Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.19
October 19, 2008, 2:28 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.19 12:06
In the ‘天’ folder..

손 님/Hand-nim
신데렐라 2008.10.19 12:06

My important ‘Hand’-nim

Ah.. Because it’s morning now, so writing this is a little annoying..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Roughly PASS(-┏)

Credits; OnlyHeechul
Original Source; 신데렐라
Can be taken out with proper credits! ^-^

The most beautiful hands in the world~ His fingers are just so elegant *___* Makes me feel so guilty for abusing my poor hands.. T__T

Anw“ Teuk’s photo entry for yesterday will be up soon ^^


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Woah. I think I can die if ever I can hold his hands.

Comment by sallysync

yeah you’re right.. he has the most beautiful hands in the world.. everyone knows it and he knows it.. it’s like a lady’s’s so white and he has a very clean nails..i admire him because it’s not so easy to take care of the hands esp. for a guy..

Comment by crystal

such a wonderful hands for a guy!
i envy his hands so much..^^

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

prettiest hand in the world!! >.> ohmyyy i phail as a girl when i see heenim >.>

Comment by kiirohana

Wow Heenim has very nice hand and fingers and nails , another member that also have nice hand is Eunhyuk .

I’m not Eun’s fans but when talking about nice hands ,i think of him.

Comment by Peach

wow! his hands are much better than mine! T.T
so jealous!!!

Comment by windhuntress

guh my hands are soooooooooo ugly
im gonna cry
heenim.. why is your hand so pretty just like you T_T

Comment by EternalELF

envy his hand..
even my hand r not as beautiful as him..
my fren ask me is he a girl or a guy..

Comment by Aliah

love his hands…want to hold them! lol

Comment by aitsukame


his hands are even whiter then mine.
mine are chocolate color LOL

nice holding your hand heenim

Comment by Sungmin 4ever

i love his hand…and his nails -_____-;
gah better than what i have

Comment by foreverhispetal

I really envy heenim hand
almost beatiful than me T^T

would u mind if i translated this to thai
i’ll take out with full cradit.
thank you very much

Comment by swe3tless

my hand is nothing if mine’s compared with hims T.T
his hand is so beautiful ^^

Comment by jasmineplay25

his hands are to die for..
my hands are nothing compared to that,mine looks like i’ve worked as a construction worker for years. LOL.

even a princess’ hands aren’t match to that!

Comment by gelatin

his hands are so pretty, and the shape of his nails make me jealous!! xD
thank you for translating <33

Comment by ryoko

the question is, who does he have his hands around?!? 😀

Comment by -p-

oppa, i envy you so much!!!!!!!!!!11
Your hands even much more beautiful than mineTT_TT
I wish I had such beautiful hands like youTT_TT
Thanks so much for your translation
ANd CAn i translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

wow!his hand look evn better den mine,n im a gurlTT__TT

p.s.i lik ur banner thingy ilovekido!

Comment by mizztaznchick

again, i comment on this page because i still feel that its unbelievable and overwhelming that a guy can be more beautiful than any other girl
hes the most beautiful thing ive ever seen in real life, even to his nails~

Comment by EternalELF

<333 Thank you for translating!

Comment by spazzes

I agree with all the comment above!
Oh, everything that I want to say is all written by the others alrd.
*looks at my own hands in dismay*

Comment by SJ-Love

Heenim’s hands are flawless!
I envy him ❤

Comment by SN

heechul unnie hands r so pretty..if i saw that pic i must think that hands belongs to girl.. hihihi i think i will faint if i touch his hand..omg so beautiful,

Comment by erica

wow.. though i’m a girl, i must say his hands are more ‘girly’ than mine.. the most beautiful hands.. so pretty.. wish i could have them..

Comment by icepluscoffee

which one is his??

Comment by sujulovers

It’s the one with the fingernails..^^

Comment by CassiELF

omg, such pretty hands, definitely looks like a girl’s.

Comment by mirika02

can’t believe it’s a man’s hand! everything about heechul is really pretty! those fingernails are to envy for! my hands will look like a beggar’s hands if place beside his.

i need to take care of my hands….~lol!

Comment by yan

i hv been experience touch heechul oppa hand..
but not that beautiful fingers.. omo! if i lucky

Comment by yun

his hands are … zomg !

Comment by yin

he really has such a pretty hands.i envy him so much.

Comment by kam

waah~ his hands are really so pretty.. just like him! ^^
i really wanna touch it! someday~~~~ i will..

Comment by kingheemin

SO beautiful hand heemin has

Comment by Shelley

oh em and gee!!
Heenim’s hand and fingers are just ..are just..
his fingers are very very much prettier than mine!!
i’m a girl-fan and just shame on it T.T

Comment by CassiELF

His nails are shining!!
even mine are not shining
mine are short
i’m one of those who has the habit of biting nails..TT
I wanna have heenim’s nails

Comment by CassiELF

omg…..i’m never find a girl like those hands…..u mut be a careful man ….
i give u ‘the best hands in the world’

Comment by Anonymous

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