Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.23 (1/2)
October 23, 2008, 10:36 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.23 01:49

박정수 2008.10.23 01:49


Me who’s often surrounded by loneliness in my life…

Why for did I run just like this..

Things that I wanted to do..I gave them all up..What for…

(I) wanted to be different from others, so I gave up everything I could have enjoyed

at this age..Living on this way..

Who to watch a movie with.. Who to hang out with..

Because I’m Super Junior’s leader..Even if it’s just a little effect I’d still have to be a role model..

Also, for my own self..I gave up on many things..

Living on life like this, no matter what I do, I’m afraid ...

There’s a lot of stress, and my mood’s not good..

All that stress can disappear on tv shows..

Because that’s my pleasure in life….

How does everyone relieve stress?..I rely on going on tv shows…

This is the life I anticipate..Even though the road I have to walk is still long..

Loneliness..So much of it..

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 박정수
*heart shatters*

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he sounds so sad .
is he probably sorta referring to .
that lost of his show ? Eeteuk Love Fighter.

sobs . Teuk sshi ! GAJA GAJA HWAITING !

Comment by yin

*hides in a corner and cries*
omg eeteukie angel oppa~
cheer up leader shhi
i love youuuu~

Comment by Min Jee 이민지

leader-shii .__.
don’t be lonely!
you have us, ELF!
please remember this! óò

and talk about your problems with you friends~, with super junior!
i am sure they will understand and support you!

angel teuk hwaiting!!

Comment by Carmen

Thank you for traslating it.^^

Oppa was it that hard?
this is the life that you choose…

When you feel lonely, just turn your back..
Don’t you know we always be there for you?
No matter how long the road is…

If going to TV show could relief your stress,
just do your best on it!

Cheer Up Angel.

Comment by rennyannyan

Leader what wrong?
Your feel lonely? TT_TT

Comment by Angel

Leeteukie sad ='(

Comment by candy

Augh!! He shouldn’t be afraid to do things he loves. LeeTeuk…

I get a little frustrated when I read sad things like this because I want to help fix it, but I can’t really DX

Comment by ozayu

Ouch…my heart hurts so much…
AngelTeuk! Hwaiting! Stay strong!
Oppa…why wud you feel lonely..? Did the other members ignore you? you have 12 brothers!!!
Or… are you starting to crave for love now?
Omg, my heart feel so tensed up and painful.
*thanks for the translations!

Comment by SJ-Love

aaa… why is he like this??
leetuek oppa….dont be sad..(make me sad too… T-T)
cheer up…
dont say u r lonely…~~ U always have us…. <3<3<3

Comment by mobilezdi

poor teukie oppa dont be sad… u must stay strong oppa u r the leader of suju n elf… we love what ever u like as long as u r hepi u have your husband (kangin)he can be ur crying shoulder.. u r not alone..elf always stay beside u oppa..when i’m sad i always watch suju oppa video, and hearing your high pitched laugh really made my day thank for making elf hepi.. hope u will hepi too..cheer up angle.. (did u fight with ur husband??)

Comment by erica


Comment by iannesan

oppa, what is the matter with you?
Why does oppa seem so sad like that? TT_TT
I know life isn’t as easy as we think
And you have sacrificed so much for your work
But you’re not lonely!
You have your 12 dongsaengs and ELF!
You’ll never walk alone!
Oppa Fighting!
Thanks so much for your translation
And Can i translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

…everything in life is temporary….

…hold on to what is positive in life and be thankful that you have the love of family around you…

…discard what is negative and destructive and live your life to the fullest…

…just do the best that you can do with whatever that comes your way and find satisfaction that you have accomplished it with the best of you ability…

…and therein lies the achievement of your success….
…and contentment follows….

Comment by trueblue

omo..leeteuk is sad again.
he needs a lady by his side..

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

Oh my god, Leeteuk makes our heart breaks…im so sad now. Please get better! I love you!

Comment by sjcindelurve

omo..leeteuk is sad again.
he needs a lady by his side..

waah..i miss you ilovekido!you havent posted anything for more than 12 hrs..haha.exaggerating..
now you’re back..
thanks a lot..♥

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

poor teukkie 😦 i guess it’s hard to be a leader sometimes…you gotta be your strongest all the time 😦

Comment by mel!!

awww… teukie oppa… dont b sad.. u have us… actually i relieve my stress by watching 2 days n 1 nite or watch suju vids…!!

