SJ-M iFensi Messages 2008.11.30

WOW. All 7 of them left messages!! ^-^

HanGeng – Hi everyone, I am Han Geng

Hi everyone, I am Han Geng. iFensi’s first fan meeting will be held in Beijing soon, we will be able to meet everyone again hehe.
Thank you all for your support during this period of time when we’re in China having our activities. So this time we would very much like to prepare a radiant stage to show you all, and I also hope everyone can come, to spend a happy and unforgettable night with us, we will anticipate your arrival.
The weather is starting to get cold, everyone must remember to wear more clothes, don’t catch a cold hehe~~!
I love you all!

ZhouMi – Hi everyone~ I am Zhou Mi

Hi everyone,
I am Zhou Mi, we will meet everyone on Dec 6, this will be the first time we’re holding a fan meeting in Beijing, I’m anticipating it! I’m also very nervous.. Hehe, don’t know if everyone will come down on that day? We are practising seriously* for our gathering with everyone!^^

The weather has been really cold in Beijing recently, everyone please take care of your bodies.. Be careful not to catch a cold!
We’ll meet then!


*typo error

Henry – Hi everyone! I am Henry~!

Hi everyone! I am Henry~!
How’s everyone recently? Good?
Thank you all for supporting Super Junior-M a lot, and for continuously worrying about me…
I will work even harder to give you all a better stage.
I love you all~!
Thank you~!

Siwon wrote it half in Korean and half in Chinese, so Gaia and I did this together.. ^^ He puts it weirdly though.. Like the ‘afterwards’ xD Lol. So adorable!

Siwon – ^_^

Hi everyone, I am Siwon。
Long time no see~
As many of you know I am here in China now to create beautiful memories together with you to remember nicely.
I hope to see everyone as quickly as possible,
please pay attention to your body, afterwards be careful not to catch a cold!
Everyone if you hurt I hurt too
I think of you all everyday, and I always miss you more.I love you all!

I got a little woozy and dizzy because of some Kyumi at the iFensi (read below) to translate the rest, so I’m using Gaia’s translations.. xD Please credit her if taking out~

Kyuhyun – Hi~!

Dear Fans, hello~!
Now the iFensi fanmeeting is drawing closer~!
It’s so good to be able to have time to spend with all you fans in a long time.
December 6! I hope we can spend a happy time together!
And this time isn’t the only one…in the future we will still get more chances to spend time together,
Don’t worry and please wait~!
We’ll see you soon~!♡
See you later~

Donghae – Hi everyone! I am Dong Hae

To. iFensi fans
Hello, I am Dong Hai.^^
Finally Super Junior-M and all fans,so December 6 is the date for the two of us together,
I’m anticipating it so so much,
I’ll prepare hard as to be able to deliver a wonderful gift to all the fans who have been waiting a lot!
If you wait a bit more we can meet so hold on just a bit~^^
Since it’s cold please beware of colds~^^
I love you all~! Thank you~!

Ryeowook – hi~I am Ryeowook~!

Hello everyone. I am Super Junior-M Ryeowook.
The cold Winter came… but I hope you spend a warm Winter along with Super Junior-M,
I’m always happy to have you in my thoughts. I love you~^^

Take care of your health, please beware of colds~
Take care of your body, don’t get cold, I love you all~!
iFensi fans♡ Super Junior-M

Original Source; Super Junior M iFensi
Credits; (Kyuhyun&Donghae&Ryeowook&Siwon’s)
If taking out please credit those I did to and those that Gaia did as mentioned! 😉


Some QMi to share.. There’s this corner in the iFensi forum where V.I.P. members can post messages to our boys.. And they’ll go there to read, and if you’re lucky they’ll leave replies. So far, Mi, Henry and Siwon have replied but both Henry and Siwon replied under Mi’s account.. xD

So this girl asked Kyuhyun:
Kyuhyun ah, that black little bag has been showing up a lot
Can you tell me what’s inside? Books? PSP? What else is in there~
and I also want to say, you’re so cute when you carry a backpack. You look like a little student~ hehe

BUT, Mi replied on behalf of Kyuhyun:
He said: MP3, and his laptop, wallet, that’s about all. Hehe

The ‘He said‘ just made me smile so much ♥ Hello Mr Spokesman! *_*


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Super Junior-M HWAITING!

