Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.09
November 9, 2008, 7:52 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.09 13:22

개 구 리 / Frog
신데렐라 2008.11.09 13:22스크랩:242

Big Eyes

Minihompy Title

Can’t feel (your) heart

Minihompy Column

You have seemingly turned cold..

Credits; LoveChul, OnlyHeechul
Original Source; 신데렐라


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Emo HeeChul Agin? O.o?

Comment by ilovesuju94

love da gif!!!

i dunno its a frog…

Comment by Aliah

oppa, whose heart turned cold???
Your heart??
I think after the party with ELF, you must feel very good…
But why are u like this again???
Cheer up oppa!

Comment by linh

Hee Chul..

my hearts is same with you

turned cold like the ice…


Comment by renren

ahhh… seems like he’s been in love…. and may be out of it TT cheer up boy!

Comment by natngnear


Comment by sallysync

oppa, your petals are worried about you. Take some time for yourself. Rest. Instead of making other people laugh YOU need to laugh too. “Laughter cures what ails ya'”

Dig yourself out of this hole you’re in man. Be strong. You can do it! Do it for yourself!

Comment by Blue Flower

oppa. is that why he wasnt so active in the celebration?

Comment by EternalELF

wats wrong…?? awwwww… cheer up oppa!! 😀

Comment by Caramel

is emo heechul back???
cheer up heenim^^

Comment by ilyc

His entries can be so cryptic … fun to read though and interesting to try and pick his brain. Wonder what’s going on… cheer up, Heenim!!

And I’m sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to comment, but THANK YOU for subbing ‘Band Of Brothers’ !! I just watched episode 2 … lol they’re so funny and ridiculous XDDD. It’s hilarious how Jay and Jungmo have to be like the buffer between Kangin and Heechul lol!

<33333 I love your blog! Thanks for the great translations!

Comment by spazzes

Not E.L.F
Not Hangeng
Not LeeTeuk
Not Yesung
Not Kangin
Not Shindong
Not Sungmin
Not Siwon
Not Donghae
Not Kyunhuyn
Not Ryeowook
Not Kibum
Not Eunhyuk

Comment by kangpu

No wonder he is voted the Most Complicated in SuJu…
Heechul oppa looks hot in the 2nd gif…but no mood to spazz over it..
Does the girl he love have Big Eyes? Okay lol, I know thats random…
Oppa cheer up! Fighting!
I hope he is not refering to Hangeng? maybe Hangeng is too active in China now and…he can’t even make it for the SuJu 3rd anniversary..? Ottoke,I really dunnno what is going on in his mind…
I miss HanChul…ignore my blabbering abt the Hangeng thingy.

*Thanks alot for translating and subbing BoB. I just stated watching ytd. 🙂

Comment by SJ-Love


aw heechul. i feel you 😦

Comment by Ruth

what is seemingly happening to heechul….?

Comment by yan

cheer up heenim!!

Comment by kam


Comment by Nari_Rina

Oh!!!! happening to heechul….?

Comment by Fame

can’t feel your heart?! whose heart?!~~~~
eum.. i know! HanGeng’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omo~~~~

HeeChul oppa~~~~ be happy! ^^

Comment by kingheemin

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