Yesung’s Cyworld Entries 2008.12.04
December 4, 2008, 11:43 pm
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Yesung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.04 20:42
In the ‘Super J ..’ folder..

김종운 2008.12.04 20:42


3 anniversary Fan meeting ^^

Yesung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.12.04 20:45
In the ‘Love is ..’ folder..

김종운 2008.12.04 20:45

So bored ..

It’s lonely being alone .. I bought a pet which will become my friend..

Is a puppy good or a kitten good ..

It’s agonizing, agonizing…

The land turtle which others do not raise frequently….

It took me much difficulty, much difficulty to find it… But ….

This fella … Doesn’t have much words to say .. Doesn’t move a lot …

It’s name is TtangKkoMa 땅꼬마 .. Male or female, I don’t know ..

It can live for 80~100 years…

If I die first .. Who will take care of you later on …..

Original Source; 김종운 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13


I want Yesung’s turtle to mate with mine XD

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Awww, i will take care of your turtle when u die, but dont worry, u will live at least 100 years old 😀

Comment by katie

Oh…poor lonely yesung oppa.. T_T
where does the other members go?
But he’s sooo cute+smart,,buy pet to kill bored..^^
But,i DON’T like the words ‘if i die first’… x'(
Don’t ever say stuff things like that again oppa!!

~THANKS!! ^^ ~

Comment by Rie_alwaySuju

turtle…that so cute!!!it remind me of my turtle that died after 6 month i take care of it…he must think that it is a lot easier to take care of that puppy or kitty….and the name is so sweet…hahaha
yesung that so different

Comment by nOtxXaXxpRinceSs

He is soooo cute….

Comment by ---

Yesung Oppa, Youre so cute!!! ❤
You bought a turtle? Arghhh, Its so cute!
i would want to touch it! ((:
“If I die first .. Who will take care of you later on …..”
HAHAHAHA! So cute! xD
Give it to me, i’ll take care of TtangKkoMa for you! <3<3<3

Comment by Syahiiroh

they all seem so lonely 😦 fighting!! keep your spirits high oppas!!

Comment by sureyya

Baby Cloud, you are so weird…

[still startled]
[finding it funny anyway]

thx for translating ^^

Comment by LaCrymaMosa

Baby Cloud, you are so weird…

[still startled]
[finding it funny anyway]

thx for translating ^^

Comment by LaCrymaMosa

turtle! so cute, omg. ❤
would a turtle help much with ur boredom though, yesungie? keke. n why are u alone? where r the other members? 😦
i can’t thank u enough for the translation~♥

Comment by artisticvoice

oh geez. yesung is too adorable.:]]

Comment by lovelove

yesung is soo cute XD
him and his turtle ~
and nooo u can’t die T_T …
live as long as ur turle .. or maybe even longer ^^

Comment by yesungieee

HAHAHAHA leave it to Yesung to get a pet turtle, while everyone else had a dog or cat LOL…does anyone know what does his or her name mean? i use to have a red ear slider…but it ran away…

Comment by Ellie

awww he’s so cute…refer to both turtle and yesung oppa xD

Comment by ryeowook_4ever

lol yesung is so cute about his pet turtle:D i will take care of him for you<3

Comment by alice

Wonnie took picture with Sunggie, so cute ^^
Poor Sungie, other members are all busy with their own schedule
Now there are only Sunggie(and Minnie)left TT_TT
Anyways, his turtle looks so gorgeous!
Hope it’ll make him feel less lonely
Thanks for translating
I’ll translate this into Vietnamese^^

Comment by linh

omo are you lonely! yesung shi~~~

Comment by khina

why it’s feel so.. blue?

alone~? right, SJ-M came back to China.. K.R.Y. …

waa~ the turtle soo cute ^^~

the last sentence…cant stop crying…plz dont..

Comment by KimSoRa.13

omg lol a TURTLE, of all things -.-
oh well, I think it suits him anyway XD

Comment by Fion

i will !!!!! so cute ……..

Comment by marianne arevalo

sooo cute…
“It’s name is TtangKkoMa 땅꼬마 .. Male or female, I don’t know ..

It can live for 80~100 years…

If I die first .. Who will take care of you later on …..”

Comment by sapphire13angels

HAHA . he shall take care of you back when ur old dear Yesung ! xDD

Comment by yin

awww i love the pic of him + siwon + shindong! XD
and LOL – a turtle ?
very interesting choice, neh ^^

Comment by elleee

OMO~ yesung so cute..
he’s the same as i am..
prefer turtle as pet rather than cat and dog..
YESUNGIEE~~ become so cute when he write his cyworld.*melts*

Comment by ninonoi

Gah..Siwon looks as hot as ever, SHindong with mushroom head, obviously cute la. Then Yesung, i think he SORT OF looks pretty… :/
A Turtle is a good choice! His last line almost made me cry…Ah, Yesungie! Such a cutie!