Comment by affey

lol.. cute cutee… i love the last part.. “He said”.. so zhoumi should just reply for all the boys.. eiei.. translator work!

Comment by natngnear

“Everyone if you hurt I hurt too
I think of you all everyday, and I always miss you more.”
– reading what siwon’s wrote really makes my day.. ^^

Comment by ninonoi

Ahhh,they all are sooo cute!!

Yea,me too,the last part just make me smileee..
I never thought that Mi can do such a cute thing before..
And for kyu,he must be played game on his laptop,,hhe..

Lovvee them all!!!

Thanks for the translating,, ^^

Comment by Northern_suju

and where is it? i wanna see..
i’ll be in beijing on the 6th..

Comment by sjblue

XD QMi love! It’s starting to grow on me *-* Okok I know I said that I hated disliked the pairing like months ago but.. that was the past 😀


And lol I didnt comment on the ifensi msgs XD

Comment by okaeri

lol zhoumi is so cute at the last part 😀

Comment by ilyc

thz for translating ^^~

haha ~ lov the part “he said” ~ transmitter :”X

they must be closed to each other >x<

Comment by KimSoRa.13

the last part~

Comment by sarakieur

that’s really cute!~

Comment by yan

I wanna join them
but cannot TT
Siwonshii is so cute
he gonna kill me with ‘if you hurt, i hurt too’ O_O

Comment by Sky of My East Sea

Ahahaha! KYUMI! <3(i prefer KyuMin though XD)
Wow, thats alot of replies…
Keke, Siwon always tries his best to speak in Mandarin, then after awhile when he’s stuck, he switch back to Korean. Haha so cute. I guess he’s like that when writing too! XD
I just felt liuke squishing all of them now! :3
*Thank you and Gaia for translating! is open? I can’t seem to access it except for the front page that introduces and Gaia and Alice. ^^

Comment by SJ-Love

aww.. too cute ><..

nice to see them all leave some message on websites!

Translated ! Thanks! ^^

Comment by CloudP.

haha..’he said’~~zhaumi so QMI now~~hahahah..cute couple..i know kyuhyun have a good relationship with zhaumi..zhaumi’s 20 rite?same with kyuhyun..

siwon~make me bleeding~~[Everyone if you hurt I hurt too~~I think of you all everyday, and I always miss you more.I love you all!]..more fall inlove with him..

suju hwaiting~~
suju m hwaiting~~

ps:oh i dont know u hv a good relationship with GAIA..thank 4 translation

Comment by lotadiaz

i promise i’ll take care of my self so oppas won’t have to worry. lolz wish u guys will have a best fan meeting that never have been held in beijing ^^. eventho i won’t be there =( i’m still rooting for u guys <33333 sjm fightingggggg ps:if the weather turns cold plz take care of urselfs !!!

Comment by nemolovely2002

ehehehehe soooo cute !!! when they said “Dec. 6” I was like, “Holy s*** that’s tomorrow!!! :O” haha. Too bad I live in Canada and can’t go see them 😦 lmao. but yea, suju m fighting!!!

Comment by Mandy

donghae i love you so much i want you say : my hang ilove you . Can I???? I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU

Comment by lovehae

i wanna join can i join?
what’s the website?
how can i leave them comments?

Comment by sweetpotato

why almost of u leave a comment 4 my fishie??
(Really irritating)
hahah, ,
juzt kiddin’, ,
well, ,that meanin’ fishie iz really a kid of pure n innocent, ,
kyaaa, ,lolz^0^

Comment by Haerie_donghaesarang_muach

Oppaa, ,
hope your fans meeting being lot of fun, ,
really sad coz i can’t be able to coming, ,
indonesia so far from china, , ,
keep healthy oppaa. . .

Comment by Haerie_donghaesarang_muach

,…hi suju-M really love your song “ME”,hope you’ll visit us here in the philippines,haha,take care!!!

Comment by nhel anne

Hi!Superjunior, I am your fun. Do you talk to your fun often? If you talk, I will be happy.

Comment by waimiezin

HEnry is cute!♥♥♥

Comment by momo

how I wish I could join the to chat with them/…hikssss

Comment by meryyuna

Woooooooow Photos Coooool Thank You Bye

Comment by Yesung

i love superjunior very very very very very very very very very very much that i wish to see them oneday they are the best !!!!!!!

Comment by lailan

superjunior please answer me

Comment by lailan

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