Donghae’s Chinese Cyworld Update 2008.11.19
November 26, 2008, 11:13 pm
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Okay, there’s some discrepancy towards the date.. Apparently the date posted is on the 19th.. But it was only published today?? XD

wo whi dong hae …2

Date: 2008-11-19
Mood: Weather:
Now I’m very hungry so I can’t sleep ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

But because it’s very late I have to go sleep ~~ㅜㅜㅜ

Tomorrow morning I’ll have something to eat when I wake up right??

Recently it’s really really cold, everyone must wear warm clothes!!

Must ( yi ding ) be careful not to catch a cold^^

I love you all^^( wo ai ni men )

Original Source; 东海的小窝


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Wo ai ni,donghae oppa,,
Why don’t u get some food before you sleep?even just a little?indeed you couldn’t sleep,,
take care of your body oppa,,<3333333

Comment by Northern_suju

Oia,,thanks for the translate,,^^

Comment by Northern_suju

maybe save it as a draft first… i don’t know cy has such thing^_^ did he write it in chinese? he is so cute.
oppa, wa yaou ai ni (is this correct? keke~)
thanks for translating this

Comment by love~eastsea~

maybe it’s on his draft and he only posted in recently..i don;t know, anyways…

ah, fishy hae, why you did not eat before you sleep? It’s not good going to bed with an empty stomach, next time be more cautious ayt? always be healthy!!

Wo Ai Ni! Jia You!!

Comment by yan

oppa are you hungry?
Let me cook something for you ^^
I’m also very hungry nowTT_TT
You also take care of yourself
Don’t work too hard and go to bed early, ok?^^
Thanks for posting and translating
I’ll translate it into Vietnamese
P/S:Will the boys still go to Thailand? TT_TT.I’m very scared now because the situation in Thai is getting worse and worse TT_TT

Comment by linh

hahaha i’m the same. cant sleep when i’m hungry, but then i sleep and think about eating in the morning, LOL!
dont get sick again, donghae! ❤

Comment by Fefa

donghae oppa…you should eat 1st b4 you go to sleep..take care of your body too..dont catch a cold ya…eunhae 4ever

Comment by eunhae_lover

Did he type everything in hanyu pin yin again?!
Hmm…Donghae oppa, going to bed with an empty stomach is not good for health!!!
wo ai ni!!!

Comment by SJ-Love

i love you i want meet you in Viet Nam i can??

Comment by lovehae

Hi hae.This it the first time i go to CY.I want to say it i love you so much be careful with your sleep.Wo ai ni.I’m very litter so i not good about English.Love you so much

Comment by thu_litter_97

hi lee dong ur fan frm d Philippines!
God BLess and take Care OLwez!

Comment by LizLee

can someone tell me if donghae has another cyworld in chinese? is it? like hankyung?

Comment by sirae

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