“Wish” by Kyu, Wook, Junsu & Changmin on Mirotic Repackaged Ver. C
November 12, 2008, 8:09 pm
Filed under: Cho Kyuhyun, DBSK, Music Videos, Super Junior

Whoa. Such a long title XD

Credits; farahmicky @ youtube

Absolutely astounding. ♥___♥

If only it was full K.R.Y :^D But ah, Kyu, you’re killing my lungs too much. Totally need this to be sung live soon. More DongBangJunior collabs soon, 주세요!

I need to understand the lyrics nao. T__T And I’ve got mine too!
Get yours at yesasia or dvdheaven! ^^


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wow! dongbangjunior rocks!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

this is seriously the first song that hooks me in the first sentence it sings.
my new fav song.

Comment by EternalELF

omo!omo! this is a heartmelting song!!! their voices blends so well….junsu’s voice is soooo….♥♥♥ can’t wait to see them perform this live! i wish i could see more dongbangjunior collabs!


Comment by yan

OMO. DongbangLOVE! <33333333
Tsk…*kicks self for buying Vers. A*
Why was I so dumb to buy the Vers A of Mirotic???
I should have known…LSM will nvr relax about getting $$$ into his pocket…
Omg…this song is just pure paradise. ❤
DongbangJunior! ♥

Comment by SJ-Love

owh kyu’s voice is the nicest Xp heee~
they should do more of this dong bang junior stuff *-*
i like it when they’re together ^^

Comment by kyo

kyuhyun’s voice rocks!

Comment by abc

omg omg omg omgg!!!! i wanna buyyyy~ ><
dongbangjunior!!! <3333 =p
i wanna buyyyyy~ ahahahah.. xD
but no version C yet in yesasia.. TT

Comment by liephe_mintz

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