Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.11.23
November 23, 2008, 12:29 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.11.23

Now (we) just came back after Super Show ended…
Saw the members whom I haven’t seen in a long while, my mood during the performance was really great!!^^
(I’m) Very thankful to all the E.L.F in China!! E.L.F 샤릉훼 (I love you)~~^^

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 김향숙


The way he spelt 사랑해 was too cute! ^_^


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Seeing them all tgt, my mood is really good too!!!
And you had fun with Eunhyukkie right?!!?!?! XD
Ah~ Donghae is so cute!!!!

Comment by SJ-Love

oh. i love you too, oppa

Comment by sarakieur

DongHae oppa, i’m happy to see you all got back together again too! ^^
Come to singapore yeah?
I’ll be waiting!!! I Love you!!!

Comment by Syahiiroh

i miss you,,
what’s with the spelling?
it’s like sya…rung..hek/u?
bahaha^-^ i’m still learning
i’m sorry 😛
donghae’s posts are always cute!^-^

Comment by min-ji

waaaa……….donghae oppa must be really tired..but, he was happy eh??
i want to be there sooooo badly….but since i’m in Indonesia…hiks hiks T_________T
i miss them in thirteen sooo much..esp kibum…
ELF china was so lucky…

Comment by ariluvsuju

he made it cute! i think he miss the fellow members a lot! i’m glad super show unite them!
SJ-M was there too right? yay!=))

Comment by love~eastsea~

kekeke~샤릉훼 too^^
how i wish i was there~~
come to m’sia soon!!

Comment by fishiedreamz


Just translate into Thai !!

credit to you of course!

Comment by CloudP.

it’s so nice that hae’s in a very good mood! a big congrats to the Shanghai SS… ^^

Comment by yan

ooh I’m happy that Hae got to be with all of the members again~~
thanks for sharing,,

Comment by evile1690

i’m glad donghae oppa now happy again
yeaah i hope they will finish their 3rd album soon
so donghae oppa will happy always 🙂
and i hope suju can come to indonesia. ELF in indonesia has a great amount

Comment by komanecho

so nice knowing him in a good mood .. ^^
will they come to spore?i want to see them so badly huikz..

Comment by aNGeL_RoSeS

mishh u damn much…

super junior hwaiting..!!

Comment by mierafishie

awwwwwww oppa..
GOD, the members shouldnt be seperated all the time like this..
none of the other groups in korea do this 😦

Comment by EternalELF

i wonder how long did they haven’t seen each other ??? omg i can’t bare w/t the fact that they all got seperated and only seen each other in a while >.< suju hoytinggggggg

Comment by nemolovely2002

I always beside u 🙂
I love u 🙂

Lee Dong Hae.

Comment by HaeJin

It has been a long time since 13 members gather at Super Show
And Not only oppa but also many ELF are very happy to see all 13 oppa on the stage
Wish you will always be happy like that^^
샤릉훼 oppa^^
Thanks so much for your translation
I’ll translate this into Vietnamese

Comment by linh

Why doesn’t suju go to Vietnamese?

Comment by trần mỹ linh

I watch your show from fan cam(s).
I think you’er great too.

I Love U. ^^

Comment by tadjang

oppa hae!sarang hae

Comment by ljnh

em rat mUon’ gap cac’ oppa!cac’ oppa ko he bit em!chan’ wa’!sorry vi` ko noi’ dc tieNg’ han`!em rat ghen ty voi’ oppa vi` oppa co’ one father good

Comment by ljnh

i love you so much donghae i want to see you in viet nam

Comment by lovehae

Don’t know What ‘s the weather like in Korea now ?
U should wear warm clothes
I hope U not sick 😀

Comment by albee

Oppa Hae ,sa rang hae .

Comment by Eunhae

I love you too.Oppa fish

Comment by thu_litter_97

hi?you so handsome and cute

Comment by aira

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