Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.11.05
November 6, 2008, 10:22 pm
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3rd Anniversary post! ♥♥♥

Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.11.06

Annyeong, I am Ryeowook
3 years has passed by so quickly
There were many difficult times, but no matter what, those were all for the sake of moving towards and fighting for a common goal
Within this period of time, because we’ve gotten a lot of help, we’re able to walk substantially to this day

In this 3 years, we have always been together, especially in the name, ‘Super Junior’, with ELF as our firm support.
I’m really thankful to everyone, the hyung whom all of us believe in, Eeteuk hyung..
We love Super Junior a lot, we will also show our best side to everyone, we will always strive hard for this..
I hope that next year during our 4th anniversary, we will still be able to leave sentimental messages like this, I love you all

P.S Study hard for your exams!

Original Source; Fill Me In`
Please do not take out~
Forever and ever 열셋 영원히 ♥


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Oh my gosh, Ryeowook. You are too adorable.

Comment by Kaye

happy 3 years ryeowook oppa!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

hi Ryeo Wook

Comment by Brittany

ah im gonna cry. hope there’ll be more and even greater annversaries in the future ^^

Comment by EternalELF

woowww… wookie’s sweet as usual ^^

Comment by natngnear

OMG! RyeoWook Is So Sweet!! ^^
E.L.Fs Love Super Junior Alot Too!!
I Love RyeoWook!! <3<3<3
WooKieWooKie ^^

Comment by ilovesuju94

Ryeowook’s fancafe msg always make me squeal!
So so sweet…
And he still reminds ELFs to study hard for exams!

Comment by SJ-Love

Wookie, we love you too. 😀

Comment by sallysync

sweet wookie…^-^
always caring for suju and elf…
please take care oppa,,
don’t stress too much,,and tomorrow’s the 3rd anniv concert…
i’m really happy for you guys…
love you.!!
….woaha….i wish to see the concert but sadly…T.T

Comment by min-ji

kyaaa! he’s so cute!^^
we’ll study hard neh!^^

Comment by pam-mon pamii

wookie is so cute and nice!! thanks for translating! and don’t worry wookie, I will study hard for my exams!!! 😀

Comment by smiling*sunshine

love you wookie! stay happy with sj!

Comment by lavendergirl54

wookie is always so sweet, his message is really sweet. awww, he mentioned leader teukie….

we are always be here for all of you oppas.

can’t wait to celebrate another year with you!

Comment by yan

Wookie, we will always be with you and will support you guys ^^
Let’s work hard together.

Thank you for your translating ^^
I would like to translate into my Thai language.
If you have any suggestion please email me.
Thanks again ^^

Comment by mondaymay

I had already done the exam,
n it’s too difficult..
But for the next i will try harder.
Support me ryeowook oppa!

Love U^^

Comment by eri

sa-wad-dee<<Hello<<in Thailand.
love ryeowook oppa!!
I’m E.L.F. Thailand.
There’s one thing that will never change, we’ll love you forever.

Comment by ohmyim

ah,, now i feel bad because i’m still googling over them right at this time when actually i have to study for final exams..
thanks Ryeowook for caring about it & reminding us.. ^^
okay,, i’m leaving now.. gonna study.. and i will study hard because of support from you!! xDD

Comment by NatashaFK

omgggggg is this really wookie?
omg uhm lol ok kinda speechles here.
well ill start by saying happy birthday wookieeeee^.^
wish you all the best and hope u had allot of fun.
we celebrated your birthday and made a video of it:

there was allot of mess involved but it was worth it:)
and another thing great job on your tour.
i havent seen all but from all what i saw ur doing reallyyy greatt!!!
and when u wanna take a vacation just let me know.
i can arrange a place’s an island.(Aruba)
and there is sun,beach,relaxtion.
and can try getting better prices and give you a round tour here.(beaches,beauttiful places…)
so if ur interrested just let me know here:
or search me up on cyworl: zaira51
well hope to hear from you soon.
bye bye kss & hugg tc xoxoxoxox
P.s.Take Care LUVYAAAAA Ryeowook Oppa ^.^

Comment by zaira51

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