Haha, rofl@ your own words at the end.
Thank you!!! This has been a meaningful/interesting entry!

Comment by SJ-Love

yesung’s really cool to have a turtle as a pet.. ahem i have turtle pets too… yipeee at least we have something in common. LOL.

but really if he bought a turtle coz he’s bored won’t he be bored more with it? since it doesn’t really do a lot.

Comment by julie

Kyaaa I used to have a turtle…we had to get rid of him because my momma didn’t want him. I miss him =(

Take care of your turtle for me, Yesungie!

Comment by SapphireBlood

LoL he’s so melancholic isn’t he

Comment by RadEchiZen

I will take care of it!! X3

Comment by Caramel

emo!yesung rises.
omfg a turtle. how CUTE!
TtangKkoMa.. xD
lol @ his last sentence.
you can give me your turtle!!! ;D

Comment by ahwang

so cute…entry is so CUTE
ultimately that was the first thing today that i read and i LOVED IT *KYYYYAAAAA*
sarangheyo yesung^^ keep the entries going plz^^


Comment by Josie Chan


Comment by Tina

Siwon looks so hot in the 1st pic!

LOL.a turtle for a pet? not a bad idea oppa. I wonder if the turtle also staying in the SJ dorm…hahah..
but a what a cute turtle it is! ^^

Comment by yan

wa~~~i had a turtle cute he bought juz to kill his bored..poor our oppa everyday BORED!! BORED !! BORED!!
come to me..always by ur side..

Comment by lotadiaz

no oppa!
you WILL live for 100 years!
ahaha because you’ll still have us EVERLASTING FRIENDS
no? very cute

Comment by EternalELF

AWW.yesung oppa,you’re sooo CUTE<3
you’ll live to be more than 100 years old i promise you(;
and if you die then i’ll take of you precious turtle.and make sure he lives healthy and a happy life.

Comment by baoluvsuju

awww… so cute of yehsung! really! so adorable! hahaha.. first time commenting and its really nice of you posting things bout super junior! thank you for that!

Comment by norae

huwaa youre so cute yeseong oppa ^^

Comment by popoy

you’re so funny..haha..cute!!well it’s better than having a hamster who would just bite his cage the whole day keep on jumping of the table and try to’s really annoying..

but a silent turtle for a noisy yesung..seems to be bad match..
we’ll take care of TtangKkoma even when u’r still alive!!don’t worry u’ll have a long life!!haha..


Comment by yslovesred

Ah, poor Yesungie~~ He must be so lonely…

But the turtle, it’s so cute X3
Haha, don’t worry, we would take care of TtangKkoma even now~

But never say the words “if I die” again! Don’t think like that! Think of everyone you will make sad when they find out you are thinking like that, oppa!

I know I would be T____T

Comment by mochistar

I asked my Korean friend what “TtangKkoMa” means, but he read it wrong and thought it was, “Peanut Flavoured.” rofl. I think Yesung should call his turtle Peanut Flavoured. It even has its own shell! Badam’ch.

Comment by Aste/Sen

Awww Yesungie ❤ If you die before your turtle I will take care of it~ But since you won't be gone for a very long time, you will have plenty of time to look after your turtle ^_^ Fighting! Saranghaeyo 🙂

Comment by Mandy

poor yesung u must be soo bored right now

Comment by Maria

yesung oppa is so cute 4ever! don’t worry, you and your pet will not be abandoned! yesung oppa, saranghae!

Comment by JAM

A guinea pig is good…
bought a turtle who’ll live for 80-100 years?
omo.. hahaha…

Comment by Tamie

YeSung, I believe this turtle of yours will take care of itself. Don’t worry ya.. The last sentence of yours really sad. Be be happy ok =)

Comment by Eileen


Comment by Eileen

“If I die first .. Who will take care of you later on …..”

LOL @ Yesung!haha.
He is being so dramatic.


Comment by ria

— “If I Die First… Who will take care of you later on…..”

lols.Don’t worry to much Yesungie, don’t think about death XD!!! and, Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your turtle,Ttangkkoma. I’m a pet lover myself. i have lots of pets (Kitty,Dog,hamstr,fishy,bunny)haha. :)))

Comment by Eunsung

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