Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.18
November 18, 2008, 11:56 pm
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Whoaa… Long post again XD

I was about to update on Ming’s cyworld entries but I guess his cyworld hasn’t been exactly verified yet, so we shall see ^^;;;

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.18 20:55
In the ‘*’ folder..

새벽기도를 드리는 여자가 좋은점/Merits Of A Girl Who Prays At Dawn
조규현 2008.11.18 20:55

1. Because a girl who prays at dawn
Knows how to cook.

Coming back after waking up early to go to church at dawn
Everyone is sleeping and there isn’t anyone to talk to.
Starts to wash the bowls.
Switching on the button on the rice cooker after washing the rice grains.
(Recently in this world, as long as your wife wakes up to say ‘Be careful on the road’ you will feel very thankful and that a man who can eat his breakfast before going to work is a very blessed man… )

2. Because a girl who anticipates at dawn
Doesn’t ‘nag’.

When you’re praying at dawn, it’s always for your husband
Crying tears and praying to see that
Your husband who’s ‘kul kul’ sleeping away isn’t able to give you care and concern.
The children don’t say anything either.
Taking the fallen socks beside the bed
With a happy mood and putting them into the washing machine.
Taking the toys and books in the messy living room
(And) Arranging them nicely.

3. Because a girl who prays at dawn
Is a girl who knows ‘What love is’.

You who obediently loves God’s high attitude
If you had a husband and children
Neither love nor obedience would be difficult.
Girls who rebel against God can rebel against anyone
So you must be careful.

5. The children of the girl who prays at dawn

Grows in their dreams.

Every dawn with Joseph
and Daniel, dreaming the same dream
Praying for the sake of your children
After coming home beside the girl who’s in her dreams
Praying for this dream
Why doesn’t her children grow along with the dream?

6. A girl who prays at dawn
Has an existing ‘Scary Hatred Prayer’.

If the girl bears a grudge, the frost won’t be rid of even in May and June
If the girl starts to pray because of you, then the frost will melt.
Kindness is just like the arrival of raindrops.
It’ll be awesome if the prayer is answered.
(Even a ‘No’ answer is inclusive)

7. A girl who prays at dawn

Because there’s a ‘hard-working woman’.

Lazy girls will absolutely not open their eyes in the morning.
Unless it’s to go to the restroom……
To look at themselves.
Recently if you’re too lazy you won’t be able to get out of bed right.

8. A girl who prays at dawn

Has a good appetite and is healthy.

After going to church and making a round in the morning, she is hungry.
Eats lots of snacks at the market.
Because she ate too much for breakfast, she’ll only eat a little for lunch.
In the evening, because she is still full, she’ll just randomly eat a little.
One who definitely eats breakfast is healthy
To become a healthy person, is a fact that everyone knows….

If you’re a man! No matter if you believe her or not, you must marry a girl who prays at dawn. Why is this so, you are the answer to this girl’s prayers.

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 조규현 미니홈피
Please do not take out!

Whoa.. *dumbfounded* T__T So touching.. ♥___♥


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Yeah,u rite,,
His every single word was sooo damn touching,,
Kyuhyun oppa’s like more mature recently,is he ready to seek ‘someone’?
And is he have a crush on someone? O_o

Thx a lot for posting anyway,,^^

Comment by Ariluvsuju

kyu is so cute ❤

Comment by kya*137

did he really write this? so beautiful! thanks for sharing=)

Comment by love~eastsea~

wow kyu oppa is so… *speechless*
anyways i love what he wrote ❤
suju fighting!!
love them so 13 always<33333

ps: such a coincidence, i just came back from church…
did they hear me?? xD

Comment by Min Jee 이민지

kyuhyun oppa…iL pray at dawn as well c:
wonder why he posted this???

Comment by kiixiah

Kyuhyun the girl who will marry you one day that should be feeling blessed ;DDD

Comment by ryoko

kyuhyun is killing me….
pretty much like it ^-^
3 updates from him…
its so nice…
thank you soo much…
idk what to do if your not here!
thank you thank you!

Comment by foreverhispetal

all i can say is awww….this is such a cute entrie. i love the last line<3

Comment by alice

does that mean i have to wake up at dawn to go pray everyday now? LOL…

Comment by Ellie

oh my, does this mean Kyu’s ideal girl is one who is prayerful?…I love the way he wrote down her merits…really, I hope he does marry the girl of his dreams someday and treat her well…

Comment by megane

T_T I’m touched!
KyuHyun Oppa, I Love you…

Comment by Syahiiroh

Wow. Thats long…
Gah, but I feel so sad now…I’m not Christian! *cries*
But I like the last line.
“you are the answer to this girl’s prayers”

Comment by SJ-Love

yeah feel the same way…but hey … we pray differently hehe ^^well I agree my fav Oppa wrote in such a beautiful way ~ ❤

Comment by Shi

Kyuhyun, why are you so cute?

