Kyuhyun’s Fancafe Message 2008.11.16
November 18, 2008, 2:15 am
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Kyuhyun’s K-afeteria Fancafe Message 2008.11.16

Long time no see~
Why haven’t I come in a long while…Next time will I come to K-AFETERIA again…
Although I knew earlier that I’d have this kind of regret……

Actually it’s because I changed my password and forgot later on so it was a pretty long period of time that I didn’t come in ㅋㅋㅋ
This time after going back to Korea I finally got a new password……Really!……

And the fearful administrators said, write a new message!
Originally I wanted to revolt but eventually I was too scared so I’m writing here ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway! The preface is indeed long! I wonder if everyone has been doing well in this period of time..
For me, everyone knows, because of China’s activities, I’m basically in China~~~
Recently I found out about many great Chinese dishes… And found things to do to while away time ㅋㅋㅋ
(Hmm.. Games or..Watching lots of dramas..Or even learning Math Really – -)

HoHo~ The ending was made well^^ The 3rd Anniversary fan meeting has completely ended under the grand circumstance of forgetting lyrics
T T Saw many Korean fans whom I haven’t seen in a long time, there was a very kind (-.-??) feeling?
After that I kept sleeping late…It seems like I should change this……Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5am!!!!
I don’t care any more.. In any case, I am going to sleep now~ Goodbye!

Oh yes! For the college entrance exams…I’m praying continuously~~Don’t worry^0^ Everyone be happy~

Credits; sjbluecn
Original Source; K-afeteria
Please do not take out!

♥____♥ OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS KYU. Doing Math to kill time!? @__@ LOL. And please Kyu, sleep early T__T He’s so sweet~ -drowns in Kyu’s honey-coated words-


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he seems enjoying too much his time in korea.
and about forgetting the lyrics, too cute commenting on that..
Fighting Kyu!!!

Comment by RadEchiZen

after reading this and pondering on it, i decided that i am officially kidnapping chokyuhyun in bangkok. he’s being a big ball of sunshine these days. is he aging backwards? or was it because of the drama? 🙂

Comment by nickestiara

Kyu’s forgot the pass lolz

I can put this into spanish (?)…

Comment by kya

OMG! Kyu oppa have to sleep early! please Keep your helthy! You look so thin! You are my love!^_^

Comment by trangkyumin

learning math…
hyunnie~ah ^__^
“Oh yes! For the college entrance exams…I’m praying continuously~~Don’t worry^0^ Everyone be happy~”
soo nice of you..

Comment by cheflab



okay how can you NOT love this guy? XDDDD

Comment by Lysa

haha! learning math! so cute!
omo! please sleep kyu!
you need to rest!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

Kyu is so cute!!!
Doing maths to kill time…
Hahah! I Love Baby Kyu!! ^^

Comment by Syahiiroh

Math??u must be joking around oppa,,kekeke,,
Anwy,why did u keep sleeping late?it must be really tiring,neh?
And kyu oppa such a kind guy,always praying for us,,im also in a 3rd grade, T_T
Saranghae oppa,,

Comment by Ariluvsuju

Kyu really loves math..^_^

Comment by meHEARTsuju

wa..i love math too..kyuhyun sshi..we’re similar..hehe..actually i know it from EHB..The 3rd

[Anniversary fan meeting has completely ended under the grand circumstance of forgetting lyrics]

sleep well kyuhyun oppa~~i hope u will continue ur exams later..

work hard but more rest~~~

figthing….!!!!!yongwonnie saranghae~~~

Comment by lotadiaz

wahh~~ i love how kyu making updates regularly now. yey!

MATH!?! puhahaha

Comment by gelatin

Doing Maths!!! Hahah! Oh Kyuhyun!!!:3
Watching dramas! haha NEW HEART!
You wanted to revolt?! Aww.Thats is so cute! ❤
And rmb to have sufficient sleep!!

*Thanks once again! Your posts really makes my day.

Comment by SJ-Love

He’s such a sweetheart!!!!!!!

I changed my password and forgot[..]
under the grand circumstance of forgetting lyrics[..]
I have to wake up at 5am!!!![..]
I don’t care anymore

*thaaaa* ELF’s little genius! >____<
“I don’t care anymore!”?? *tsk*tsk*tsk* I hope he’ll take care of that habit from now on!!

He has to be healthy!!!! The 3rd album is COOOO~~~MING!!!!! 2009 it’s close!
The Super Junior Year! ^_______________________^
Get ready for that baby Kyu~uie!!! XD

Comment by nicoleta

he’s really funny!& doing maths??… either he must be really bored or he really likes math!!!

Comment by tiqahs

doing MATH??
really such a diligent person

you really have to sleep early oppa.. >.<
change your habit to sleeping late

Comment by mei an

I hate Math == It’s make my mind go crazy ==’
I really love to read Kyu’s entry <33
It’s always make my day 😛
And last thing, go to sleep plz.. don’t make us worry T^T

Thanks for the translation ^^
I saw the “do not” notice but really want to ask this again ^^
May I translated it into Vietnamese and post in our 4rums:
Like the other times, I promise to give the full credit and also link back here
Plz let me have your permission
I’ll wait for that ^^

Thanks again

Comment by Biva

a very kind kyu oppa…

he he doing math to kill time???? are you kidding me?? you are a kyuMATHwizard oppa ^-^.

yeah it was cute at him when he forget his lyrics.. kyuhyun FIGHTING!

Comment by lena

no thanks

Comment by mirue

dude i dont think i can go to college cause i hate math too much. i canNOT believe they do math to kill time. i’d rather quit the job lol.
god, they must be tired and bored and all of that. 😦

Comment by EternalELF

dang! math?! seriously, kyu is such an intelligent person!

i hate math! i die everytime i see numbers, lol~!!

Comment by yan

KyuHyun is cute and funny ha ha ha
forgot password, wrote this cox administrators forced him to, and forgot lyrics =P

Comment by SN

kyu is tooo cute^^
doing maths to kill time?!seriously?!<3
and forgetting the

anw, thanks for translating(:

Comment by ilyc

kyu is tooo cute^^
doing maths to kill time?!seriously?!<3
and forgetting the

Comment by ilyc

omg Kyu does math to kill time?
i LOVE math
but not to da point of doing it to kill time
shld be like Kyu ^^
nawh, then i wont hve time to SuJu-ing
aniwz Love his msg
so cutieee

Comment by ngannie

Math ………..

I’ll be killed with MATH …..
I hate math ….
But, I will try to learn math hardly ….
Because KyuHyun oppa really like with math …..

yo !!! KyuHyun oppa HWAITING !!!!!^^

Comment by HiRa!!

Hahax! Kyuhyun you’re soooo cute!!! I hope Super Junior will make a comeback together soon! I really wish they would come to Singapore….I’m pretty jealous for those at Thailand bcos they had visit they before!!

Comment by KyuhyunLover!!

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