Ryeowook’s China Cyworld Entry 2008.11.18
November 19, 2008, 11:47 pm
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Ryeowook’s China Cyworld Entry 2008.11.19 23:43

ni hao~!!~!~!~!~!/Hello~!!~!~!~!~!

Date: 2008-11-18
Mood: Weather:

Annyeong~~ I am Ryeowook^^

We will see you all here tomorrow~~~

Please give us Super Junior M lots and lots of love^^

We will come often to leave messages ^^ I love you all~!~!~!~!~! 쪽 Jjok

Original Source; 厉旭的小窝


Apparently only Wook and Hae have their own official cyworlds..


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sweet sweet wookie! i will always support them! thanks for the translation

Comment by love~eastsea~

i love you too~~~~

love suju m~~
love super junior~
wookie~eat more watermelon~haha

suju hwaiting~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Comment by lotadiaz

really? can you give us the links to their cyworlds?

Comment by EternalELF

Yes we will give you loads of love!!! ❤
Oh, he’s so cute!

*Thank you for tranlsating these! Thank you very very very much!! ^^

Comment by SJ-Love

both of this guys are tooo cute cute cute.

Comment by lisa

aww.. sweet! I LOVE BOTH OF THEM!

Comment by may

could u tell me Ryeowook’s minihompy

Comment by Sungmin 4ever

omg both of them are super cute!!!
we will always give you loads and loads and loads of endless love!

suju-m hwaiting!
suju hwaiting!

Comment by ilyc


Comment by sujulover

hi wookie oppa!!♥♥
luv u too.. hhe…^^
what is your url cyworld, I want to add you,
thank you..

Comment by Leony

Annyeonghasseo,Ryeowook..i just know that you have an cy world..(im sorry,my english is bad)..nice comment..i will support you..fighting!!..always on nice voice..annyeong..gamsahamnida!!~♥

Comment by Tanzmanian SJ~TVXQ

saranghaeyo wookie! wo ain ni! ❤ i love ur voice! it's aweshum!

Comment by SujuLover88

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