Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.17
November 17, 2008, 11:07 pm
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Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.17 17:55
In the ‘K > 규’s’ folder..

뉴하트/New Heart
조규현 2008.11.17 17:55

Slowly submerging into “New Heart”‘s charm. After watching it eagerly,

I am only left with one episode…… (I) tried to follow Ji Sung………

Nickname ‘Ji Sung’s’ hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But…………….. The reactions of those surrounding me………….

“Ya it’s not Ji Sung’s hairstyle, it’s a sorry hairstyle* !!”

I’m sorry I did Ji Sung’s hairstyle…………….

N.B * 지성 = Ji Sung, 죄송 (choi song)= Sorry

Credits;, OnlySJ13
Original Source; 조규현 미니홈피




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funny kyu..
anticipate more from them since they must be really free… Argh!!! miss them!!

Comment by RadEchiZen

after junong, next is New Heart
from epic to med…
he loves kdrama, hahaha

Comment by gafieldjm

im sorry it’s Jumong not junong

Comment by gafieldjm

so cute!

Comment by smie

don’t be sorry!
i think it looks nice =]

Comment by Ruth


Comment by lisa

lol. cutie kyu.
it seems he really like watching kdramas.
nice! 😀

Comment by fangirlizm

Ommoooo….Kyumong is in drama state again…
kkk…. he really loves kdrama, even he does the hairstyle…
sorry, oppa but i like the short hair better…
sorry hairstyle….

Comment by zazoux's

LOL Cute Kyu trying to imitate someone’s hair.

Comment by Teda oppa is so funny^^
Ya…He looks like Ji Sung so much!!!
Oppa, keep being cute like that
Thanks so much for translating
I’m translate it into Vietnamese

Comment by linh


so funny and cute!! he really loves watching dramas!!

Comment by yan

haha ~ they seem kinda free these days hoh ~
i dont get the “sorry” part -.-” s/o plz explain T__T

where’s mah lov? he’s been quiet around :”( Sungie ~

Comment by R.13

he really into series and movies!
he is so cute!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

Kyuhyun oppa likes kdrama??
Ah,so cute,,
Maybe when he waiting for the advertisement of the drama,he doing maths…? since i notice that he’s clever,,kekeke,,

Comment by Ariluvsuju

you are so funny…
follow no one, just be u’r self.
but, keep do the best

Comment by rie

kyu is cute^^

Comment by ilyc cute..kiawaa kyuhyun..
more fall in love with him..

andwe..andwe..i still love hankyung..
kyuhyun no.2..


HAHAHA..sorry im over..juz crazy bout kyuhyun now… dont know why~~~~~

whatever…suju figthing~~~

Comment by lotadiaz

haha! Kyuhyun!
He looks so..CUTE with that hairstyle!!!

Comment by SJ-Love

hahaha he’s soo cute! <33
such a drama junkie. 😛

hmm, i guess i have to start watching new heart.. imma see why he likes this drama. 😛

Comment by gelatin

i love his hair!!~

Comment by meHEARTsuju

this is soo cute. i’m glad that they have more time now, before they all looked so tired promoting ><.
he actually doesn’t look that bad ❤

Comment by love

so handsome n cute!!!!

new heart?
Let’s find the DVD and watch it!!!!

Comment by mei an

I watched this movie already
The hair style is so keke…
After Jumong, now is New Heart 😛
Totally Dramma Kyu ^^
Thanks for translation <333

Comment by Biva


Comment by EternalELF

waahhh!!! kyu likes new heart!!! I’ve watched this drama and it’s really good! just the right mixture of medical and romance! You’ll find it really interesting especially to those who work/study in the medical field!!!

Comment by barbiegrace

puahahah poor Hyunnie with pple reactions
“sorry hairstyle” LOL
its okii Hyunnie
still LOB yu lots^^

Comment by ngannie

he’s cute….

Comment by michelle

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