Boys in City Season 2: Tokyo Promo Vid with English Subs
December 3, 2008, 3:52 am
Filed under: Subbed Shows (Eng), Super Junior

Now with subs~

Did this in closed captions and realized it was so much more troublesome. But I was too lazy to convert the video to hardsub it anyway XD

Ahhh~ It has been long since we saw 13.. T.T

yt has changed some settings again.. It seems like the &fmt=18 trick works now.. Hmmm.. Go to the website to watch in HQ~ So the font won’t look so squashed, lol.


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aww x3
thank you very much for this ^-^
it’s so good to see them all together again ❤
and i like the pout which yesungie makes XD
and heechul doesn’t do the hand sign, both times oO’

ah.. after watching it the third time i realized he did the V-sign for the end, but really short and so oO’
hm, maybe i wasn’t in that good mood that day or sumthing like this?!

Comment by Carmen

yeah all 13!!! can’t wait for 3Jib …well see them all together again

Comment by kiixiah

waaaaaaaa…..thank you very very very very very muchoooo….<33333333333333
kyaaaaaaaa……..i can see KIBUM!!!!!!!
everyone in thirteen seem sooo fabulous hereee…
i miss him morrreeee than anything!!!!!!!!

Comment by ari_sujuaddict

Oh I want to watch it~ but I tried clicking on the cc button, and it didn’t work at all D: I tried my IE, Firefox, and Chrome browser ><

Comment by Amy


Comment by geth

heechul is such a rebel! XD he just simply refuses to follow the group when they do their “we are super juni~or” hand gesture.

Comment by mui_gei_tal

hangeng is so cutee~~
*hangeng biased*
thxx for uploading this. ^

Comment by geng^^geng

thank you so much for this. (watching it)

Comment by love~eastsea~

yesung’s so hot ❤

Comment by fgfdgdfjk

woa! Ryeowook’s hair rocks! suits him so much! He getting more handsome/manly now. Gotta love him!

Cant wait for their album!! (:

Comment by SUJU lover

Thank you! I teared w/o myself realising..i dun even know why…
Probably I really really miss all 13 tgt.We all do, right?
Thanks so so so so so much! Im glad i ordered it! The main reason i ordered it even when i had not a single dollar on me was because, its 13. ❤

Comment by SJ-Love

im so happy to see all 13 of them again!! *0* but wats wrong with heenim?? 😦

Comment by Caramel

aww heechul!
i love wookie’s hair ;D
i love em all!!!~

Comment by ahwang

..LOVE theM aLL!
sOoo COOL, & handsOme!
They LoOk thin..
Been PhySicaLLy fit..(?)
But anywayS,I can’t see the suBs..

Comment by wiLLow439

hello everyone!!!!!!
I’m Linh!I’m from Vietnam!!
Nice too meet you!!!
pm for me

Comment by ti_vietnam_sj13

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