Eeteuk’s Cyworld Updates 2008.11.07
November 7, 2008, 11:56 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.07

Legend of Angel
3 years anniversary, I need to be someone more humble and hardworking..^^Members ELF I love you all!!!

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 박정수


Yay at least Jungsoo updated today!


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waah!! i love you too teukie!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

we love you too, leadershii. ♥♥

Comment by iheartmeowing

i don’t know anh i don’t don

Comment by bachvi

Lee Teuk oppa!!

Comment by Nari_Rina

We love You too LeeTeuk Oppa!
SarangHaeyo! <3<3

Comment by ilovesuju94

so sweet
of course we love him too

Comment by EternalELF

members and ELF love you too!
We love our leader-shii! ❤
Happy 3rd Anniversary! ;D

Comment by SJ-Love


Comment by sweetsx3 work hard already, leader teuk^^

Comment by aitsukame

maybe he quite busy with his schedule so late updated..
but atleast he updated ryt?everyone is waitin what d leader will says..n now he said sumtin abt d 3rd anniv..saranghae pjs^^
ah~cannot wait for anniv party..all of them will be there..
how i wish i can attend it..hummm…

Comment by irzs_2ue

love u all two SUJU!~!!!! FIGHTING!!!!

Comment by marianne arevalo

I love you too teukie oppa!!!
Happy b’day to super junior!
There’s sooo many years to come,,and we’ll always here to support you fo…..rever and ever!!
Always stay healthy and happy,,
Emo? go away!!

Comment by Ariluvsuju

I love you too teukie oppa!!
I love d whole suju members sooo much,,
Happy b’day SUPER JUNIOR oppas! And there’s sooo many years to come!!
We’ll always here fo….rever and EVER to support you guyz,,
Please take care n stay happy!!
Emo? Go away!!

Comment by Alwaysuju

ELF love Super Junior and Super Junior love ELF 4ever!
Happy 3rd anniversary!
Thanks for translating
And can i translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

HBD to 3rd anniversary for Super Junior ~!!!!!!

I love u all….!~

Comment by E.L.F Thailand

I love you too Teukie ^^
And all suju 🙂

Comment by kate

i love you too teukie oppa!!!!!!!!!
there’s sooo many years to come!!!!yaay!!
We’ll always here fo…..rever and EVER to support you guys..
please stay healthy and happy..
emo? GO AWAY!!

Comment by sujuaddict

but angel, you are already humble and hardworking^-^!
don’t think of yourself badly,,
i wish your anniv and concert to be a GREAT SUCCESS!
elf will always be with you…please take care
i love all of suju’s members and elf as well…
*sobs* so happy…………

Comment by min-ji

we all love you too with all our hearts and soul!
oppa we can see u work very hard..sometime too hard..
dont push ypurself too much k..
or later…

Comment by donghai-syah

finally, an update from the leader! ^^

wasn’t he humble? lol~!! he’s one of the most humble idol group leader i know!^^

always stay healthy and happy teukie oppa!!


Comment by yan

oppa, i love u…
just stay focus n dun think too much…
love u…

Comment by redjewel27

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