Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.24
October 24, 2008, 4:43 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.24 13:21
In the ‘天’ folder..

주 홍 머 리/Scarlet Hair
신데렐라 2008.10.24 13:21


My hair is the ordinary black

My eyebrows are also very thick

The red checked pants have been in the cupboard for very long

The magnificence of it has weakened

I’m starting to be nostalgic so soon

Minihompy Title

Just think that the sadness is in pretense

Minihompy Column

Today was spent looking at the mirror
Vomitting out red blood
Pressing against my wounded heart

Credits; OnlyHeechul, LoveChul
Original Source; 신데렐라


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i’d love to see this look again heenim ❤

Comment by kiirohana


Comment by Min Jee 이민지

um, his minihompy column just seem sad and emo-like, not good >-.<
(first angel teuk and now heechul)

Comment by Carmen


love hee pants…
it suits him..!!!!

Comment by hotaruvisca

i missed chulie’s fun posts 😦

Comment by emyLi

Are you sad too, Heenim?
What is totally happening to our ’83 babies?

Comment by sallysync

is he sad?? everybody seems sad…even teukie T T

Comment by aitsukame

i love his red hair days… i soo missing it especially upon watching the super show dvd…

Comment by yan

ouch! vomitting out red blood.. but why?
oh he’s broken hearted huh? poor heenim..soo many girls lining up for you. you just dont know..

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

i just noticed that his outfit is combination of different colors(red, off-white, black and yellow and green from his shoes…)it reminds me of christmas… well i love heenim how he manages to wear all those staffs. love u heenim

Comment by garfieldjm

oppa, pls get some rest n have a fresh air sometimes…
n treasure your present times coz that what u have right now…love u^^

Comment by red

why u r sad heenim???
just do ur things… we gonna love it and always support u and SJ of course…
hwaiting!!! aja aja!!!!

Comment by aten

heechul also looks sad.what is really happened to hem actually.i feel sad if they are like this. really love them.hwaiting suju!!

Comment by kam

lately heemin are so sad, I missed my funny boy with beautiful smile.

Comment by Jana

ARGHHHHHHHHH not heechul too
i feel horrible now, i want to cheer them up
but theres nothing i can do.. this sucks.
my time capsule isnt granting me the wish i asked for, suju boys be happy.
hope the puking blood thing isnt real like the dont don days..

Comment by EternalELF

what is wrong heenim?
hopefully you get some rest and don’t think too much k(:
ELFs will always support and love suju…
super junior hwaiting!

Comment by chocolate

Oppa, did you really vomit out red blood???
Please tell me that you are jokingTT_TT
Don’t make me worriedTT_TT
Why are you so down like that?
Did sth bad happen?
Oppa, please relaxTT_TT
Maybe you’re under pressureTT_TT
Thanks so much for your translation
And Can i translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

are u sad?
try livita!o 100 plus!
just kidding
wanna see the hyperactive cinderella!
how can i give u gift?

Comment by Cyrustin87

but why is he sad…? Take care oppa!
“Today was spent looking at the mirror
Vomitting out red blood
Pressing against my wounded heart”
OUCH. *heart breaks*

Comment by SJ-Love

what’s wrong with our oppa?
first teukie now heenim??hmmm…cheer up u guys!!^^

Comment by donghai-syah

omg ~ plzz not be real. cant be. vomitting blood?

just hearing it makes me cry T_T

angel and now heenim ~ what is WRONG with the SJ’s oldies ???


Comment by R.13

oooh heenim!!i want to see you like this again!! T.T

Comment by redandrosy

oppa… strong…
seeing you like this make me sick and hurts..
always pray for you…
take care of your health…

Comment by natasha (hye bin)

everybody would be nostalgic someday…
but im glad that mine and urs (heenim) isnt today..
love heenim!..

Comment by arena

waah~ i really love that pants! i’ve been looking for that kind of pants here~ and i found one! waah~ i bought one but its not exactly the same~~~~ but i found one that is exactly the same.. waah~ lucky me!

anyways~~~~ Heenim.. you can do it.. i know you can!
just take really good care of yourself.. i’ll be supporting you all the way! ^^

Comment by kingheemin

Hee Chul Fighting I Belive you

Comment by Lee Aae

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