SuperJunior-T×モエヤン(Moeyan) ロクゴ(Rokugo) MV
October 18, 2008, 2:48 am
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SuperJunior-T×モエヤン(Moeyan) ロクゴ(Rokugo) MV

Credits; chocomintea @ youtube

Omgah, some Heedong (?) tharrrrrrr *___* Heenim’s so cute in his bowl cut & I love love love his 안경! 😀 And Teukkkkk, ever so forceful in his vocals, I like so so so much!! ♥


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this s sooo awesome….
i love heechul 🙂

Comment by heechul03lover

That was massive Heedong!
But the video was awesome!

Comment by koncettina

teukie was ever so hyper in this.
they all look so kawaii~

Comment by iheartmeowing

Ooh! Their hair looks great. ^^ I miss LeeTeuk singing this song and his erractic dancing lol *___*. I love this MV as much as the original.

Comment by ozayu

lol yes the heedong! lol lol!!! oh anddddddd eeteuk looks so cute in this!!!!1

Comment by kiirohana

This one is so amusing!
And wow. I’m super duper impressed by the rappers, Eunhyukkie oppa and Shin dong oppa!They can still rap so marvelously in a foreign language! ❤

Comment by SJ-Love

they did a remake? that’s pretty cool..although I wish they’d come out a with an album though…sniff

Comment by kanji

not as good as the original but also cute
hee chul ga daisuki. hee chul itsumo kokoro ni iruyo

Comment by trang

omgosh total awsomeness!!!!
hahaha the pajama party move is still there XD
and teukie being all hyper.. on second thought all of them are being hyper XD

Comment by micha

they have new costume ne..
i wonder where is hyukkie’s green costume..

this mv r great
love it..
hope someone will subbed later even..
rokkugo have meaning overhere.. 65..erm..
thats love..
massive heedong..

anyway, anyone know who the 2 girls there(moe & yan?)
they r soo lucky to dance with them in a mv like this..

thanks 4 sharing this..

Comment by Aliah

OMG OMG OMG. they did the dance that they learned from EVA!!!! lol SO FUNNY>

Comment by Anonymous

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