Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.29 (II)
November 29, 2008, 11:44 pm
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Looks like our magnae’s on a entry-posting spree~ This entry.. Was pretty hard, since I’m no soccer fan xD So getting the names right was a little difficult.. But >.< ah so cute! ♥

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.29 21:54
In the ‘ㅋㅋㅋㅋ’ folder..

축구선수에게 부러운것?/Places Where People Envy of Soccer Players?
조규현 2008.11.29 21:54


Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 조규현 미니홈피
Please do not take out!


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Wow, KyuHyun oppa really like soccer uh… xD
So CutE!!! ❤

Comment by Syahiiroh

ahaha XD
a few brazilians players XD
“kaka looks” *lol*

Comment by ryoko

I dun get any of the stuff cos i dun watch soccer except for fifa world cup. :/
but anyways it still made me happy!
*Thank you! It must have been hard for you since you dun really know the soccer players name well too. Thank you so much for the previous Kyuhyun and Hangeng’s update too! and you have to edit the whole image for the words also! Thank you! *bows*

Comment by SJ-Love

my Kyu not only like games but also like football very much (yeah We have this hobby in common!)
But you should add Van Persi for his shoot!
and Frank Lampard for his skill
Roy Keane is a great captain, too^^(I’m very sad that he left MU TT_TT)
Yeah my C.Ronaldo is really good at dribbling!
(one of my favorite palyer^^)
Thanks so so much for translating and posting!
You’re really very hard-working, ilovejr^^

Comment by linh

thanks so much!our baby kyu is a certified football fan=)i think he’s still following football even if he’s in china right now..the players that he mentioned are all great..they are considered legends..since you’re not a football fan,i’ll let you know about some of the moment david beckham is the most famous of them 23,cristiano ronaldo’s popularity is rising and he is now considered as the world’s best because of his talents and looks..maybe kyu is a manchester united fan because park ji sung(a korean player) plays there..manchester united is a football club in is the world’s richest and most famous football club..kyu also included a lot of manchester united old and current players like cristiano ronaldo, ryan giggs, david beckham, ruud van nistelrooy and roy keane..he’s such a’s nice to know that we’re both man utd enthusiasts..=)

Comment by crystal

@ SJ-Love:
It took a little longer than usual.. But *cracks up* Magnae’s just too creative xD

@ linh:
Wow.. I’m so amazed at your soccer knowledge. I only know the more famous ones.. :^D & Zidane’s my favourite~~

You’re welcome ♥

Comment by ilovejr

He’s such a huge soccer fan!!! Fredrik Ljungberg and David Bechkam are the only soccer stars I know.. But I’m familiar with some of those coz my officemate is a huge soccer fan…^^

really thanks for sharing!

Comment by yan

wuoaow..kyu oppa likes football??yaaaayyy..i’m sooo happy because i love football too..esp there’s my fav football player!!gerrard, becks, and lamps!!!
kyaaaa… i love him even moreee and moreee and moreee… <33333333333

Comment by northern_suju

wait..there’s no lampard..oh, but i hoped too..
anyway..there’s still my gerrard+becks on it..^^
ahhhh..kyu oppa..*faints*

Comment by northern_suju




Comment by Aliah

as a huge football fan (well, i’m brasilian, football is our thing haha) i LOL-ed so hard at that!
and you got the names right, dont worry haha XD

Comment by Fefa

what does karl svenssons lover mean? Omggggg swediishhh or what. Fredrik Ljungbers “thing” haha

Comment by loo

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