Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.11.16
November 16, 2008, 1:24 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.11.16

DongBangShinKi congratulations^^
Congratulations (on) SHINee (winning) Newcomer Award^^
SM Hwaiting^^

Original Source; 김향숙


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Donghae has a kind-hearted,always support dbsk+shinee oppas,,
Donghae is love….
I love suju even moorrreee…

Comment by Ariluvsuju

In MKMF next year ,Super Junior will explode!
Look forward to 3Jib!
And Congratulate DBSK and Shinee^^
Thanks so much for your translation!

Comment by linh

as usual, my sweet and cute donghae oppa..i love you!!

Comment by pikahcun

dbsk n SHINee congratz!!!
yes!! SM ent. hwaitingg!!! ><
suju oppas hwaiting too~ n_nv

Comment by liephe_mintz


hae’s the sweetest, btw

Comment by bananafishsticks

waaah! SMtown rocks!
All their artist are famous!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

yeah congrats to those winners! They deserve it!!! hehehehe…Changmin oppa cried c: soo cute…
next year its time for SUJU to win those awards ne??? c:
ELF will definitely get those for SUJU!!! c:

Comment by kiixiah

Haha yay! DongBangSHINeeJunior!!! <33333333333
Oh Donghae. You really know how to make me smile. 😀
Grats DBSK on getting Album of the Year and Netizen and Auction something award and Overseas Viewer and one more…
SHINee! Woots! Best Male newcomer! They definitely deserved it! 😀

*thanks! though this was short, but it made me really happy!

Comment by SJ-Love

donghae oppa such a cutie…always support his friend….
i love him even mooorrreeee….
gaaaaaaahhhh,,,,how i miss super junior in thirteen…
SM hwaiting!!SUJU HWAITING!!

Comment by ariluvsuju

i knew he’ll say something about his family’s win~~
he’s just too nice n concern to not congratulate them..

Comment by miljnte

yuy. donghae-shi is really nice person.
but he didnt mention bout their award in china.
2 award in 2 days? daym. SM is really something.

Comment by donghaefan

dont you just adore him? awww.. thats what i like about them ..they are so down to earth but sometimes when i look at their video they seems tired,,, i hope they will give them time to rest..but all in all they are really nice to everyone..dont you just love them?

Comment by may

SM rulezz!!! yey!!!

he’s just so sweet!!! showing support to his friends!!! SME is really like a one big family!!!

Comment by yan

he’s soo sweet!~
next year SuJu gonna win that!! ^_^
3rd jib..
can’t wait!! 🙂

Comment by meHEARTsuju

donghae is very nice i love you so much :))

Comment by lovehae

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