Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entries 2008.11.29
November 29, 2008, 8:54 pm
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Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entries 2008.11.29 15:08
In the ‘K。Story’ folder..

이적의 음악공간../Lee Jeok’s Music Space..
조규현 2008.11.29 15:08

Secretly, secretly took a look at the photos E.L.F uploaded. I’m a man who saves the photo if he’s satisfied with it.

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.29 15:03
In the ‘규’s’ folder..

규현 과거사진/Kyuhyun’s Past Photograph
조규현 2008.11.29 15:03

Kyuhyun’s past photograph, large haemorrhage, large display………..


It seems like this was taken in the 3rd year of senior high school, but I hope not……

When I was in my 3rd senior year, I didn’t study, and I couldn’t get my spirits up

Puk! I fell into this ‘Thousand Years’ game……….

Ah, you don’t even need to say, naturally I’d study and play ‘Macro’, an illegal game

Even if I didn’t play, I knew myself that I’d do well ^^

I established a record in the server as the 3rd postion!!!

………….I sold it after the college entrance exams, why did I have to do that in my 3rd senior year…….ㅠㅠ

Everyone, please study hard when you’re in your 3rd senior year……………

Credits; OnlySJ13, Gyuhyun Family
Original Source; 조규현 미니홈피
Please do not take out!



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lol gamekyu ♥

Comment by okaeri

WAHAHA so cute! asking everybody to study hard~~


kyu and heechul are such gamers. ❤

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

>//< how can gamkyu entrance to the most popular university in Korea?? Excellent haha.
playing game all da time

Comment by Sky of My East Sea

hehe kyu oppa is always so cute <3~

Comment by Min Jee 이민지

feel sad that can’t spread it out to the others..

anyway, XD.. just like ‘yesterday once more’ he was thinking about when he was ‘gamekyu’ !!

and for now he’s very like Changmin (TVXQ) in the last paragraph! Try to make (forced) everyone to study hard!

Thanks for the translation!

Comment by CloudP.

haha. kyu n his game-obsess.

Comment by donghaefan

haha, the first entry. why is he so cute. and encouraging everyone to study hard, drawing from his past experience. ^___^ *feels encouraged, even though i am not in 3rd senior year*

Comment by artisticvoice

Haha GameKyu ah!
He saves photos that ELFs uploaded!
That made me happy! I’ll study hard!Even if im not in 3rd senior year!

Comment by SJ-Love

my Kyu is so cute
OMG Kyu!!!!!!!!!!!!
You’re really obsessed by game 😐 😐
My Kyu didn’t need to study much because my Kyu is a genius ^^
Thanks so much for your translation^^

Comment by linh

I’m in my 3rd senior year
and I will study hard oppa
like what you said..>.<

Comment by mei an

kyu is game and game is kyu. lol. ^^

Comment by yan

ahhh..gamekyu..^^soooo damn cute!!
as i’m in the 3rd grade now..i’ll follow your rules kyu oppa..hehehe..

thanks so much for translation^^

Comment by northern_suju


Comment by sallysync

“I’m a man who saves the photo if he’s satisfied with it”

LOL cute =] I like how he says that he secrety looks at ELFs photos =]

Thanks for sharing!

Comment by JAYmayy

gamekyu is so cute 😀
asking everyone to study hard^^
he’s a genius!

Comment by ilyc

What timing. I’m in the middle of my final year exams right now. T___T *disappears to study hard for the week’s exams*

Comment by kvhc

Don’t worry Kyunnie i understand you~
I myself play’s MMORPG.. *i also used macro*
hehehe 😛

Comment by Parahnoia

Don’t worry kyunnie i understand you~
I myself play’s online games too 😛 *uses macro also*

Comment by Parahnoia

i will study hard bcoz of u..maybe i’ll playing game bcoz of u too..kyuhyun oppa genius at math..i’ll study math~~

kyuhyun genius~~
kyuhyun game~~
kyuhyun handsome~~~
kyuhyun hwaiting~~~

Comment by lotadiaz

oopa didn’t get the nick name gamekyu from no where. there had to be a reason for that and now i know y. lolz. but still he looks so intelligece to me <33333333

Comment by nemolovely2002

LOL.. Im so jealous of Kyuhyunnie.. He is smart and yet so good in game.. I am good in game. but not so well in study.. My most hatred subject? Math.. Once im in front of computer, lol.. I cant get off from my seat.. I wish i can be like Kyuhyun who can study and play game at the same time..

Comment by carolyn4eva

saranghaeyo kyu oppa!!~~
i’ll study hard!!!~~^_^

Comment by meHEARTsuju

hello!!!!!!!!!! Iam from Vietnam
I love super junior
I wish super junior would visit to Vietnam

Comment by quỳnh anh

kyuhyun…i love you

Comment by nh0c_kute

Kyu 0ppa, d0nt w0rry…..I’ll study hard f0r the nati0nal exam!
Well, kyu 0ppa, why are y0u genius? What kind 0f f00d d0 U eat? XD!
Btw, thanks f0r translating!

Comment by johyun

..kyu hyun is so cute!
..i idolize him.. much
..more powers..
..super juniors forever..!

Comment by Anonymous super juniors
..kyu hyun,,you”re so cute
..s.j. ELF forever

Comment by coreen s.j.

Comment by coreen

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