Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.05
December 6, 2008, 3:35 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.05 04:33

..Super Junior..
박정수 2008.12.05 04:33

13 members..and Zhou Mi Henry…

Are all very distinctive friends…

Always be healthy..and happy…^^

Original Source; 박정수 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13
The comments make me sad. (;_・)


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how come no one posted a comment??? <_<
but this made me smile! ONE LOVE!

Comment by 16candl3s

@ 16candl3s:

Comment by ilovejr

errr, why the comments made you sad?
i don’t understand korean, so even after i tried to open his cyworld, i still don’t understand the ELFs’ comments on his hompi..

Comment by lunecute

I can’t believe he found this pic!

Comment by SapphireBlood’s such a cute pic!!!
no.1 raccoon handsome guy??funny funny funny…
heechul oppa with his mirror..^^
and i can see kibum!!!^^
but who’s the cry guy one??
and where’s zhou mi??

thank you sooo much for translate!!!^^

Comment by rie_alwaysuju

cute!! ^^
i love the fish! lol!

Comment by yan

i see henry .. but where’s zhou mi ?
AND WHY does the comments make u sad ? ._.

Comment by yin

ahh, i love him for this!!
pro15 <333

this is really a nice and lovely entry! ^-^

thank you teukie

(he is almost against only13.. sorry, but i have to say this once ûu)

thank you for the translation ^-^

Comment by Carmen

wow thats so cool i see this pic and i know the one who drew it she can be found at deviantart with more of her work

Comment by candy

i need to somehow let him know that ELF supports only13, but we do not hate henry or zhou mi.

Comment by EternalELF

awww the comments make you sad?

idk how to easen up the mood but


but is leeteuk okay or he really just has blurry eyes? i only count 14 ppl there XD

*goes of to make a fanart with 15 ppl*

Comment by okaeri

…This is them in their second album images…I can see Kyuhyun saying “I’m finally back”, Han Geng saying “Why, why KBS, SBS”(I thought it was in MBC and MNet that he can’t appear in?), Eunhyuk doing the Kiss Sukira kiss and the rest…everyone’s looking good.

Comment by megane

Aww… *huggles Teukie*
I dun think he is almost agaisnt only13 la…Maybe he just hope Only13 ELFs could be nicer to Henry and ZM? cos in fact, i dun think they have any say in the arrangement of members and all for SJ. LSM shuo le suan.
*Thank you once again! and why does the comments make u sad? *hugs*

Comment by SJ-Love

i think SUJU are neither against only 13 or not but since they promised E.L.F that they will always be on E.L.F’s side so they don’t have a choice. but Zhoumi and Henry are their friends so they know what Henry and Zhoumi feel whenever they are being bashed by E.L.F, shouting only 13 whenever they preform i think its soo inhumane! all anti’s should know how to respect human dignity, if you don’t like the artist don’t bash just don’t give a damn about them at least no one gets hurt!

Comment by kiixiah

by the way i love the drawing super cute!!! soo talented!

Comment by kiixiah

Awwhhhh~~ I wish someone would make a fanart of 15 of them!^^

This one is so cute!

Because Henry and ZhouMi are their friends too,
I’ll also be nice to them…

I respect them as their co-worker in S.M Ent.

Comment by Ren Hargreaves

o yea i saw that pic on devian art i never seem too have had guessed on who is ryeowook or kibum on it

Comment by Maria

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