Donghae’s Chinese Cyworld Entry 2008.12.07
December 7, 2008, 9:45 pm
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Donghae’s Chinese Cyworld Entry 2008.12.07 13:52

wo shi dong hae^^3 / I am Dong Hae ^^3

Date: 2008-12-07
Mood: Weather:
Hello I am Donghae^^

All those E.L.F. who came to the Super Junior M fan meeting yesterday!!^^

my beloved darlings!!^^

I am very thankful^^

Thank you very very much!

Yesterday was spent very happily!!

It’ll be good if the next fan meeting comes quickly!^^

I miss you all!! I miss you all a lot!!ㅎㅎ

It’s very cold now you all must wear more clothes!!^^

Don’t catch a cold!!

You all are my everything!!^^

I love you all!!^^

N.B in italics: those he wrote in Pinyin
in normal text: those he wrote in Korean

Original Source; 东海的小窝
Credits; OnlySJ13

I must say, Hae’s Mandarin has improved a lot!!! ^-^* Way to go Hae! 加油~


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donghae is LOVE… <3333333
too bad i couldn’t go there..china was tooooo far away from my house..TT

thank you for the are sooooo kind ^^…………….

Comment by alwaysuju

thanks for the translation!

donghae ah~ we are your darlings and you r our no.1 darling…

[wish that he says that in person~]

Comment by cinderziera

OMG!! Fishy’s mandarin really improved alot! he wroe quite a bit in pinyin! Im so proud of him! hwaiting!

Comment by SJ-Love

He Just called us his darlings! ^^
DongHae’s our darling too! 😀
He’s so cute!

Comment by Syahiiroh

wowww his chinese has improved a lot indeed!!
way to go oppa~~!!
anyways, can anyone share with me oppa’s chinese cyworld? thanks ^^

Comment by helena_pratiwi


so sweet of him calling to call the fans “beloved darling” *melting*
we wouldn’t mind, are we? lol!

How I wish I could be there T_T

Wo Ai Ni fishy!! Jia You!

Comment by yan

aaahhh, i wish i could see them, maby donghae would love me 2 then :(, 😀 Hes just too sweet ^^
Ty so much for all those translations :3

Comment by katie

Dong Hae oppa, I love you!!!!!!!!!
You are my everything
merry christmas :X

Comment by Vu Mai Anh


Comment by trang

Oppa, ,
aja” fightin’. . .!
Keep your healthy, ,
eat much oppaa. . .
^0^dun be sick, , ,

Comment by Haerie_donghaesarang_muach

hope all of you seven members dont get sick:)and always continue to compose and sing:][donghae you are our number one darling too:]i love you SJM


Read Donghae oppa cyworld update make me feel happy.
He is very kind !
Gya” ..
I wish i can come to china to ..
I Will start to collect money for they other tour show .
Keep your healty.
i will keep my healty to .
eat properly, and sleep enough ~
Saranghae yongwoni ~

Comment by SuJu Oppa Saranghae !!

i went to his cyworld, but unfortunately you have to register to comment right? how come i cant register? anyway i also cant really tell which is his own post, its all in hanggul 😦

Comment by sirae

🙂 Wish u happiness!
@ May I love ur soul, Mr. Fish?

Comment by punbutter

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