Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.24
October 24, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.24
In the ‘…Jung Soo…’ folder..

..정수가 정수에게../..From Jungsoo written to Jungsoo..
박정수 2008.10.24 04:53


It’s tiring right?…

It’s lonely right?…

This period of time, it has been pretty good..Are you such a weak person?…

If you give up..You are not even able to begin…

Did you forget all that difficulty?..Didn’t you know all that loneliness?…

If you become weak, everything else will disappear..Get your spirits up…

Don’t you anticipate anything anymore?,,,Not sure what you should be doing now?…

If you were alone, it’ll be okay?…Don’t say that you’re full…

You are.Super Junior’s leader ya..Leader!!!!

A fella who can’t do anything well…Don’t always forget what you’re supposed to do…

Cheer up..Even if you’re lonely and exhausted..

I am unable to say warm comforting words to you..

Don’t forget…Who you are..

Don’t become weak…Quickly get your spirits up…

Minihompy Column

Legend of Angel

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source;
Please do not take out.


기운 내세요!!! ♥ Leader-sshi, fighting!! T__T


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poor baby….we’re behind you teukie T^T

Comment by sureyya

HWAITINGGGGG leader sshi~
we all love you <333
cheer up and fighttttt~

Comment by Min Jee 이민지

wah, it become more and more… sad and emo >.<

but he should remember not only that he is the leader and have to be strong, but also that he could talk about it with the others!

(just remember the relay talk from sungminna about teuk.. they all want that he tells them more!)

please cheer up, leader-shii QQ
I, and ELF, don’t want to see you lonely and sad anymore!


Comment by Carmen

eetuek aa… what is wrong with u? u make me worry so much!!! T_T
cheer up angel tueekie…!!! <3<3<3
(arrhhh.. this is torturing to see him like this..~~~ T_T)

Comment by mobilezdi


cheer up teukie…!!!

don’t give up….
all SJ member will always support u..!!!

Go leader sshi..!!

ELF will wlways support u..!!!!

Comment by hotaruvisca

Like what you said Teuk…
We are not expecting you to be well in just a minute
But please be happy as you go along…


Comment by sallysync

leader sshi hwaiting!!

Comment by bananafishsticks

What’s wrong with Teukie?? T_T
He seems so sad..
Don’t be like that..
ELF loves you!!
(especially me ^^)

Comment by Victoria

I love the three commata (‘,,,’) he made :’D

Comment by wassereis

cheer!!! up!!!!!!!! were all here to support you!!!!!Fighting My angel!!!!

Comment by marianne arevalo

he’s cheering himself up! great to see that! yeah, don’t give up! life is really like this… you’re one great leader… and remember we are always here for you!!

Fighting! Fighting!

Comment by yan

cheer up teukie! ur nt along, u still haf us along wif u!!

Hwaiting teukie!!!

Comment by Ri[n]ko

what happened to you,my great leader, teukie ??


Fighting, oppa!!
i’ll always be by your side.

Comment by view_zaa

oh yeah teukie oppa,,, cheer up!
thank God you also think something like that.
i thought you would forever be emoteuk.waah!
im so happy he cheers himself up..

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥


why are they writing only sad things …

fighting leader!!!!!!
u have tha support of all your fans!!!

>letting know that i’m putting this in spanish and thanx a lot for the translation

Comment by ALI

hwaiting leader eeteuk.we are always behind u.

Comment by kam

As nice as it is to have someone help you up when your down sometimes we must pick ourself up, That’s what Teukie seems to be doing here. In light of his last couple post I think this is a good sign 🙂

Keep fighting Leader…

Comment by fatalblue

omg i cried. he cant say that
what the heck is he talking about
oppa are you kidding? youre the best leader anyone can ever have.. please dont think like that. argh.

Comment by EternalELF

Leader-Angel-sshi FIGHTING! <333

Comment by querubin

read this fanfic. it really seems like someone else posting for teuk isnt it? 🙂

Comment by jiarei

cheer up teukkie….!! u got us supporting u!! T-T

Comment by Caramel

fighting fighting fighting Teukkie oppa!
cheer up…
remember that we as E.L.F always behind SJ to support you all!

fighting fighting..

Comment by jasmineplay25

teukie bby!
dont be sad anymore – it pains us to see u so unhappy >____<

its okay to feel sad and to feel weak sometimes
we arent all superheroes ;D
but its important to not let those feelings overpower u and affect u so much ^^

we love u leader-sshi and we know that u have that STRENGTH inside of u .. it may be hiding from u atm but we all know that its in there somewhere!

Comment by elleee

Gosh… He is telling himself to cheer up…?

Angel Teuk FIGHTING! ELFs and other members and DBSK! will be supporting you all the way!

Comment by SJ-Love

Teukie please be strong… im getting too worried for you. I dont know what exactly you’re going through or it could be just quarter life crisis) but be strong! Life is full of ups and downs but always remember that there’s always hope for a better day. Cheer up Jungsoo, not just for ELF, not just for your brothers, not just for your family but Cheer up for yourself. Jungsoo Fighting!

Comment by 16candles

u know..
how many times you wrote like this,
im cryin deeply in my heart?
can you just please tell when you r exhausted..
when you r sad..
when you r loneliness..
make me sad seeing you like this..
u not a robot,remember?

Comment by irzs_2ue

…Im so sad!!
Reading this entry makes my heart so lonely too…
I could feel Teukie’s heart calling for help!!

Cheer Up…
Just look around you…
There are many people who loves you…

Comment by norievic

this guy,

please stop make us worried.

We still love you, remember?


Comment by rennyannyan

U r not lonely now
U have E.L.F and everybody in your team.

Cheer Up my oppa. Don’t sad now…..
U r leader of SUPER JUNIOR….

PS. I love u and don’t sad again ^____^!

ฉันรักเธอ + สวัสดีค่ะ

Comment by E.L.F Thailand

Teukie oppa,, u r so mean,, why did u hurt my heart like that? Because whenever u sad,we sad too,,
Fighting! Fighting! Fighting teuk oppa! As u said,quickly get ur spirit up!
We always here beside u, remember that!! Love u teukie oppa,,,

Comment by Ariluvsuju

Teukie Angel sent from heaven..
Hope u’re feeling better now..
ELF will always be there for u..

Comment by Aina

teukie oppa,saranghae.
hope that you’ll feel better because ELFs will always be here to cheer you up.

Comment by chocolate

teukie, teukie, Eeteukie!
forever Hwaiting!
Saranghae! 😀

Comment by Anonymous

teukie oppa…saranghae!!!

Comment by fallen angel

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