Heechul’s Kiseki Fancafe Message 2008.11.20
November 21, 2008, 11:14 pm
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Heechul’s Kiseki Fancafe Message 2008.11.20 21:45

MOOD: [Best~ (ºㅁ º )=b]
TITLE: 김 영 운 (Kim Youngwoon)
DATE: 2008.11.20 21:45

Although I’d like to leave a message on every website about me..
But if I do that, it’d be too tiring so everyone please understand with a kind heart

The musical with lots of talk and problems has finally ended
Although I felt that I learnt a lot of things
But the most important thing I’ve gained through this was
That is, Kangin

‘Words that can’t be said between men and will break angry dreams into pieces, just like a scene out of a fanfic’
Perhaps everyone will think it this way, but

Because of this and that, it created lots of agony, I used up at least a dozen handkerchiefs to wipe off Youngchoon’s tears..
The poisoned, sharp words of the noble reporters were wounds to our hearts, even if it hurt our hearts, it filled us with pain

Regardless if it was this way or that way
(This period) To me, made me realize something important

Our Youngchoon

‘Bending his arms inwards’

I smack and swear at him
But no matter where he was hurt, I will still not see him losing his temper (-┏)
His stature as big as Namsan, his strength as powerful as an ox, but just like a child tattling away.. ㅋㅋ
An adorable dongsaeng with deep affections and lots of tears


The various staff and actors have all worked hard
I would also like to thank all those reporters who have given me support and allowed me to muster up courage
The fans who have turned into the audience to cheer for us, all Koreans, thank you
Ah.. Those overseas fans who come by occasionally, SONGU (in English) ALIGADU (in Japanese) XUEXIE (in Chinese) KOUKUKA (in Vietnamese or Thai) BANGSA (in alien language) etc

Because the Earth is round, so if I frequently go around, all the kids in the world will meet

And now I’m left with ‘JoAhSeo’ and ‘BAP’!

‘BAP’ is the short form for ‘Band of Brothers’
Because I’m lazy to write it as ‘B.O.B’ so I’ll cut it short to ‘BAP’ (-┏)

Everyone BYE BYE (-_-)/

Please don’t get angry because I’m only leaving a message here
We are one, please share ㄱㄱ

Credits; LoveChul
Original Source; HCkiseki
Please do not take out!


T__T Hyung-Dongsaeng ♥ forevs 😀 It’s awesome to see Heenim’s sentimental messages, they always make my heart go all jelly ~

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awww…kind hyung to knagin T T
it seems that this is the first time i saw him post this kind of message,sentimental…

Comment by aitsukame

omo! heenim’s message is so touching..i like it when he writes serious messages like this.. you can clearly see that his heart is so pure.. he has so much love for kangin..i can also feel his sincerity in thanking the fans.. aish! my love for him increases day by day..(“,)

Comment by crystal

Owh,heechul wiped off kangin’s tears?
uggh,it made my heart crying kangin oppa,
D reporter was so mean! >.<
Just 4get bout xanadu n do better in the future..
I’ll always love u guyz,,

Thx 4 posting,,^^

Comment by Ariluvsuju

ahh. poor kangin. eeteuk should’ve been there XD

Comment by jiarei

love his sweet and sentimental side

Comment by loveheenim

This kind of KangChul is so much ♥.
“Youngchoon” oppa~ it breaks my heart that you’re so hurt by those reports. ♥
Heechul oppa~ you are so awesome. ♥ XD

Comment by rawrcarebear

aww..that was too sweet..heenim wiping off kangin’s tears with a dozen of handkerchiefs..XD

Comment by 10tookie24

Awww~ so touching… Heenim is a very nice hyung, (luv him!><)
Please don’t be sad oppa, ELF will always be with you!
Even I become an ELF for a month, I totally
fall in love with these guys.
Can’t wait 4 the 3rd album!!
And I want to say hello to all of you, please tell me more about SJ (everything!).Thank U!

Comment by mirue

Aww..Kangchul! ❤
It makes me feel..idk. It made me smile from deep inside my heart.
“I smack and swear at him
But no matter where he was hurt, I will still not see him losing his temper (-┏)
His stature as big as Namsan, his strength as powerful as an ox, but just like a child tattling away.. ㅋㅋ
An adorable dongsaeng with deep affections and lots of tears” <— I almost teared as I read this paragraph.
I love to know my idols’ sentimental and vulnerable side…<3
*Thanks for translating this. This entry means alot to me, ELFs and petals. ❤

Comment by SJ-Love

Its touching and at the same time sad too!
He wiped off KangIn Tears Was………..*speechless*
Hwaiting! ^^

Comment by Syahiiroh

love heenim 4ever!!
nowadayz, kangin and heechul do some shows and project theyre my fav suju couple..

Comment by chelskie18

argh. i feel like breaking those reporters’ necks.
i seriously so. this made me super upset and teary.
darn it. bastards.

Comment by EternalELF heart crying..kangin oppa dont cry..

heenim heart is so u

love his sweet n sentimental side..

suju figthing~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Comment by lotadiaz

TT^TT another reason to love them more. 🙂

Comment by iheartmeowing

kangin oppa crying?!
ah,,,please don’t cry.if you cry i will be sad too…please forget about it and smiling again.

Comment by vhita luv kyumin

that is sooooo touching!! it’s so nice to see heenim’s sweet and caring side…which makes me adore him more and more….

he’s such a wonderful and loving hyung to kangin and the rest of the boys…i hope to see them again in another musical!!

KangChul fighting!!!! ^^

Comment by yan

heenim is sooo sweet!
it’s so touching(:

Comment by ilyc

KOUKUKA is Thai language
it’s mean same Thankyou in English !

ps.Thank a lot for your translate~
for oppas you must fighting !!!
i will always of you ^^

Comment by cupdeep

my prection raccoon *huggles* im so very glad that heechul cares for his dongsaeng like this <333

Comment by querubin

BANGSA(in alien language)
why is Heechul so funny even it is so sad ..
Heechul is a very nice hyung!!
Hwaiting!! ^^

Comment by CassiELF

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