Donghae’s Cyworld Updates 2008.10.29
October 29, 2008, 8:40 am
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Minihompy Column Update

These are the friends who have been giving me strength recently
Our Siwon^^Eunhyuk, whom I missed so much!
Kibum,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun I love you all^^I miss all of you! See you on November 8th^^

P.S Sorry, just had to bold that. XD Feeling so empty with less Eunhae these days.. 😦 Great start to my morning! ♥♥♥

Minihompy Title


Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 김향숙


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how cute!!! omg! omg! donghae misses them! nov. 8 is just around the corner!
thanks for sharing! n’ that pic of donghae n’ siwon= full of happiness!

Comment by smiling*sunshine

haha, i agree, missing the Eunhae couple so much that’s why i drew them… the url is Eunhae pic … well that’s all…

Comment by l0ral0vah

HOMG this is breaking my heart!

Let’s bring Eunhae BACK NAO!!

OKAY WE CAN!!! lol

Comment by moonynim

aw! yes i miss eunhae lots too ㅋㅋㅋ

Comment by bananafishsticks

kyaaa!!! wow a new hae cy entry!!! *i can’t help but get really so excited whenever hae updates his cy^^*

awww… that’s one sweet hae you got there… missing the SJ boys especially eunhyuk!!

we miss SJ13 too! and just like hae, we can’t wait to see all of them on the 8th!! surely there’ll be a tons of eunhae moments on that special day.

Comment by yan

DongHae’s Cyworld
He misses all members
DongHae misses EunHyuk so much -> Because they’re Couple EunHae
Thanks for share
I miss DongHae so much 😡

Comment by Sj13vn


i have to calm down myself here!

donghae missing the others~!
tooo cute!

thanks for the translations!

Comment by foreverhispetal

awwww, he misses them~
ELF misses him and the other SJM boys too!!
AH, so excited to see sj13 on Nov. 8 together!!! *squeals*

Comment by stalker93

omg, i love EUNHAE!!! miss them so muchh…

Comment by natngnear

sweet. ♥♥♥

Comment by iheartmeowing

13 oppa, I love you all too!!!!!
OMG 08/11 is coming soon!!!
Hope our 13 oppa will be together on that day
Thanks for translating
And Can I translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

-keyboard smash-
yes, bolding that line would be very very impt.
I miss my fav. OTP SO MUCH!!!
I’m deprived of EunHae nowadays.
This is a SUPER WONDERFUL AMAZING start to my morning!!!
*Thank you Thank you thank you!!! This seriously made my dayy. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Comment by SJ-Love

theres nothing that can make my day better than .. well, THIS
omg i feel like i seriously can die happy

Comment by EternalELF

ahhh Hae is so cute!!! totally love him with long or short hair. he’s sexy enough to pull off both=D

awwwwww!!!! i miss Eunhae!! good thing they will be re-united soon!! i miss all 13 together =[ its been a long time.


Comment by cng

uwaaah!! if donghae misses them, so much more to me.
i want them to be together again..
nov.8—> the reunion!!haha

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

gahh donghae loves eunhyuk
he misses him so much

Comment by peihyun


Comment by peihyun

kekekke…. u dosent have to bold that, we know that…

Comment by erica

i though hae was the one that said it …owhhh..i miss eunhae too

Comment by erica

awww thats SO sweet …
i also miss EunHae </3
can’t wait til Nov. 8th
ELF forever
SJ Hwaiting~

Comment by Min Jee 이민지

awwwwww. i love you even more dongae! hwaiting

Comment by sarakieur

awwwwww. i love you even more donghae. hwaiting!~*

Comment by sarakieur

Its one of the sweetest things ever i cant wait till november 8th

Comment by Haemin

yey! updates from fishy. ❤
i miss him dearly. ahh he’s so skinny. :,c

SJ on the 8th. ❤
nothing is greater than the 13 being together. <33

Comment by gelatin

aww~~he misses Eunhyuk and the others..they’ll be together on Nov. *..*sniff* i’m so happy..^_^

SuperJunior is ♥!

Comment by Cris_Xang

@ peihyun:

Nov 8th’s Suju’s 3rd Anniversary celebration with ELF.. But apparently Kibum and Hankyung can’t go T__T Due to filming commitments..

Comment by ilovejr

AARRRGHHH! Can I grab this trans and put it in my blog please please please!!
I need the world to know that Eunhae is still alive!
*keyboard spasm*

Comment by !Main

oh my love
i love you

Comment by my love

@ ilovejr

With ELF? Where? But.. Will they go back to china after that?

Hehehe, He Misses EunHyuk The Most.. ^^
So Cute ! [:

Comment by Syahiiroh

Kibum and Geng can’t go…

Comment by sallysync


5555+ U r so cute ++++~
Eunhyuk, whom I missed so much! <<<< I like This !!!!

EUNHAE!!!!!! จงเจริญ 555555+

Bye Bye my oppa

ฉันรักเธอ ^_____^ I love u

Comment by E.L.F Thailand

me too :((
i love eunhae
kibum and hankyung are going to miss the events again :((

Comment by min-ji

awww i miss Eunhae too!!! T.T…its so cute how he specially mentioned him!

Comment by redandrosy

oppa,gimme your that ok?
i have an obsession to everything u wear,hehe…

Comment by redjewel27

@ Syahiiroh:
Yeah~ It’s like some sort of party they had like for their 1000 Days Anniversary.. in Korea ^^

I’m not sure if they’re going to China again after that..

Comment by ilovejr

i hope u’ll see them soon!!!
sorry, i can’t speak good E^_^

Comment by kangpu

owh how sweet!
eunhae fighting..
8 nov is just around the corner!
omg! i forgot that 8 nov is just my bday!
owh loveeeeeeeeee

Comment by nina

hae is missing 13 so much…
i feel for him!
and go EUNSIHAE!
SJ 13 Hwaiting!
nov 8 is just round the corner…
Dong Hae fighting!

Comment by weizhen_13

he misses everyone!! ahh! btw, why he misses them? where is he now? 🙂

Comment by feelross

aww.. donghae looks tired! i miss all of them too! suju fighting!

Comment by may

aww Eunhyuk T_T

Comment by purplefanatic

miss Eun Hae moment so much
nov 8 …. cute Donghae


Comment by FeelGood

OMG ! I love donghae very much but now,he’s very thin.I love couple EunHAe too.

Comment by linh

omo..”Eunhyuk whom i missed so much”..i can’t even put words to this. My heart is melting melting everytime i see/hear bout EUNHAE <3..

Comment by superhae

Aww. I miss Eunhae so much TT_TT
Can’t wait till Novemeber 8!! That’s when they will be together again!!

Comment by Soo Jin

Donghae love Super Junior and I love Donghae
Oppa, Fighting!!*^^*
Everything’s all right!!hihi

Comment by leaves

i love donghae and donghae love ELF

Comment by lovehae

OMO!!!!!!!!!~ EunHae! i also missed them~~~ i haven’t heard much from them.. waah~ DongieHae surely missed Hyukkie! ^^
EunHae all the way! ^^

Comment by kingheemin

it’s so sad how bieng in sjm got the boys to be apart. not seeing each other in such a long time. but its kk. they’ll b back together for their 3rd album soon <33333333333

Comment by nemo_lovey2002

EunHae LOVESS! <33333

Comment by KangincumShow

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