Comment by Caramel

how can i see the original post of teuki?? can anyone please tell me.. the one in hangul??

Comment by JA9

Teuk… don’t be sad.
We are here to relieve your stress.

Comment by sallysync

oppa!!!!! do’nt feel sad!!! no matter wat do wanna do we will always be here for you !!!!!!! (come here i’ll hug u)!!!! cheer up .. Araseo!!!!!! FIGHTING!!!!!!

Comment by marianne arevalo

omg! eeteuk!! what’s happening to him?! gosh, awww…. it’s like some kind of loneliness is covering him at some point… (again) he’s like into a soul searching with that post of his..

i hope he’ll feel alright again.. oppa, you know we are always here for you.. just be always happy coz we all sad when you are sad. just see the positive side of things.. happiness is just around the corner.

Comment by yan

weeks ago..its yesung….
now…our leader teuk angel
wats happened to you guys…?
is ur life too tiring and stressfull..?

but your fans too much worried?
how can we ease your pain?
we are here to support and love you guys…
hope you can pass all this troubles w/ smile

Comment by madhel

oppa, that’s fine if sometimes feels sad or down…just never forget that u’re not alone…
loneliness is when i see u but u dunno that i love u…

Comment by red

OMG! That is why i always see LeeTuek so happy on Tv shows but actually he is sad.
when He is sad, I’m sad too.T_T
LeeTuek Oppa, Saranghaeyo…!! <3<3<3
Remember tht Elfs are always right behind you and we will always make you smile k?
Dont must SMILE (((:
And We will smile with you..:DDDD

Comment by Syahiiroh

Lee Teuk needs a girlfriend and he is expressing it very loudly! He is incredibly busy with work that he doesn’t have time for a serious relationship. He is reflecting on his life which is something I am also doing right now. He is doing something I wish I could do —> travel. I am like sooo jealous!

Comment by Misuran

Doesn’t seem to me he’s talking about those kinds of love you guys mentioned so far! He knows very well his family loves him, he knows his friends also love him and OBVIOUSLY he knows we love him too! It’s the other kind of love that he needs!

Don’t you think he’s lonely because he doesn’t want to hurt his ELFs?! He really thinks about us a lot! He’s always thinking about us first, when it comes to this, and then about himself!

I know there’s a special someone for him! So I hope he’ll tell her his feelings! But she’d better be one of the best girl I’ve ever seen, leader-ssi!^^
He deserves that!

Comment by nicoleta

teukie oppa why you so sad?
i feel like crying now…
you must stay strong and don’t worry so much…
you are the best leader and you will always be(:stay strong and always look on the bright side(:
aja aja hwaiting!!!

Comment by chocolate

jungsoo ah~
im speechless..
u keep cryin in ur heart
so nobody knows..
i hope i’ll be d shoulder dat u can lean for,
or be there for u..
but if writin
can be d way to wash away ur tears n loneliness,
just go on…
but please..
take care of ur health oso my dear..
u stil wake up til 3 or 4am..
then wake up early in d mornin..
make me worried..

Comment by irzs_2ue

Awww..poor eeteuk..
I know that u still cannot forget your past.
Its hard when someone you love so much leaves u..
Loneliness is something temporary..ive been living in loneliness for so long but i know there’s light in the end of the dark tunnel u are in..
I pray that u’ll meet someone who’ll love u unconditionally for who u are..
Just stay strong and believe in yourself..
I love You dear teukkie!!

Saranghaeyo Eeteuk ❤

Comment by Eva

poor guy… being in the entertainment industry can be extremely exhausting, especially when you’re a huge star… he probably has to constantly put on a facade to please his fans… this truly might be the way he is.. i just hope he keeps his chin up and continues to put one foot forward each time he feels down. i can sympathize with how he feels and only he can make it better for himself.. he seems like a strong person so i have no doubt that if he works hard at entertaining the crowd and making them happy.. he will make himself happy

Comment by Anonymous

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