Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.25 (3/3)
October 25, 2008, 11:58 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.25
In the ‘…Jung Soo…’ folder..

박정수 2008.10.25 22:27


My memory of that day..Probably..December 24th…

In between getting rewarded the Grand Slam of the Newcomer Award and at the broadcast stations..Preparing for other performances..

Endured a few nights..On a personal level, it was very tiring..Because of that I finally fell*..

The day when I went to the hospital and had injections…A day when I teared plentifully..

But there was also meaning to it..Now there are many hoobaes…

What’s marvellous is that..I still feel like a newcomer…

Just a blink of an eye and it has been 2 years..Time passes by so quickly…

N.B *Fell in a way that he couldn’t take it any more and fainted.

Credits; OnlySJ13, SJF
Original Source; 박정수


Minihompy Title

..Nothing Better..

Heechul’s Message on Teuk’s Cy

Annyeong E.L.F’s president DogTeuk-ah? I am the young girls’ ‘bbangsang’** Heenimie (Dog Chul Cinderella)

**Bbangsang is a language this Korean woman uses to communicate with aliens.

& Teuk’s Reply on Heechul’s Cy

Annyeong..DogChul-ah..I came out for a spin..Thank you, friend-ya…^^ (DogTeuk Park Jung Soo)


E.L.F’s president..


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oh my god. i was thrilled when i saw heechul’s message
hes so nice!!!!!!!~

Comment by EternalELF

omg, first.. heechul, you’re such… yourself x3

i am glad that teukie can and do post sum other entries besides all the sad and emo ones x-x
*worry about him so much*

can anybody tell me what hoobaes means? o.o

Comment by Carmen

soo cute heenim’s message on teuk’s cy
yay~ finally emoteuk is better?

Comment by |kimgeumja|

heeteuk <3.

Comment by mirika02

gosh! i love the teukchul tandem to gaeteuk and gaechul are back!! it’s so nice because they are really friends and they are looking out for each other..both of them are emo nowadays..=( i’m so glad because even if they’re very busy they’re still checking out on each other..

Comment by crystal

HEH HEH! Heechul commented on his cyworld! <33333
Kawaii neh!
Yay, at least EMOTeuk is gone for awhile…

Comment by SJ-Love

♥♥so much love in there!

Comment by iheartmeowing

Haha heenim! 😀

Comment by ahwang

thx a lot 4 sharing

Leeteuk & Heechul are the best!!

Comment by catchup

ahhhh,chullie oppa and teukie oppa’s msg are so weird^^
I like the way Chul oppa call teuk oppa is “ELF’s president”
Thanks for translating
Can I translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

Im glad heechul posted a message on Teuk’s CY. I hope that helped emo -leader feel a bit better! Whats up with the boys feeling nostalgic? Must be quarter life crisis…( i sometimes feel the same way…) 83 line fighting!

Comment by 16candles

awww….heechul’s messege is just so ♥

teukie cheer up oppa!! hope he’s feeling much more better now…

Comment by yan

aww i really can’t wait till the 13 unite! (finally) 🙂

and i’m so glad leader sshi is better 😀

Comment by mel!!

Awwwwwwwww, That message was cute..^^
hope Leetuek is feeling much better now..
Take Care Leetuek-Shiii.

Comment by Syahiiroh

Ah~It seems leader-ya is doing a bit better. thank God. We all have our bout’s of melancholy (Some more then others >_>) what’s important tho is that we don’t get stuck there 🙂

I like that Heechul called Eeteuk E.L.F.’s president (Reminds him that he’s got his fan’s backing)

Comment by fatalblue

heeteuk!!! lol haha at least the two finally noticed how emo some of their entries were lol hehe

Comment by kiirohana

Yay!! teukkie is finaly feelin better!chulie is the best!! love ya!!

Comment by Caramel

aaaaaaaaaaa~ teukie’s being really emoo~ TT

the 2 eldest oppas~ >< they are really cutee~ hahah.. =]

Comment by liephe_mintz


Comment by sarakieur

that pic is sooooo cute!
ahhh teukie is jst so adorable ^^
heechul too ~ !
LOL that guy is jst hilarious ;D

Comment by elleee

HEETEUK!they look so hot together!my ultimate OTP!!!:Dwaah, died, died,died!

Comment by 10tookie24

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