Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entries 2008.11.22
November 22, 2008, 9:18 am
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Lol.. So he classified all this photo albums just under ‘K’ now~

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entries 2008.11.22 03:59
In the ‘보금자리。‘ folder..

순정만화/Pure Comic
조규현 2008.11.22 03:59

강풀 (Kang Pol’s) 순정만화 SunJungManHwa (Pure Comic)………

Perhaps everyone might not understand, but this movie that Kangin-hyung has filmed

My house is at SukKyeYeok, one day when I was taking my lazy nap at home

Kangin-hyung who has never called me actually called!!

What’s wrong? I answered the call and he told me to leave from my house, and after passing by a parking lot

He was at a place called ShinYiMun filming the movie……….

The filming had just begun, and because there wasn’t any staff whom he was close to

Hyung asked me to save him, to let me go over ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

So I went, and for no reason, I waved hi to the numerous crew

and directors

Just for ‘missing the subway’ scene, Kangin-hyung filmed it 20 times

After eating a tasty lunch, I went back home and continued sleeping

If the scene of the subway comes out, perhaps my head might pop out secretly

Please observe closely

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entries 2008.11.22 03:50
In the ‘K。Story’ folder..

조규현 2008.11.22 03:50

Although I’m quite embarrassed to say this……………..

But even this is so popular ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entries 2008.11.22 03:38

In the ‘규’s’ folder..

헛짓거리../Bored stuff..
조규현 2008.11.22 03:38

When it got too boring, (we) started jumping…..

At the beginning, it was just me alone jumping in front of the airplane

Suddenly, Donghae-hyungie came over and Hankyung-hyungie set off  ‘아도겐을’ (a move a character sets off in the game Streetfighters)

In the end, all the manager hyungs created a comedic performance?

Photo By. Siwon

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 조규현 미니홈피
I really have to go now.. So I’ll add in the last one when I’m back.
The last pic is oh-so-cute. Ah KYUBB ♥

akajskajskklds at the latest entry. XD Epic Kyu“

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siwon’s really good in photography i must say!!! ÜÜÜ
so in drums!

Comment by gem

Awww,,so when they bored they just jump??i need to try it someday,,
Those photos are soo cute,,and those are siwon-made??

Comment by Ariluvsuju

haha^^ so nice! funny neither! haha^^

Comment by judy23sj

hahahah!!!! it looks so funny!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by marianne arevalo

siwon got skills in taking pics…c:

Comment by kiixiah

wow…siwom really knows how to capture a good photo…
love the 2nd photo.. :p

Comment by thir13teen

that is really cool… should try it sometime

Comment by geth

What a cute pics!
Jumping like a child…

Comment by mirue

how cute of them having a good fun…

hope they are always in good condition…


fighting SUPER JUNIOR…


Comment by littleMISSkvarietyADICCT

lol they look hilarious XD

thanks for translating! ❤

Comment by spazzes

those are amazing photos. siwon is a really good photographer. he got it at perfect timing!

Comment by alice

what are u doing?
is that so boring?
u all so funny, luv u all…
do your best suju-M

Comment by rie

All the pictures made me giggle.
Kuyun is so cheeky. Makes me wanna love him more.
And that first pi. omfg.
His wink and lope sided grin. <33333
*THANK YOU! What a wonderful way to start my day off~

Comment by SJ-Love

This is so cute!!! *cute reloaded!*

Comment by Syahiiroh

they are so adorable!
ouh, kyu, whatever you do will be popular, trust me^_^
thanks for translating this=)♥

Comment by love~eastsea~

cute…funny…hilarious SUJU M…love them…LOL

Comment by baby

oh my. this iss ssooooo cuteeee!!!

Comment by donghaefan

Haha. How cute 😀
Sooo cute Kyuhyun XD

Comment by Chullalala XD

he is so cute in d gif pic! 사랑해!

Comment by dingdong bee (:


Comment by EternalELF

bubbly kyuhyun..i never thought of him being a bit childish^^

Comment by aitsukame

hahaha! They’re so cute playing infront of the plane like that!

Comment by main


SuJu-M very DORK !!!!!

It’s like goku *in dragon ball* was KAME-KAME HAA!!!!

My beloved KyuHyun oppa is very cute ….^0^

Fighting SuJu!!!!!

