Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.08
December 8, 2008, 1:21 am
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Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.08 00:11
In the ‘규’s’ folder..

조규현 2008.12.08 00:11

Really hope………….it would snow………………………

Original Source; 조규현 미니홈피
Credits;, OnlySJ13

Kyuhyun’s Minihompy Column Update 2008.12.08

I want a white Christmas u_u


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omg…that just too cute.:)

Comment by bb

omgosh kyu!
u r damn cute!
he love donghae so much!
kyuhae fighting!

Comment by nina

awww.. i feel the same way kyuhyun! i wish for a white Christmas here where i live too. let’s both anticipate for it. btw, its so sweet of you to make your layout snow, i was really happy when i saw it:)

Comment by alice

awww kyuhyun oppa hope you were here with me then. its snowing outside of my window right now.

you so cute ❤

Comment by sarahaira

Donghae and Kyuhyun. I love that pair. Really cute!

Comment by sallysync

Kyuhyun oppa!!
Such a cutie!!
*nose bleed*

Comment by Rie_alwaySuju

OMG,I wish I could feel the snow here..

Comment by agassi_

OMG,I wish I could feel the snow here..

(here with all sj members,kekeke..^)

Comment by agassi_

Me too!

Comment by koncettina

OMG Kyuhae-my love ♥♥♥
Why does oppa look so skinny like that TT_TT
He is getting thinner and thinner TT_TT
hope by Christmas oppa will have come back to Korea to have Christmas with family and other members..
Thanks for translating
I’ll translate this into Vietnamese

Comment by linh

I want a white christmas too!!! but it will nvr snow here…D:
And your layout goes well with snow! 😀
*Thank you for translating the entries!!! :3

Comment by SJ-Love

Yeah, me too! It will never snow in my country. its only raining and cold! ^^
I Wish one day it will snow!
I Want to have christmas with all the suju members! ((:

Comment by Syahiiroh

The Magnae cutenes!!!

I want to have a white christmas too!! Too bad it will not happen here…
My korean friends said that it snowed there 2 days ago…but not enough to make a snowman…lol^^

Comment by yan

i hope all the boys could celebrate christmas with their family n frens!!

Comment by Caramel

White Chrismas i want to experience that too*sob sob*
but my country only got 2 seasons
must flew to snowy countries esp to korea ^_^v just to feel white chrismas~

Comment by Parahnoia

Lol, Kyu looks so cute & young In the first pic…. like a disappointed little child X3.

Even though am not really looking forward to it snowing where I live I hope it will snow where he is….

Comment by fatalblue

dear God, plz give him snow~

Comment by steffi

ohhhhh why why KyuHae , not right now hahah

i wish for snow too >__<

Comment by Peach

kyuhyun oppa, come over and help me shovel the snow.

soo adorable KyuHae.

Comment by lhene

kyuhyun oppa hwating! ❤

Comment by Meguchi

hope that too.. T.T

Comment by mei an

love suju love MIN-KYU MIN

Comment by min min

kyuhyun is so cute

Comment by kyutekyuhyun

oh~oh!~ kyu oppa! So cute^.^:D:D

Comment by hannah

luv min-kyu

Comment by hannah

oppa….u so cute!!!!
u look like a baby….
so damn cute!!

Comment by Anonymous

ah!kyuhyun looks cool.cute~

Comment by amanda

how i wish to meet my kyuhyun..
he is so adorable, gorgeous looking man,..
really find him very smexy!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by mona de los santos

kyu hyun….
my dream boy …
if only i could find the right word to show how i admire him…..maybe there is no words to find but he is near perfect!!

sarangheayu kyuhyun!

Comment by mona de los santos

ohh my gosh:]
you are so cute kyu
love the way you say”WAITER” its comes handy:)laugh out loud by the way love you voice
JIAO YOU SJM wish you all the best in 2009


5555+-_-” 5555+^_^

Comment by ao

Kyuhyun ur sooo adorable,you should eat more often,look your so skinny,but i love you no matter what.haha.^_______^

Comment by eihnjeil

kyuhyun…the most cutest things ever…you look so cuutteeeee more than ever…..

Comment by prince_kyumine

Cuuute&Kawaii :3

Comment by Gisele

kyuhae is my love…

Comment by kyukira

aaahhh!! cute!!! puppy face!!! XDDDD

Comment by syima

annyeong Oppa…
I’m from Indonesia,nice too meet you…
umh…when you come to Indonesia? I’m waiting you in here…

Comment by Shin Soo Rim

oppa….i love you

Comment by phita


Comment by tijaa

seru nich
nikmati salju di korea

Comment by yoonara

luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….

Comment by shaira mae

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