Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.23 (2/2)
October 23, 2008, 11:34 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.23 06:05

..바람이분다../The wind blows
박정수 2008.10.23 06:05

The gentle wind blows, stirring up the empty scenery inside the heart
Hair cut short, the journey fills up with tears

The sky becomes wet, the cold rain falling on the dark pavement
I smiled, the rain which came suddenly seemed like it has left me far away
It appears to have stopped

At this moment, time spins on Earth
Only myself alone, changing along with this
The wind scatters, my quiet wish anxiously disappearing

The gentle wind blows, past memories returning in the coldness
Summer is ending, your shadow turning cold
It appears to know it all

The nights I cherish when I couldn’t fall asleep
It doesn’t make any difference to you
Love is like a tragedy, you are not me
Recording different memories

My parting wasn’t even done properly
At this moment, time spins on Earth
Only myself alone, changing along with this

Leaving memories worth just like gold
The gentle wind blowing across (my) head

My tears flowing down

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 박정수

Return of emoteuk.. >.<


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so emo. O_o

Comment by gaegood

emo teuk returns ….. T^T
poor boy’s feeling so lonely.
all the other members
seem to be doing stuffs.
he feels left behind ?

oh dear .

Comment by yin

Nuu, not the emoteuk TT__TT sad 😦

Comment by kate

Nothing to say. I just feel like TT_TT.
Maybe he should get a girlfriend? TT^TT

Comment by Angel

sometimes people’s moods can change
especially for leader sshi, life is so hard.
E.L.F must do anything to support

Comment by EternalELF

being sad is a no no leeteuk fans are here for you

Comment by candy

I seriously think a bubbly girlfriend would help alot.
ELFs don’t mind right? As long as our dear leader-shii is happy.
I dun like EMOTeuk.

*thank you so much for ur translations!

Comment by SJ-Love

eetuek oppa~~~~
why is he so emo…~~~??

Comment by mobilezdi

Oppa, you really make me worriedTT_TT
Oppa please be stronger
I can’t stand seeing you like thatTT_TT
Your words tear my heartTT_TT
P/S:Can i translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

i think teukie oppa cry …dont be sad cheer up ..teukie oppa doesnt need a girlfren cause he have a husband..i’m so curious did u have a fight with your husband oppa?? i’m gonna beat kangin oppa if it true..i think teukie must missed all suju member so pathetic cheer up, cheer up oppa… let sing happiness together oppa =) u can make a comic dance too..

Comment by erica

…maybe living in countries that experience 4 seasons can be daunting…

…emotions go along with the seasons i suppose…

…especially now its autumn..dreary and cold winter will follow…

…and before you know it,its the new year again and springtime is the season of hope and new beginnings…

Comment by trueblue

yah the return of emoteuk!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

he writes so well (i’m assuming he did write this)…poor teukkie…let us ELFs send him virtual hugs!

Comment by mel!!

awwww… teukie turned emo again… TT___TT the other members must be busy doing their stuff…

Comment by Caramel

not emoteuk!!!

Comment by Password486

Leader sshi… I know something really bothering you.
You can tell us. We are here to listen.

Comment by sallysync

awwwww…..want to hug him T T

Comment by aitsukame

้hi..i’m Alisara[naT] kiki^^

thank tran eng.

ah…eeteuk he make me worry…

oppa enjoy in your life!!!

Don’t worry~!!!

i take care u ne~!>____<

pz. comment by erica make me laugh 55 ^^

Comment by NaT*Donghae

teukie is in his emo-ness mode again…. i’m so very bothered by the his last posts which are gloomy and sad… *sigh*

i hope we could all just go to him and give him a big hug, pat him on his shoulder and tell him that whatever bothers him, it’ll be alright…

and yeah, i don’t mind him having a girlfriend if that could make him happy, just all for his happiness…

hope he’ll back to being the happy and cheerful teukie leader again… coz it pains me a lot seeing him like that….

Comment by yan

This hurts so bad, im going to fly to Korea and cheer him up. TT_____TT At least, thats what i wish i could do :/

Comment by kate

oppa, happiness is when u dont see me but u know that i love u…

Comment by red

eeteuk looks so sad.but,u still have ur fans to support u.that is the real happiness.hwaiting!!

Comment by kam

emo-teuk, I think he just needs some pussy.

Comment by Aoi

awwww teukie!
cheer up angel – remember that us fans will always be there for you and will support you no matter what!

its okay to be sad ..
let all ur emotions out and you’ll feel better 🙂
then u can come back to being our cute & cheerful leader-sshi agen ^^

Comment by elleee

if d wind can blow as far
i wish it can blown me to you
or blown my heart to be there for you

if i can tell d rain to rainin today
i wish it can wash away your tears
far away so its never come again

if i can make the sunny shine forever
i wish it can brighten your life every-single-day
no loneliness night in the your dictionary

but once i wake up
its just a fantasy
reality..its hard..

even i cant make all that things..
you know how i wish to be besides you..
life is hard..i know..
but spirit and promise make us strong..
please jungsoo-ah..dont be sad anymore..

Comment by irzs_2ue

awwwwww…teukie angel what happened???
cheer up okay!
ELFs are here for you.
we will always support you and hopefully you’ll feel better.

Comment by chocolate

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