Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.17
November 17, 2008, 7:50 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.17 04:34
In the ‘天’ folder..

제 발 날 좀 내 버 려 둬 / Please Leave Me Alone
신데렐라 2008.11.17 04:34

If you shake me when I’m drawing my eyeliner, I will poke my eye ~♡ (>_<)/

Then Heenim will go AhYaAhYa (T^T)/


Next year, my age..

Credits; LoveChul, OnlyHeechul
Original Source; 신데렐라
LOLZZZZZ. ;;; But Heenim.. What’s with the time? @__@


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hahahahaha… ayayayaya!!!!! heenim really is a funny guy!!!!!!!!! like his eye liner!!! suju FIGHTING!!!

Comment by marianne arevalo

He’s so funny!!!
Luv him so much!!!

Comment by Mirue

Ah….Heenim is so gorgeous!!!!
He looks like TaeMin so much!!!
But does he worry about his age?TT_TT
He is still very young!
For ELF, Heenim is always very young and fresh!
Thanks so much for your translation
I’ll translate it into Vietnamese!

Comment by linh

really funny oppa.. XDDD
next year his age will be…

Comment by mei an

haha..heenim cares a lot about his looks^^

Comment by aitsukame

LOLZ…what’s up with him now?…
gorgeous hands! i’m really jelly :O

Comment by foreverhispetal

next year, my age….


u should get married…:P

Comment by pikahcun

He look really good :3 year? ´3`

Comment by ryoko

Ack, so funny, love this pics >”< Thanks 4 sharing !

Comment by ryu_kun

kekeke..heechul oppa,,the way when he drawing his eyeliner was…winnnn…hhhahaha
BUT….what do you mean about “Heenim will go” oppa??

he’s the most complicated boy in suju…he’s an AB anyway..kekeke…
love you heechul oppa…

Comment by ariluvsuju

Heechul’s got such giant hands.

Comment by Anonymous

the pic doesn’t look like heechul at all XD

Comment by emyLi

lol i could imagine him saying ahyaahya!!

Comment by Caramel

oh what’s happened with you my honey

Comment by khina

whats WITH the time?
was this really early?
lmao, next year my age..

Comment by EternalELF

his hands are really ART!!!

Comment by loveheenim

HAHAH heechul drawing your eyeliner 😛
aww…your age XD
you’re not old!

Comment by Ruth

I’m worry about his age, bcoz he need go to army rigth? this make me very sad >_<

Comment by Jana

heenim… ^__^

Comment by cheflab

heechul and eyeliner!!! that surely rockzz!!

and what’s with “Next year, my age..”? oh, he must be really now more conscious of his age….

Comment by yan

Okay question! I feel really really out of the loop here because suddenly one day everyone started calling him Heenim, what’s the reason behind this? I’m very curious!

Comment by Diana

lol heenim is sooooo funny^^

Comment by ilyc

I’m scared of make up especially eyeliner…because I may poke my eyes..
haha. I can totally imgaine and hear Heenim going AhYaAhYa!!!

ROFL. “Next Year my age…”
Dun worry oppa, ELFs and Petals will love you no matter how old you are.! ❤
*Thanks! :3

Comment by SJ-Love

Very beautiful fingers.

Comment by koncettina

omg i love chullie.

Comment by ahwang

is it me? or the pic doesn’t really look like heenim? or maybe i’m juz lacking of sleep?? haha…and the post is so random~ and his hands are really a treasure^^

Comment by Anonymous

veryzzz Big eye !!! HaHa

Comment by fame

puahahaha iono y i cant stop laughing xP
so funnie!!!

Comment by ngannie

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