..
[my heart stop working..]


Comment by lotadiaz

i will go to australia..visit my sister..i will miss ur blog..n miss my suju of course..hope when im comeback full of kyuhyun n hankyung update.byebye..

Comment by lotadiaz

hi there! >.<
i was wondering can i have your permission to take out but with full credit!! i promise..!
i really x1000 want your permission to take out Teukie Oppa’s entries? can i do that? please..T.T

Comment by bLiNg bLiNg

I almost teared when I read
“Grandmother..Grandfather, I miss you so much…
Letting hot tears roll down..I love you…”
His entries are always so warm and all. Makes me smile and yet have the urge to cry…
Knowing Super Junior is definitely one of the most beautiful memory I have.
*Thank for translating!

Comment by SJ-Love

we know u loves us~~~
But we loves u more~~~

Comment by ayen~~~

is there a english version of this book?
only available in Korea??

Comment by Genevievely

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