Heechul’s Cyworld Updates 2008.11.30
November 30, 2008, 10:14 pm
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3 entries today~ Plus he updated his storyroom..^^

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.30 19:32
In the ‘澈’ folder..

댄 스 퍼 레 이 드/Dance Parade
신데렐라 2008.11.30 19:32


No matter how I look at it, I don’t know what dance we’re dancing to^-^

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.30 19:29
In the 1st ‘天’ folder..

밥/Bap (Rice)
신데렐라 2008.11.30 19:29

Band Of Brothers = B.O.B = 밥 (Bap)

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.30 19:26
In the 2nd ‘天’ folder..

삼 단 합 체 김 희 철/Three Bodies United: Kim Heechul
신데렐라 2008.11.30 19:26

Hairstyle from ‘Miracle’

Look (in the eyes) from ‘Don’t Don’

Clothing from ‘Rokkugo’

(And) My sunflower in front on my chest

Heechul’s Storyroom Update

天上天下 希澈獨尊 / Heavens Above, Heaven Below Heechul Reveres

獨不將軍 / Maverick

眼下無人/ Nobody Within My Vision (?)*

天才 / Genius

冷 / Cold

N.B* It sounds pretty weird in English.. So I’m not really sure how to translate it xD But he’s being ‘haughty’ by saying there’s no one better than him.

Credits; LoveChul
Original Source; 신데렐라 미니홈피


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omo i remember that tights they’re wearing so cute while dancing!!!!!!! and the rest look so hot!!!!!!!!! Heechul oppa saranghe!!!!

Comment by marianne arevalo

WOW! Such a long entry(or rather update).
Hanchul Tell Me! :3
Heechul looks cute in Rokkugo outfit. hahaha.
I read the original chinese one beside your translations, haha. HAUGHTY EGO HEECHUL! ❤
…xi che du zun

yan xia wu ren! kekeke XD
Oh our heechul <333333
*thank you so much for translating!!

Comment by SJ-Love

Arghhhhh His second last picture is so cute! ^^
Hes Hot!!!

Comment by Syahiiroh

woah.. the cut from EHB where he danced ‘tell me’ from wonder girls.. hahaha.. miss those days..

eek! we have the same flower.. but mine was pink..

totally love heechul! argh! 😀

Comment by icepluscoffee

‘tell me’ dance haha~
heenim oppa is ❤

Comment by Min Jee 이민지




Comment by Aliah

i love his updates 😀 cheers me up all the time! haha…the heavy eyelinder + massive sunflower look is so funny XD 眼下無人…mr. attitude XD

Comment by mui_gei_tal

first, his best bu
second, his KIM brothers

Comment by garfieldjm

and third & fourth , FULL of HIMSELF. .
lol, he is missing hangeng again…

Comment by garfieldjm

the second pic!~~~~~~~~wheeeeeee

Comment by sarakieur

hankyung always happy when he dance tell me and heenim always worry haha

Comment by khina

haha tell me dance..^^
hanchul looks so weird =)) =))
but they’re still very cute 🙂
ahhhh heenim’s lips are so sexy TT_TT
Thanks so much for translating
I’ll translate it into Vietnamese^^

Comment by linh

lol i remembered watching the tell me dance from EHB…
hanchul looks so cute in those tights^^
heechul is HOT!

Comment by ilyc

waah! tell me dance with cute..

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥


akhirnya idola temen gw kembali gila seperti sedia kala…


Comment by renren

omo!! this is reaaaalllllyyy good!! a bunch of heenim updates!! He muct not be that busy this days for posting all this things up! ^^

Isn’t it obvioulsy the tell me dance?lol.
and all those pictures up are so darn hot!!

no one better than him it is….^^

Comment by yan


heenim is copy yesung
he post the picture and wrote a short sentense to explain it^^

anyway the picture of hanchul is really cute.

Thank you for translation

would you mind if i tranlated it to Thai
Thank you very much

Comment by swe3tless

Wow! Nice ‘dance parade’!
HanHee couple!! ><

Thanks! Translated!

Comment by CloudP.

❤ ❤ ❤ Heechul~ Heechul~
Never fail to amused me with he’s bubbly characteristic~!

Comment by Parahnoia

waaaa, i almost have the same flower that he has, only the face is colored orange. lol.

he looks cute at the last pic

Comment by mirika02

OMMG did heechul dye his hair in the second pic>?
he looks HOTT~

Comment by Dina S.

..Is HeeChuL stiLL sMokes?
I thOught he aLreaDy quit sMoking…
Hope he wiLL..
‘cOz I dOn’t want hiM tO be siCk..

Comment by wiLLow439

wow! nice nice:D:D

Comment by lukiz

wah heechul is sooo silly! I remember when he was doing the tell me in those shoes and tights!

Comment by Nepurr

天上天下 希澈獨尊 / heechul rules the universe

眼下無人/ regarding nobody but myself

haha does this sound more comprehendable? xD

heechul’s so funny! ;D

(thanks for translating al these by the way!)

Comment by KT_JINGLE

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