SJ-M ifensi Messages 2008.10.23
October 23, 2008, 11:56 pm
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Super Junior-M ifensi Messages

Siwon: ^^

Hi everyone, I am Choi Siwon ^^

I’m very thankful that everyone has been beside us all this while, I love you all ^^

From today onwards, please continue to love and anticipate us ^^

Be careful not to catch a cold!

Donghae: wo shi dong hae^^ (I am Dong Hae)

Hi everyone, I am Super Junior-M’s Donghae^^

The weather’s turning cold today, everyone be careful not to catch a chill^^~~

From now on please love us lots~~!!!!Yo!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Thank you!

Don’t climb the walls (?)~^^~

Kyuhyun: ni hao (How are you)

ni hao~ wo shi gui xian ^^ (How are you~ I am Kyuhyun ^^)
Once again, we’re back in China starting our activities, I am feeling happy~~
Hope to have fan meetings, concerts with all the China fans!
Of course, with ifensi members too^^ We’ll meet soon~~ zai jian!! (See you!!)


Today’s weather is very nice :D:D
I love you all and I miss you all!
Please come to our fan meeting 🙂
-We are SUPER JUNIOR M ! ! ! ^^

Henry: hello :D:D wo shi HENRY (hello :D:D I am Henry)

ni men hao ! wo shi henry! neng kan de dao ma? (Hello everyone! I am Henry! Can you see this?)

N.B *Ryeowook wrote his whole message in English! *__*
Original Source; SJ-M ifensi
Please do not take out!

& more pictures..

♥___♥ HAE’S SHORT HAIR!!! 😀

KAJSKAJDKSKDJSKDJKSJDKSJDKSJD. Henry’s message is so cute. Apparently the members have their own accounts at the SJ-M ifensi. How cool is that! 😀


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noooo way. ryeo’s english is that good? awww.

Comment by michelle

love donghaes and shiwons short hair **
aw, they are so cute x3
especially wookie with the english message ❤

but.. where is hangeng? o-o

Comment by Carmen

Henry ❤

Comment by kat

Wookie wrote his whole message in English?! OMG! XD

Comment by Charlene

they look SO good with their new hairstyles

Comment by EternalELF

Hae cut his hair !! horaaay ~~~ xDDDD

Comment by yin

Omo. Ryeowook is amazing!!! ❤
Haha, Henry’s msg was so cute! :3
I love how Korean singers and/or artistes nvr fails to rmb their fans and thank them and remind them to take care.

Comment by SJ-Love

they look good:) especially oppa siwon♥♥

Comment by iannesan

wow ryeowookie english…!!! impressive!!!
*Don’t climb the walls* lol donghae.. :>

Comment by mobilezdi

wookie’s so fluent! 😀

aww they all look so happy. and hae looks so much fresher with his new haircut!

Comment by mel!!

waaah..Geng was not here?

ryeowook is so cool writing his whole message in english!

i love SJM now! soooo much!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

wookie r so cute with his english hihihi…love henry msg ‘can u see this’?? n hae ‘dont climb the wall??? ‘

Comment by erica

do you know the links to their accounts?

Comment by denise

[…] the messages SJM wrote here Sidenote: SJM will have their first official fanclub meeting in Beijing on Dec […]

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i so love wookie blue long sleeve shirt!! AHHH~
i’m really impressed his english!! wookie saranghaeyo!

Comment by emyLi

i’m totally spazzing with hae’s new haircut!! he look so damn good! and what’s with don;t clim the walls? lol~! really random…

wow, wookie wrote his message in english? cool!
mochi is so shuai (i think it’s cute in mandarin? lol~ i totally forgot all my mandarin lessons, i need to study it again! ^^)

Comment by yan

correct me if I’m wrong… but isn’t “pa qiang” ie “wall climbing” slang for being unfaithful?

Comment by blah

why does hae have bandages all over his hand?! :[

Comment by chelsea

henry is look very young
he’s look like baby face
look like want to proctect he
how can i sent a gift to them?
can anyone tell me?

Comment by Cyrustin87

Ryeowookie and his cute English!!
Wish I could hear him speak in English!

Comment by koncettina

Haloo… Nimen hao….

LOVE Donghae&Kyuhyun……

Wo AI Super Junior M…..

Super Junior M Jia you!!!

Comment by Ve

aaaaaaaaawww~ englisshhh?? omgg~ i wish i can see this originally.. xD

omgg!! hae’s short hair is <

wait, no message from zhoumi..?

sjm jiayou! hwaitiingg!! ❤

Comment by liephe_mintz

first photo= kyuwook!
haha… they are love!
sihae too!

Comment by weizhen_13

WOW.. Reowook’s english is really good!!!
Go Dong Hae!

Comment by kpop-th

so cute…from sjm’s official website
unfortunately it’s all written in chinese..
can’t understand..@>@ T.T

Comment by sweetpotato

Ryeowook english is good!!!XD

Comment by momo

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