Comment by HiRa!!

waaa…….hot!!hot!!wink..second pic..wa…oteke..oteke..cant sleep 2nite..agyeo2~~

so cute they jumping in front of the airplane..
kyuhyun oppa would be like a childish cute..

cant wait to watch kangin oppa sad kangin cry coz the reporter..poor na oppa..

suju gonna be hot now..2009 will be more hot with 3jb..
suju super show at shanghai..cant wait~~
suju hwaiting~~


Comment by lotadiaz

ahahaha now i can’t wait to see Kangin’s movie… maybe we’ll see Hyunnie’s head^^

wow.. how bored is he? jumping around like that? then Donghae jumps in… and Hankyungie doing a streetfighter move? LOL

HAHAHAHAHA i crack up seeing the pics!!! >___<

Comment by micha

“If the scene of the subway comes out, perhaps my head might pop out secretly

Please observe closely”


Comment by donghaefan

oppa, I saw the picture which your head pop out in Kang In’s movie^^
in the second entry, you’re so hot!!!
You make me crazy Kyu!!!!
and the pictures in the last entry are so amazing!
Si Won oppa is so talented!
Thanks so much for your translation
I’ll translate it into Vietnamese^^

Comment by linh

kyu’s posts always the best ahahahahahaha
an extra in kangin’s movie? omgah! and kyu and his lazy naps ahahahaahah classic

second post is oh-so-cute! and you, embarassed? RIGHT, Kyu, I’ll pretend I believe you!


Comment by Fefa

might his head will appear
ok, i will observe closely

today update is so funny
n show us the adorable kyu

Comment by mei an


Comment by iheartmeowing

KYUHUN!! omona, my kyu love is coming back! ahehehe

imma watch him out in the movie! hahaha

he’s saying soryy for being sexxyy in the second entry.. *dies*

SJ dorkiness!! wah~~

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

oppa, I rarely see you smiling. Smile a lot, please. I love you as well as super junior

Comment by Jung Hyun Wook

Oppa, I rarely see you smiling. Smile a lot, please. I love you as well as Super Junior.

Comment by hien

wowwowowowowwow! i hope kyuhyun is in the movie! he is sooo cute! and i love love those photos of sj-m at the airport! SERIOUSLY, THEIR CUTENESS KILLS ME!!! THEY make me love them even more!!!! 😀

Comment by smiling*sunshine

heheheee, i was oh so giggley(?) reading this 😀
Luv u kyu 😀

Comment by katariina

kyuhyun oppa!! you’re so cute.oww…i love u so much…sarangheyo oppa…super kkotminam grup no.1 fighting!!!

Comment by vhita

kyuhyun oppa!! you’re so cute.oww…i love u so much…sarangheyo oppa…super kkotminam grup no.1 fighting!!!
kyuhyun oppa always good looking and popular too…

Comment by vhita luv kyumin

KangKyu love~ ♥
Kyuhyun’s so cute! ~~ ♥
And I LOVE those pictures of them goofing off in front of the plane. DORKS! ♥

Comment by rawrcarebear

siwon has the talent in photography. maybe he can get an official course for this. i love taking pictures but sometimes it’s blured due to what model im using. kyu has unique way of posting his entries. he got talents also in writing interesting events in his life. go suju, still supporting u guys

Comment by garfieldjm

Kyuuu!!!! he’s soooo funnnily cuuutttee!!!!

he’s so sweet, supporting kangin in his filming…

and those airplane pictures are the best!!! i can’t stop laughing while looking at those, they seems like bored kids doing random stuff!! the background is like perfect for them….omo!! it’s sooo cute!!! and siwon’s got really a talent in photography as he captures it so perfectly….

their dorkiness is sooo ♥♥♥!!!

Comment by Anonymous

kyyyuuuu!!!! he’s so funnily cute!!!

awww….he’s so sweet supporting kangin-hyung in his filming…

and the airport pics are the best!!! can’t stop laughing while looking at those! they seems like bored kids doing random stuff…. so cute!! and siwon’s got a pretty good skill in photography, capturing SJM’s goffy-ness pefpectly!! lolz!! the background greatly complements their actions….

their dorkiness is just ♥♥♥!!

Comment by yan

dang! Siwon is really good.. the pictures are freaking awesome…

Comment by singingpixie

they are just too cute^^
i have to say siwon’s photography skills are quite amazing!!!
love them^^

Comment by ilyc

Kyu ah~ you’re so cute ^^
KangIn hyung~ His film will make me crazy ^^
Always smile
Oh my manager~

Comment by kem

ohmygod sjm dorks ftw ^______^

Comment by querubin

haha…i was like them too with my friends taking pictures of ourself jumping out of borderm….lol…so cute…thx a lot for the translation n pls dun tire urself too much hav enough rest too….

Comment by nicky

i love the jumping pictures!!!!

Comment by syima

OMO the GIF picture, he was winking at donghae right?? i thinki saw that show b4. aaah!! so cute!!!!

Comment by syima

nice!! HAHAHHAAH!!! they so funny!!! thats why i love super junior! ❤

Comment by Ira

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