[News] Teuk: 3 Jib To Be Out Mid 2009
November 8, 2008, 11:35 pm
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I don’t know if this news has been circulated yet, but oh well 😀 Something to cheer about!!! Hopefully 3Jib will really be out mid’09!

Sukira Recap 10.31-11.06

Teuk: I want to create some abs next year
Hyuk: Give an exact time.. Next year when? Early? Mid? End?
Teuk: Next year during our 3Jib.. When we’re taking the photos..
Hyuk: So it’s the middle of next year then

Teuk: Someone told you that?
Hyuk: Of course. But when are we filming the album jacket and such? It should be much earlier right?
Teuk: It should be around February

Hyuk: If we’re going to take it then.. The abs.. Are a little impossible
Teuk: You think little of me?! You think little of me?!
Hyuk: Yes
Teuk: Fine, you think little of me then.
Hyuk: Actually SJ’s members’ have many hobbies.. But it has been an on-off thing *
Teuk: It’s all short-lived
Hyuk: All will be changed really fast, but this isn’t a bad thing, because trying out this and that is pretty good. Now there’s many pictures of Shindong dieting on his bicycle circulating on the net. But until now, for me, my most favourite hobby is still soccer.
Teuk: My most favourite hobby is broadcasting
Hyuk: You treat broadcasting as a hobby?
Teuk: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hyuk: That’s my 2nd.. As for my career..
Teuk: Haven’t you heard? There are geniuses in this world, but the way to defeat geniuses, is only through hard work
Hyuk: Oh? You look, I’m a genius, and I’m also very hard-working, so no one can beat me
Teuk: Let’s listen to some advertisements..

N.B * I’m not really sure how to phrase that well..

Credits; PLAY-YO
Please do not take out.
열셋 주세요!!!

LOL at Teuk’s abs-creation plan XD Hwaiting Teuk, you can do it!! I’m anticipating moarrrr chocolate abs!

*Edit* damifino@soompi has listened to the excerpt of the above and said that the words of ‘3Jib coming out mid’09‘ didn’t directly come out of the boys’ mouths.. So.. I don’t know.. I guess this shall be taken as a pinch of salt for now? ^^;;;


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So cute.
I will wait for them it doesnt matter how long.

Comment by Sara

wow..3rd album still kinda far away??
BUT THEY are soo funny !! very eunteuk..

Comment by donghai-syah

lol.. i love their conversations… and whoo-hooooo excited ^^ for the 3rd album… mid-year? woww… but they started recording already so their album must be perfect!!!

Comment by natngnear

soo excited for their album…
teukie oppa will be waiting for your abs…c:

Comment by kiixiah

Leeteuk was so cute.
Can I translate to Spanish?
I would be happy if you did.

Comment by dkun

AKSJAKSJAKSJ i dont know what to say.
i’ll be waiting.. ❤

Comment by EternalELF

so excited for the album x] and it will be out around my birthday hopefully yayyy n_n

Comment by Julia

they are funnily arguing!!

mid february for the next album? can’t wait for that!! (time flies fast really…)

and for teukie’s abs, can’t wait for that too!! ^^ work out hard oppa!!lol~!

Comment by yan

i thought it will be in January 2009..??
..or they are just playing it safe by saying mid 2009 will give them more time to prepare and perfect their dance moves, i suppose..kekeke!!
..teukie gave a clue of what to expect in the 3rd album
..i think it will be bold and dangerous..why would he want to build up his abs if it isn’t for that..kekeke..
…anyway look forward to that.

Comment by trueblue

huh?? mid-year?? i wanna it to b early of the year… T-T n i heard someone in livejournal say it would be in january…

Comment by Caramel

Hyuk: Oh? You look, I’m a genius, and I’m also very hard-working, so no one can beat me


Comment by aitsukame

3rd albummiie!!!
Mid 2009?
No matter what I’ll wait.
Hwaiting dear leader!
You can make chocolates! 😀
Eat moreee. You’re so skinny. So skinny that it hurts ELFs.
Anyway, mid 2009 will mean more time for me to save $$$ for their album! XD
*Thanks for translating!

Comment by SJ-Love

can hardly wait for their comeback!!! SUPER JUNIOR fighting fighting!!!

Comment by jasmineplay25

Haahaha! Their conversation was cute ^^
Especially the last 2 lines..
It Was Super Cute!!
EunTuek ^^

Comment by ilovesuju94

can’t wait for their comeback^^
eeteuk’s gonna have chocolates!!!

Comment by ilyc

sorry but why the 3rd album called 3jib??

Comment by RadEchiZen

@ RadEchiZen:
3Jib means Vol. 3 ^^

Comment by ilovejr

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