Yesung’s Cyworld Entries 2008.11.28
November 28, 2008, 10:47 pm
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Gahhh.. It has been long since I last updated with Jongwoon’s entries >.<

Jongwoon’s Cyworld Entries 2008.11.28 15:48
In the ‘Y.S Design ..’ folder..

김종운 2008.11.28 15:48

Kangin Yesung

Thank you for drawing us so nicely^^

Jongwoon’s Cyworld Entries 2008.11.28 12:25
In the ‘Y.S Move ..’ folder..

김종운 2008.11.28 12:25

Last time (on) .. Star Golden Bell ^^

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 김종운


What a week~ First Thailand and then Mumbai~ Let’s all pray for those affected ^^


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ghost yesung..haha

Comment by pikahcun

So cute!!! The fan or whoever that drew this did a great job!!!
Hahaha. Lol@ Yesung’s expression when he said the word wrong during SGB. ❤

Comment by SJ-Love

Woww,,,, they’re so cute
love 2woon pic >//<
very nice~
Thank you ^^

Comment by Sky of My East Sea

That’s a darling 2Woon fanart! XD
His :O face is just so XDDD ♥

Comment by rawrcarebear

hahaha…is it kangin oppa bite yesungie oppa??
kangin oppa was just like “got you!!”
and yesung oppa was like “ GOT me…T_T”

in 2nd pic, when yesung oppa made :O was win!!hahaha..

they’re sooo funny..
thank you for posting..^^

Comment by northern_suju

The picture is cute!

Comment by Syahiiroh

are they back from thailand alr?
ARGH! What’s with the gunshots and everything i cant help but be worried….

Comment by !main

hi hi oppas are so cute ^^
they look like little children
Thanks for translating
I’ll translate it into Vietnamese

Comment by linh

@ !main:

The BKK SM Town con got postponed to 7 Feb.. So they didn’t even go.. They wouldn’t be able to since the airports are still closed.. ;;

Comment by ilovejr

the artwork is so cute!♥ keke, ghost!yesung is drawn so cutely i just want to steal him and put him in my pocket~ and of course, his :O expressions are win. 😀

Comment by artisticvoice

i’m in thailand.. i’m affected!! *cries* no concert i’ve been waiting for…. gotta wait til feb 09 -*-

Comment by natngnear

I miss his entries!!!~~ ><

Comment by micha

the drawing is so cute !

Comment by yin

Aww the 2Woon picture is so very cute, heehee X33

Whoever drew that is very talented, for Yesung looks so adorable and Kangin looks perfectly mischievous, haha~

I adore the look on Yesung’s face when he got the word wrong^^ How is it everytime I see him, I think “CUTE!” when in the beginning everybody I knew thought he was quite dark and even scary?


Comment by mochistar

I adore Yesung face….so cute….nice and sweet…I hope you group can come to malaysia …and someday I can meet all of you…bye…saranghaeo

Comment by momoi

In the artwork, it looks like Kangin is hitting Yesung with a… candy bar? xDD
They’re all cute~~

Comment by Aste/Sen


Comment by millieyeppopo

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