Comment by sallysync

LOL im gonna start praying now (which i haven’t been doing so although i’m a so-called catholic XD)

Comment by mui_gei_tal

wow that’s a rather…old-fashioned way of thinking. >_>;;;

Comment by huicheol

woah…. so meaningful…

Comment by xion

awww that’s the most touching thing i’ve read

i wonder what it means? hmmm

Comment by Christy

what a long post by kyu,,
i shall heed his advice and someday find a girl who prays at dawn..kekeke

Comment by evile1690

Is this some kind of what kyuhyun wants of his future wife??
i think i can manage that Kyu…!!LMAO

Comment by blaisse

omg, i read the whole thing.. whoa.
he didnt like.. write this right?

Comment by EternalELF

Kyu” oppa
you makes me want to go to the church now
long time not go there
miss my church T.T

that’s right oppa
you have a good advice about girl who prays at dawn

Comment by mei an

he made all of that?! WOAH

Comment by ana

first!:D whoa!kyuhyun!:D

Comment by 10tookie24

…I forgot to ask who that girl in the picture was…did Kyuhyun post that as well?
… and all the time I thought Siwon is the most consevative among the members…

Comment by megane

wow kyu….that’s so deep…
he’s talking like real man now….

Comment by yan

I’ll start praying at dawn from now on.XD


Comment by gaegood

that girl in the picture is reaaally lucky.
Her picture is in Kyu’s cyworld! ahah.
nice message from Kyu 😉

Comment by joannetayy

looks like the pressure is on for the only son :)) ❤

that’s what my korean friend told me…his brother (an only son) is only 20, yet their parents are already asking him to bring their future daughter-in-law to them already XDDDDDDDDD…looks like the same tradition applies to kyu’s family

it’s nice to see that kyu has a mature perspective of his dream girl already….nice nice nice..i love it 🙂 very mature and deep 🙂

i’ve been to an exclusive catholic school for girls ever since i was five…does that mean I count? hahahahaha

Comment by thelittlemiss

Thiz post is killing me!!
Kyu oppa is SO SWEEET…. ¤,¤ Really touched me..
Makes me wanna be a girl who pray at dawn (but, can I???) xp hehe…

Comment by MiszLee

aww T_T
this is soooooo touching.
i really like the last line “Why is this so, you are the answer to this girl’s prayers.”^^
kyu why are you so sweet???saranghaeyo(:

Comment by ilyc

Who’s that girl on the picture? Someone special of Kyuhyun oppa???
Omo-how lucky she is!
I’m getting envy now…(haha^^)
You rock,Kyu!AJA AJA!!HWAITING!!

Comment by agassi_


Kyuhyun oppa ……
it’s very touching !!!!!!
OMG !!!!!

You’re very Kind person oppa …
Good bless u !!! ^0^

Comment by HiRa!!

awwww,,,,was that really kyu???
goshh…he’s so…(yeah..can’t explain it):P
gezz…that is so true…coz I pray at dawn..
LolZ..hehe..lucKy girl.:P

Comment by Shayne

I wonder if that your type of wife ^-^ you sure have a good type…
I’m sure you will have a lovely wife…
what a lucky girl…

Comment by mai_ree

I think, this is a good proverb!
I like it,
it has a deep meaning with simple words

The author must have this proverb by a long reflection^^

Comment by Evelyn Sun

wow if you find that kind of girl that you really like oppa,i’m very happy for you then. ^___^

Comment by eihnjeil

wow…kyuhyun oppa…i like what he wrote…

Comment by kyuhyun fan

i think when love comes to your heart,all the qualifications of your ideal girl will be ignored..
love is like a butterfly,the more you chase it the more it will elude you,but if you turn you atenttion to other things,it comes and softly touches your shoulders.
(sorry for my wrong grammar)
i hope kyu hyu can find his super girl in life..
love yahh…
=suju addict oh9=
namely as
sWeEt ChAnDy GhUrL OH9

Comment by kyra vanessa

past two days, i read this,
yesterday, i read this again…
and today i read it over and over again..
such a nice post from kyuhyun.. ^,^ oppa, i really hope you will marry to a girl who is really love you… *i’m not qualify though*

Comment by FiFFy

I’m sorry to say that even through I was in love with Kyuhyun right before reading this… I don’t like him that much anymore, this is to machist… like does he wants a wife or a servant? doing all the home cleaning and even taking all the kids toys. and why would a person wake up at dawn to go to church? you can do it at any other hour at the day! you can also pray at any hour of the day and god will listen!
that is to much, I cannot love a person who wants a servant by wife, wifes have and need a life too! even if he’s Kyuhyun and I’m still a fan of his songs, you fans as girls, cannot see this is too much?!

Comment by Perla

Eh… I think you’re taking this too literally. XD

I think what Kyu meant was that a girl who constantly prays for God’s direction and is joyful in all she does is a good wife. ^_^ I don’t think he is literally saying they HAVE to wake up at dawn to go to Church, lol. As you said, you can go anytime. 🙂

Comment by xrosex

Maybe you are right, I hope that things are not like I thought xD

Comment by Perla

I think my prayers have been heard.I am truly touched, this post was a blessing for me ^_^ . It is nice to know that someone out there knows how women feel. I hope whoever marries this man will know she married a good man. God Bless. This was what I needed.

Comment by Séverine

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