Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.06 (II)
December 6, 2008, 4:42 pm
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김희철 2008.12.06 15:39

Bap* currently on a date

N.B* Bap = B.O.B (Band of Brothers)

Original Source; 김희철 미니홈피
Credits; LoveChul


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Hope you’re a bit happier!

Comment by SapphireBlood

whoa..that girl was sooo lucky..i heard that she got a dating with kangin oppa??sooo jealous…
but four of them are sooo wonderful and heechul oppa’s hair seems so soft..i want to touch it..kyaaaa…

Comment by rie_alwaysuju

Jealous jealous HAHA Xp

Comment by yinghui

those 4 looks so cute! ^^

i love these heechul cy spam! lol. ^____^

Comment by yan

urghhh~ heechul is so funny in B.O.B
i wish i can be the girl~


Comment by cinderziera

ah i want to be that girl TT_TT
heechul oppa looks so cute in that picture ^^
hope kang in oppa and that girl won’t fall in love otherwise we will lose all chances =)) =))
Thanks so much for your translation
And Can I translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

i cant wait to see the second episode of bob !

Comment by yin

heechul looks like an excited child to have a date. i heard that the other three KIMs want to have the same

Comment by garfieldjm

hope kangteuk will be happy on the date
ELF does NOT mind, oppa^^

Comment by EternalELF

Kangin have a date with that girl right? hahaha. the other Km brothers want it too!!!
And Heechul looks likean excited little boy in the pic. wakakakaka.

Comment by SJ-Love

heEChuL OpPA..

u R The 1 in mY HEaRt…

I luPh u,


i waNt 2 b The gIrL Who cAN DAte w’ u..

I hoPE..


Comment by MiZz naRu_CHuLie

That girl is lo lucky
but the one I really want to date is HEE CHUL OPPA
I don’t know when my dreams will come true ^^
Keep trying always ^^v

Comment by Lichul

waaa the girl is so lucky -____-
who’s the boy drinking in the picture?
is that kyuhyun? oooooaaaahh??

Comment by komanecho

T.T y…?? how could u do tis to me..? XD tat girl is so lucky!!

Comment by Caramel

kang in shy~ shy~

Comment by Parahnoia

HeeChul and KangIn look super duper happy in this show , but why i am TT^TT

Comment by Peach

*fangirl jealousy*

Comment by rawrcarebear

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