Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.31
October 31, 2008, 11:27 pm
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신데렐라 2008.10.31 12:44


Minihompy Title

My heart is turning cold

Minihompy Column

If it’s fate, we’ll meet again
If it’s not fate, then it’s not
Between both, it’ll be either(-┏)

Credits; LoveChul, OnlyHeechul
Original Source; 신데렐라


Hmmmm… Profound thoughts again, Heenim? @__@

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the words..
gw bangeeeetzzzzzzz….

Comment by renren

what happen with my heenim
is he emo again?

thank 4 translation
Hope u won’ mind if i translated this to thai^^

Comment by swe3tless

maybe Heenim need to meet s’body

only god will know the answer

Comment by chocmrc

What’s wrong, Heenim ;__;.

(Thanks for translating!! :D)

Comment by spazzes

whats happen??
broken heart?
or what?

Comment by aiqha

i love the smile… damn chul!!!! i heart him too much …

Comment by Ellie

awwww. emo heeenim?!

Comment by yan

i guess he is loving someone. but it’s failed. then he is sad…..

Comment by khina

Heechul needs a girl for goodness sake…
Its so heartbreaking for Petals and ELFs…
Why does his entries seem so deep yet not so deep?
I don’t even know what I’m talking about now..
I miss Heechullie oppa’s smile…

*Thanks for translating the entries by Heechul and Yesung today.

Comment by SJ-Love

awwwww rella’s heart is turning cold? 😦
oh no ~ but dw! ELF is gonna warm it right up for you! 😉
btw, he jst looks absolutely stunning in that gif. HANDSOME & CHARMING MUCH, HEENIM? 😀

Comment by elleee

awwww.. wat wrong heenim??

Comment by Caramel

i love that gif

thanks 4 sharing this..

Comment by Aliah

wld be nice to see that smile often…
miss heechul oppa alot…

Comment by hudsy

maybe he’s longing for someone who is dearly important to him…

Comment by garfieldjm

if u need to see somebody…i’ll pray you will meet me…huhuu…seriously…
i’ll take care of your heart….

Comment by natasha (hye bin)

thanks 4 translating..

Comment by mieza

If it’s fate, we’ll meet again
If it’s not fate, then it’s not
Between both, it’ll be either(-┏)

…whats wrong….my dear heenim???
take care oppa ❤ we’ll always love u

Comment by cheflab

Meet s’body??
Oppa! Fighting to find your love^^

Comment by Nari_Rina

maybe heenim sshi ish inlove..
but never given love back from that girl??

lol..what am i talking about??

oh..but i truly missed heechullie sooo much 😦

cheer up oppa^^


Comment by kimheeanne^^

i can feel and i know that he’s talking about HanGeng…
i don’t know~~~ but i have a strong feeling about it..

Comment by kingheemin

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